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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:21 am

[This piece original to  1/4/2011]

The Big Stream sets up a new body politic - twain!

A watershed has again been stirred with currents tumultuous for some more than others - welcome to America - some up river west of the Mississippi have marked a new year - some soon as well up a river of a Connecticut now next may captain a new steerage.

America is remarkable for what can be called its Rhine politics - its river effluence considerateness democratic.   We Americans of the loo of Lewis and Louisiana have Thomas Jefferson to doubt as well about our river politics.  We are now anew past a first flush of caucus participation less of being like up a stream without a pole or paddle device.

Is it unique to be of a “Municipal” consideration as Mr. Binks was so by Rudyard Kipling where our national elections are marked partly respective of particular gravity and polite and impolite currents.  Is America unique for commencement of new political democratic checking and buttressing to begin up river and then to more Rorschachian and Freudian southern in a female and then male clarity?  Is it our right and tradition since west of the Mississippi formed and constituted as American river states to be so of Kipling political lesson about Mr. Binks and his knowing that if they just kept their sewers clear…?

But for stream keepers and river keepers would Iowans be with New Hampshire in a contrariness to now?

We have natural architecture to discuss and as well inappropriate Presidential architecture of too much sass, we are not talking about an ark - though Freudians may wax Rorschachian with water so near such “Presidential” that “vessels” in play.

We can twain a “remarkable” about the phallic of the Clinton Presidential Library design by Polshek and construction per Clintons as some as if a big southern grey Naval gun - and with “universal” waters flowing constantly near.  All politics is still about river keeping even and especially now as we all move at home further from the bias that Republicans were environment and waterway destructors - as the evil job creating industrialists.

Because President Clinton’s presidential library is in a state south of Iowa and not as well carpetbagged to New York State and so then maybe there near Erie or Hudson flowage it is appropriate to discuss and inappropriateness of his Library architectural message of design, and location.  We could criticize such as simply inappropriate for of a lower state river or stream politics but then maybe properly expressive for an Iowan or Minnesotan. 

A boat or ark as a better paired vessel seems natural to the Natural State of Arkansas, yes?

Effluence is of our national reset again with Iowa then New Hampshire, South Carolina, and then Florida.  Freud and Rorschach and Machiavelli are all at least unconsciously present anew nationally with each new current considerations of events or non events.  Have you read Rudyard Kipling’s “Municipal”?  — Have you seen “Star Wars” and then considered it dramatic and equally telling that “Ja Ja Binks” can be said to be quite a “Gunga Din”?

Our rivers are all much cleaner these days - it really couldn’t have only have been Republican “Industrialists” to blame.

Oh, South Carolina - Freud too, should see you as so feminine - as most feminine, to at least Rorschach.

Mr. Florida first we all must consider some that the Connecticut cuts the Connecticut as well as up river - up stream effluence political reconsideration, democratic.

Thomas Jefferson did buy a big loo!  He did pick up cheap quite a few old American loos with his Louisiana Purchase.  How we came to head waters about a minni us or them as of Minnesota and a booted Louisiana pair with Mississippi’s leaves one to query the currents of debt again this year - an I or they owen - near Iowans.  That west of our big stream that is our Mississippi in all its marks and twaining seems more of a political statesmanship man wrought geographically in prose and poetry, how so so more like squared away.

Really the President Clinton Library either for seeming a big grey gun an international naval weapon, phallic and Freudian while also seeming inappropriate and classless for a southern river heritage - a gravity for a lower river state.

Really the President Clinton Library seems rude and crass “bridging” now as an effrontery to neighbor state Mississippi.  And, it seems alarming as erected for the south, the institution of the Presidency, and the whole world as taggable as skinned in a Confederate Gray.

And, now all off to New Hampshire and a consideration for effluence political more of the Connecticut.  Fewer hams may now be in this political contest - may soon be of full and proper currents events relativity, political - as per leadership.  Fewer are to ham - to so walk - the shires than traversed the fields of Iowa and the Mississippi flowage, too.

How have our rivers gotten cleaner.  Really it couldn’t have just been the fault of Republican “Industrialists”?
Really haven’t we still to be concerned of the grays of the Clintons’ - the gray waters even of their Whitewater and erected so old southern Presidential Library - it so originally meant for “Hillary’s” “Bill” to be tipped out and proud over a thought poetic universal feminine flowings?  Isn’t there a here lew in the loos of the Clintons set Columbian districted as of a plantation addressed and piped of Whitehaven pride?

If we are to have an Arkansas and Louisiana not now seceded bodies then we have a poetry in our election orderings with Iowa ahead of New Hampshire.  We have a poetry unless we were to lean on too small a microcosm politics with say the State of Connecticut to a sufferage after South Carolina and Florida if New Hampshire were to precede Iowans of Mississippi and Missouri.

Have you looked at least at to see that stream effluence is as well a local issue for Iowans?

And, so to be brief:  While we consider each new political issue and leadership quality we can appreciate Connecticut and yet move some to architectural Americana that could with “Bill’s” Library “gun” phallicism so Freudian and Rorschachian consider that if Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley were to become President and well endowed to a Presidential Library of her own she could and should maybe have it designed and built as a giant egg.

Our rivers and streams set up a new body politic - a necessary municipal!  —   Mark!  Twain!  Comprehend!

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