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What are the obvious economics and politics of any IF AND HOW CLINTONS WERE DEAD BROKE?  As the American Forth of July approaches to refresh INDEPENDENCE and the sacrificed in struggles for freedoms where do the Clintons rank their standards with OLD GLORY’S?  It must be that the Clintons have the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) as COOKED - as IN A PICKLE.

As the AMERICAN has been now too long rendered of a Les Miserables from North to South and East to West - to the islands and to Alaska - we have that Hillary Rodham Clinton is of a convincing Marie Antoinette - and even without the hats.  There are at least two HOUSES OF CLINTONS to dramatize, at least politically.  As HRC tries to keep her head about her we must consider her storied “careening” - The Clinton impeachment is like the beheading of Marie Antoinette to that of Les Miserables - And yet it may not be confusing how Ruth 1:1 speaks to her convincing MA as too of a WHEN THE JUDGES CAME TO POWER YEARS OF FAMINE FOLLOWED.

I keep thinking this all is like an UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS farcical maybe like by Neil Simon as like RUMORS.  Again, Bill & Hillary are so each other’s character reference it too they seem like a two-headed BAGHDAD BOB.  It is that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is COOKED and IN A PICKLE for baked by the Clintons earlier farces.  It seems impossible that the INTELLIGENCE can be confirmed now that it was ever INTELLIGENT when the CLINTON INTELLIGENCE was served as dished for PATRIOTISM around tables set for PEACE DIVIDENDS as if PEACE was any where at least in Middle Eastern markets.

First let us see if her standard(s) are flying above one of her manses.  Is it that that most irregular too imperial standard of the Clintons of having a flag and of having one that seems an UP YOURS to the European Union is too imperial any hows as it seems rank and riling as if it is at least supposed to be risen above their CGI AMERICAN one as it as a lesser standard and yet to above OLD GLORY to keep with their posturing as if WJC is a former and now indispensable former President whom since the era is now of their dictates as if Post-Constitutional is of a right mind in posturing such and as if he was necessarily promoted from the lesser office of the Office of the President of The United States of America?  Whom isn’t a domestic to the Clintons?

Oddly these days of Constitutional assaults and so on the bulwarks and buttressed of democracy by governance by Laws it is we have it to that there is supposedly a rival HOUSE OF OBAMA also peculiarly of the OLD GLORY American colors its set and raised standard also beset by a politician with a rivaling flag their own.  It seems we can set the stage for all future proffering of these days as like those of the French Revolution and post MA beheading days as yet capped like how robbed in masse of the imports of Ruth 1:1 at WHEN THE JUDGES CAME TO POWER YEARS OF FAMINE FOLLOWED.

It is troubling the Clintons so hoist and have hoisted so many so miserably in more than a metaphor of posturing a Posterity as if their standard and colors, however, are to be respected as of a global autocratic and too as if to be flown above OLD GLORY’S colors and traditions.  The Obama “O” as too imperial - and too imperial - as if he is the leader of the known world of the global round that is round about radiused and circumferenced for all the yarns of blue, white and red - is also a worrisome new American standard as it seems evidenced as lower while raised as if higher.

How rich it is that the Clintons were supposedly so broke while yet of a political arrangement while in the White House as if to commoners as if nepotism while of those days of seeming HOUSE OF CLINTONS deals from the many rooms of The White House, however compromised in plots, and by accomplice(s), such as seems of the storied of a buying of a New York Senate seat for HRC with arrangements tabled and colluded in plans for a succession to Senator Patrick Moynihan.

To see the American Les Miserables perchance imagine the Washington Monument with all the suffering faces of Obama’s unemployed gather around in black and white of all the grays and fog of these still unrecovered troubled times with a sky of doom dark and looming and it yet that the Obama “O” is the flag yet waving in a keenly kept lit pride about on all the flag poles previously kept bright and proud with OLD GLORY.  Again, it seems the drama is timed such that the American Les Miserables of the Obama hands, however mostly of those hands experts otherwise as the Clintons’ economic experts, such as it that the Clintons’ impeachment is enough like the beheading of Marie Antoinette circumspect the French Revolution.

What can the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) yet produce, however properly or improperly served whence of the HOUSE OF THE CLINTONS as when only the People’d peoples’ public housing of accommodations, domestics, and even a grand home office was their only home of record to now intelligently defend that it ever was intelligent when the Clintons’ intelligence bedded a PEACE in the world that couldn’t and wasn’t really anywhere there at least in the Middle East?

It seems we must suspect either WJC or HRC - William J. Clinton or Hillary R. Clinton - firstly.  But whom to suspect first?  Do we suspect first a woman of leading from behind as dominatrix yet of the adage BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN IS A GREAT WOMAN?  Is it now even wrong to dress William J. Clinton born to his Christian name as William Jefferson Blythe III as if royally ever fitting tags of a GREAT MAN?  Isn’t it troubling for more than their CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) how he himself as lived so long as if always of personal CLOAK & DAGGERS and SMOKE & MIRRORS as if yet always more truly living out lives as if a British General Clinton or British Captain Blygh?

He may maintain a dramatic yet as his own mutinous as if he is his own Christian Fletcher so to cloak himself as if more at least Governor George Clinton and of a Jefferson less Jefferson Davis and so to all appearances as if he isn’t one today whom THE FEDERALIST PAPERS yet too would have been needed to be written to oppose.  Who is the real William Jefferson Clinton?  How can he think himself an indispensable former President of The United States of America and yet live as if promoted from such office to now being more global and autocratic in a too imperial at least in how the HOUSE OF CLINTONS have their own colors to rival the European Union’s and OLD GLORY and too so as it seems their CGI AMERICA standard is flighted as if a lesser rank.

Hillary R. Clinton with her HARD CHOICES has set the farce up and staged the dramatic for general and very public consumption, however now with diminishing book sales and fading accolade.  We have learned what she deems as DEAD BROKE translates in a new MARIE ANTOINETTE convincingly.  We have learned what she deems PROPER TAXES yet for taking colleges and universities to the cleaners.  We have learned at least that there is an air to her sense of self worth by monetary emoluments that she is contrary in more than a few ways to George and Martha - To President and Mrs. George Washington at least by the first words so orated as the First Inaugural Address. 

Hillary R. Clinton is otherwise of personal emoluments in seeking pecuniary material monetary accolades by vast fees.  But how as the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) must accord can their servings to PEACE DIVIDENDS sweats be now reconciled with it for evidence based deciding that their PEACE so packaged has so many, and so many just of the Obama’s unemployed, to IN A PICKLE with their intelligence so lacking of intelligence?  But really what aren’t the clues at but beyond her of a convincingly bad Marie Antoinette separation from reality as yet confirmatory to it that she has given bad resurgence to old tags of stereotypes to a WHITE TRASH concern for any so risen as NOUVEAU RICHE?

How must though it all be firstly and predominantly of the Mr. to her Mrs. - of the male to her female - of he that seems to insist he was alone more responsible than any he with her behind him?  What is CGI but imperial and too autocratic - at least to the keep of OLD GLORY and the AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY?  Aren’t we of the “THE CLINTON” of their HOUSE the HOUSES OF CGI of them pledged familial in a patriarchal as ALL IN IT TOGETHER and to such vast emoluments for speechifying as due in a monetary pecuniary more for them of a global shadow governance than for having any lingering significance since being  removed from the People’s HOUSE?

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I have read Stephen Crane’s THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE so I am qualified to criticize Commander in Chief President Barack Hussein Obama on Foreign Policy.

I have read Esther Forbes’ JOHNNY TREMAIN from my “A BICENTENNIAL TREASURY” box set of the Dell Laurel-Leaf Library so I am qualified to criticize Commander in Chief President Barack Hussein Obama on Foreign Policy.

I have read Ayn Rand’s ATLAS SHRUGGED so I am versed in reasoning objective set to when a Commander in Chief President, however Barack Hussein Obama, could be right to cut an run.

Where is Xerxes to Obama - what is Persian to Aryan as Irani - where are the poets of poets’ civilizations?  Where is Dennis Rodman as a globe trotter “Xerxes” as if of  Obama contingencies - overseas contingencies?  Where are the missing emails; any lost chapters; the missing years 1993-2001; the rap of tags for cowards of past cutting and running isolationism of Democrats?

Readers of THE FOUNTAINHEAD may not unanimously agree that Soviet born emigrant American thinker/writer Rand is to be considered relevant now regarding any findings, if ever found, of a “GRAND STRATEGY” or a “PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNANCE” belonging to President of The United States of America Barack Hussein Obama.  It is, however up for debate, still critical in a proper objectivity to discern that Rand did ask all readers, by raising the purview of architecture of house of worship, to become engaged in an intellectual honesty towards personally struggling with all raised considerations as to how to design and build better Holy places however specifically or particularly a Church or of a Church.

Iran is now a very young nation.  Iran is of a pride of Aryan of Persia of a poetic tradition.  Iran is so young a nation it now is primarily populaced per poetry pride predominantly patriotically particularly per peopled persons precisely young and largely under the age of 35.  Iran may be able to take care of itself - Iran now may be a more natural ally to the USA just because we policed our own past compromised morality by prosecuting Saddam Hussein  for his carrion calls to set asunder others while his Iraq was too much as if under the USA standard.

It is self evident that by Commander in Chief President Barack Hussein Obama’s political military leadership of a new posturing by 300 advisers that he must be devoid (still) of any “GRAND STRATEGY.”  By the inconvenient of “300″ befitting OVERSEAS CONTINGENCIES we have to wonder if Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton was ever booted enough from yellow or green too.  By the inconvenient of “300″ befitting as if of OVERSEAS CONTINGENCIES it is now a little late to ask, though now necessary, what is the supposed benefits from “message” and “imagery” of “300″ - if we are to envisage a beachhead sea wall rebuilt with the blood and bones of Persians as its mortar?  A: Where is the “Butler” when one too wanton a “King” flexes an ineffectual intelligence/philosophy?

Commander in Chief President Obama is speaking in a times too anew of a Greek stereotypical to beget the queriousness to if ever Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson (Davis) Clinton could ever have been or yet be a “crowbar” to separate Greek men from Greek boys.  His “300″ is so compromised a philosophical sophists can take a nap — His “300″ is of reckless disregard towards perils of ambush, anew in Baghdad.  President George H. W. Bush while effective with the Persian Gulf War was right to not rush to Baghdad - his early exit without also taking Baghdad was not classic cutting and running - it was prudent to a regrouping to reconsider the terrain of the bodies and the minds to assure any USA led coalition wasn’t walking into a trap as an ambush set up as seemingly plausible by Saddam Hussein.

To send or not send advisers is now more a “fog of war” in the realm of OVERSEAS CONTINGENCIES than when his S.o.S. is self described as “careening” all across the seventh floor back and forth with clearly “hard choices” for her extant capacity.  If we don’t like find 1993-2001 as said “missing years” we may not see in time how her “hard choices” were harder for she had and has a conflict of interest in any duty or charge to “govern” as it is real work in real time of the real world for her to choose between an honest answer and honestly incriminating herself and the Administration of the Clintons for at least a gross negligence still of the fault lines around any battles for justice.

Is Commander in Chief President Obama now with his “300″ the necessary (stereotypical) “Greek crowbar” to bring peace by reasoning with foreign advisers to a prudent separation of the boys from the men - a leadership from a rabble too easily roused?

The point to stand for sufficient leverage for any peace now is where ever it may be to stand up in a ready to posture wholly that when the too missing years 1993-2001 are rediscoverd they will be found to not yet have been litigated by any “advisers” even though as a president Barack Obama asked the world to have no “advisers” “relitigate” so much not actually yet litigated.  The point, if and when it is found, for sufficient leverage to move mountains or the world, however relevant, towards a peace in their own back yards, is where ever it is to be while there as the place all can bear witness to it a greater truth in a Randian intellectual honesty and objectivity more to a LET’S ROLL of an:  IT IS ALL THE CLINTONS’ FAULT - IT IS AT LEAST MORE ALL THE CLINTONS’ FAULT.

At the times of the PERSIAN GULF WAR and too of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM Iraq was quite still too much of an “American” compromised as Saddam Hussein played his diabolical infernos out as if his Iraq was also much an “American” back yard.

From what I read by necessity for education by instituted learning or by extra-curricular independent initiatives by my Fifth Grade years may have be qualified at least by the USA USC Bill of Rights First Amending of rights to criticize Commander in Chief President Barack Hussein Obama whom I yet have known since I was in Seventh Grade, and so as he fig’d as of Hawaii and four years older than myself.  It was because I was to competing in my middle school oratory contest as a seventh grader and with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST JAPAN “DAY OF INFAMY” SPEECH that we became aware of each other though separated by a country’s continental and an ocean.



Right!  I am the “uc” of 2006 public commentary while living on Capitol Hill in Washington DC across from Eastern Market and Independence Ave S.E. whom turned down the waking disturbance of TIME Mag editors asking if they could have a picture of me for their POY cover.  It is to be still retold how as “uc” I was at times daily to commenting first to argue that so many were wrong per IRAQ and OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM and to it that we were best to effect a SURGE, and too so then daily too at times regularly towards standing up publicly again and again to defend such “strategy” and “philosophizing”.  I too TIME said no for I wasn’t half done with the gestalt of my restoratives and they wouldn’t or couldn’t have the space to tell the whole story midstream — it is that I offered an idea that if they could put a mirror on their cover in lieu of a specific photo of “uc” I could and would work with their intents as that their TOP for 2006.  [This now flows well into GHOSTS OF CALAIS and how “uc” is of same media strategic as “Citizen Rosebud.”]  [I may have asked for the movie “300″ to be made and some to celebrate and cross market Chryslers’ 300s and while yet of Daimler Benz as of a “mere say’s d” poetic fitting how I then was of DC area sub-contracting for a family respectable as of Persian legends.]

I have history with Detroit and “American Made” automotives in the politics and marketing apropos greener cars and better selling of smaller cars.  After the too missing years 1993-2001 are found and the now very long over-due litigation (of vast left wing cover-ups commence regarding) we can together get musical in Climate Change bipartisan harmonics of the roads yet filled with smaller cars that actually sold and kept selling.  I am not here to tooting my own horn (I actually haven’t had an automobile since I left DC in late 2007) — I am though in the know of a few that after I helped make the Clintons too electable in 1992 “Detroit” could feel the vacuous and just voids in their “leadership” of a deficiency in marketing and character timing and yet found that I had a guidance/direction for them to blend and yet merge for the times as if a grand strategy was yet possible despite them - despite the Clinton Democrats.  I am he who offered a filling fix to this economic and political vacuum to the “American Made” automotive industrial complexes by offering, and with a commitment to cross market a standing with for it, that they should design and produce models as smaller cars yet designed to look like the bigger open road Americana of the 50s and 60s.  I was to such with caveats shared to be to a musical set - the musical demographics.

Yes, when you start to uncover the vast left wing cover-ups by ways of levering to a finding of the too missing years 1993-2001 you can at least have a light heart for those years thought of successes as if “Clintons’ successes” as actually otherwise and of, for example, how such guidance for the American Automotive industrial complexes was to suggesting they design and build what was like anathema to “William Jefferson (Davis?) Clinton” — a contrary a conundrum for the ages for as green as Commander in Chief President Clintons talked they yet walked a gross and much negligent slashing and ruinous defunding by SUPRLUS politics of short term convenience.

It is for all ages that the success of so many new and fun smaller “American” autos didn’t undermine how the low gas prices was yet of Republicans as too socialistic of planned economics while such, however, was the long and proven “American” Jobs Program.  It is for all ages when any becomes no more knowing how at least Clinton Democrats can be down-graded and denegrated even more than even this of a reckless “300″ chiefing.  Ukraine too now may be falling only because of Democrats effected politics and remaking the economics of the known world as if all of it was their own back yard.

I really don’t know what to say or conclude about what seems a ridiculous posture as that of the “300″ as “advisers” and to how any “poetry” of “war” or “peace” seems readable on or between “the lines.”  To the story, as of my knowing and mind, to what you were not likely to ever see in “Bill Clinton’s” “backyard” or “driveway” - Yes I offered guidance and direction to the American big three after having accidentally made Governor William Jefferson (Davis?) Clinton more electable in 1992 than I had fig’d.  Yes, I offered guidance and direction so with caveats to a musical and fusion for youth - but not just young - by offering that we could all hit the road in smaller cars if they were carrying the mantle of the “open road” of the styling of the 50s and 60s stylings.  Such is only one of the ways the Clintons likely hope few find their too missing years for so much of their actually BAD is of regularly of being hidden by so much GOOD of which I was otherwise in real time able to be a part - party to.

Really to find any common ground for Iraq, however now, Americans must find and finally litigate the still too missing years 1993-2001 and for that of Commander in Chief President Barack Hussein Obama’s cover-up attempts via his “strategery” of legal double speak of asking the world not to “relitigate” what yet has actually not been litigated once.  The 9/11 COMMISSION wasn’t litigious and was too “white washingesque” — The 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT remains flawed and dangerously so regarding modern day real time of the entire regions of the Arab world.

Yes, really, Ayn Rand must have, by introducing the subject in her THE FOUNTAINHEAD of architecture of spaces of worship and/or sanctuary, been intentionally to asking her readers to think and think to how better “Holy” structures could and should be designed.

Yes the appropriate imagery to how so many smaller American autos were wrong for “Bill Clinton’s” “backyard” is it is generally accepted that he celebrated his “Bill” as one of big back seats, or no back seats.  Oh, my if you only were aware of how much GOOD the Clintons really are not responsible for though of their times, and, really, if you only already had figured how much BAD is now of and from when it was unavoidably predominantly just their hands on the wheel!

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Today is no day to brush off former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s post Benghazi public comments to a that:  Well they knew they might have to die for me.  An anniversary, and one so at near the age as Mrs. Clinton, is yet time to be a catalyst for truth and to how World War II is about Teddy & Franklin Roosevelt.  Mrs. Clinton, like President Obama was, is at appearing to be one to repeat the mistakes at least of the Theodore Roosevelt of 1910.

It has been long postured of when herds are seen hoofing it, however, across battlefields of yesterdays they are like holier than ghosts as of the spirits of the fallen of those hallowed grounds.  I have always been a private citizen of no official service — I am not the son of a veteran nor a grandson of one.  I, John Peter Hogan, was a pall-bearer for my great uncle Clarence who was a veteran - he had a special heart.  Clarence Leahy, as I recall, was not of the Atlantic side of World War II and to my recollection of war stories was somehow supposedly to have been, if not for the Atomic Bombs, slated to be in the first waves of any to be parachuted into Japan.  More recently I was proud to know of a member of the D Day invasion and as a next door neighbor to my parents. R.I.P. Mr. Cleary.  In the 1980s I knew some of the Ghost Army of Patton’s in their 70s. R.I.P. John Hapgood professional artist & illustrator of New York City and Block Island, and now as I just learned from Google of links for having been so of the Ghost Army and as of The NewYorker.  He had war bud(s) of the inflatable ploy also among his Block Island circles.  While on BI in my teens in the 1980s I was of press exposure in the Block Island Times on occasion as a “summer son” of Joseph V. Connolly Jr. a columnist, at least. As it was I so was by such by JVC Jr. he prided it as if I tied to JVC Sr., his late father of an early death, whom both ran much of Hearst in the years of the dramatization by CITIZEN KANE and so had a Liberty ship named and Christened in his honor.  I for such slept away many summer nights under a picture of such liberty ship and too a photo of Mussolini autographed to JVC. Sr by Benito Mussolini. There are ghosts of war and too of Ghost Armies - I knew some as they lived and breathed.  John Hapgood didn’t mind honey bees living also in his house and as his house was just under the Island’s fog horn and the nearest structure to it - well until that hot summer day he asked to be look at what it turned out was lots and lots of honey dripping through his ceiling.

President Barack Hussein Obama is technically and literally also a man from a Hyde Park.  President Obama did also want to be Rooseveltean and, however so, with a new New Deal now also known for a necessary austerity.  There has been no Calais of a deception of a Fortitude North or Fortitude South in the failures at “economic recovery” by the “governance” of the Democrats of the years of the Obama Administration.  There has been a ton of deception though in Democrat politics at least since 2007.

We can discern a separation from the inflated pretending of the Clintons and of President Obama some by juxtaposing that the Clintons are like the Theodore Roosevelt of 1910 whom seemed willing to bring the pre-Nazi European New Fascism to The United States if that was what it would take to get him a third term, and, that President Obama did try to be like President Franklin Roosevelt, even if only towards the idea that it would be better to pack the Supreme Court with New Dealers for socialism at home.

What is capitalism?  What is capitalism but that civility of tipping caps and standing tall in a societal of agreements in trade in lieu of looting of conquest more of “rape & pillage”?  “Moral Capitalism” isn’t oxymoronic but is redundant — “capitalism” is supposed to be the “moral” way in societal practices in copacetic trading of one willing to part with their “capital” for a good or a “capital idea” like of another’s.  You needn’t a Platonic “utopian” society for wealth to grow and seed generally, and really a “community” needn’t outside money to become richer.  Society by communities needs most just a self valuation for that they can trade for general betterment of a shared space and too for that which they value worth earning for towards agreeing to possess.

Workers in capitalism work at wages of the value the consumers see in their output far more than as of wages to support any profits to he/she/those who organized the idea and potential.  The products are best priced at a value that has wages seeming appropriate to the perceived value (if in materialism) of parting with something of ones for something else that may yet not be essential - essential especially when called in a patriotism to a new NEW DEAL AUSTERITY.  It can be said to be more “socialism” than “capitalism” if a wage is supposed to be of consumers buying something/anythings as at prices so that “workers” just have “jobs.”  Generally speaking, at least for citizens of the The United States of America, any thinking it worth “working” in “socialism” of “jobs” of “wages” set as it the “good” that they are serf to slave for another is still of a potential to have that much work yield more to themselves if spent in growing their own foods and making their own basics - seems.

This June 5, 2014 I awoke and stirred to find an over-cast and rainy morning.  Today I woke to fuller breaths and steps on the 70th Anniversary of the D Day Invasion of World War II. R.I.P. and thanks to the passed and living so endured and enduring.  This a day to more than presume most have been of special hearts however if ever pall-bearers of veterans of special hearts.  I do not know if the story of my great uncle Clarence Leahy is accurate to the if not for the Atom Bomb he was expected to be in a first wave of American to parachute - but I have always appreciated the moral lesson in the story so remembered.

While in middle school in the seventies in New Haven, Connecticut at the East Rock Community School I did enter the school wide oratory contest and with prodding from my father, as I recall, to be an orator of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt by words and the emphasis of his infamous DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST JAPAN “DAY OF INFAMY” speech.  I have been aware of President Barack Hussein Obama as a B.O. of Hawaii himself of Presidential oratory interests since just days before I competed and took second place.  I learned I had to learn to live with and up to being a classmate whom was of speaking in a President’s tongue.  I did though take first place in the science fair in a green energy hydro-electric project I of a team of two was of constructing and presenting.

Again, it is June 5, 2014, an it should live in infamy that it is more that the Democrats rained destruction with their “RECOVERY” before if even it more posited that just President Barack Hussein Obama rained destruction with his recovery.

Again, it is June 5, 2014, and We the People… peopled of The United States of America must bear witness that we have a Senate, at least, with a new committee as a seated of a body of a “… and the New Economy” - OH MY!!!

John Hapgood and my maternal grandfather Arthur M. Menadier did meet through me as of my co-hosting my grandfather’s visit to the house of Joseph and Violette Connolly on Block Island - as the Town of New Shoreham.  John & Arthur were peers who got along fabulously and as my grandfather was a top ad man (Mad Man) of New York of the Hapgoods commercial art years.  But really these too really got along after my grandfather who had started as a Boston area sports writer asked in a perchance if “Hapgood” was of the “Hapgood” that owned the Braves — like to a:  ‘YOU MEAN MY FATHER?’

Neither of my grandfathers were in the services.  I understand that I am of an Otto, Fritz, & Rudolph in Menadiers that came to America and did serve in the Civil War.  I am of uncles that were in armed service - yet maybe without being in “conflict” or “battle” - best I know/recall.  As if the Clintons had in 2008 defeated my attempts to defeat them and had gotten the third term “Teddy” wanted it seems we would have had a more controversial and devastating recovery as them like too as willing to be too as if new fascists (in compromise) than President Obama with their economic team was to attempts to just be too a socialist New Dealer like President Franklin Roosevelt at least by his third term.  It is wise to remember adage ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY despite whomever firstly or most strongly orated such.

My say “summer day” Joseph V. Connolly Jr. had done some piloting in WWII but I know not nor recall not any details or specifics - except that he may have sustained a shrapnel injury when his plane was shot at once.  He was a big band drummer of his youth and as one taught and trained by some of the best of those days — JVC Jr. did for a while front his own big band as BUD CONNOLLY AND HIS BAND.  I think his “bride” Violette did know him since whence then he was a live musician/drummer/performer.

I mean the Democrats more than fairly any “President Obama…” did a disastrous job at “RECOVERY”!  It will live in infamy how bad they got the economics and the necessary “capitalisms”.  The fastest way to have worked a fix of the housing collapsing and the bank scandalous was to work to get the price of gas and energy lower - low again.  Besides that there never should have been in unfairness of bailing out banks without provisional C.O.L.A.s as cost of living stipends yet as part of a green energy climate change politics wanting of higher gas and energy prices.  The Democrats basically tossed much of the middle class and lower more basic extant consumers under the “tanks” of their green revolution — by the “governance” of the Clintons such classes had been motivated in a deceptive patriotism to be of a hyper-consumerism even though on fixed incomes set at lower energy cost valuations.

There was a crisis of valuation by the bad politics at political economics that took capitalism too far to socialism and much because it was written and too far done that most Democrats were on fixed incomes and not set up to be able to afford the cost of living when the Democrats force the energy inflation to it that they couldn’t afford gas and their mortgages, firstly.  To be brief, and at honoring all who sacrificed and sacrifice, it must also be that the Climate Change Global Warming Green Agenda in New Deal Austerity “patriotism” must also be too considered as if of a “green fascism”!  When the Democrats fired their first shots with Al Gore as a global trollopper as a Mr. Science of INCONVENIENT TRUTHS and Mrs. Clinton firstly so boldly for infamy with a front for a third Clinton term the middle class and more deposits and subsistence based had no where to go - had no escape possible.

There never should have been any such assault on the capitalism so by their, at best, “socialism” for it was in the works and probable that had Senator Veteran John McCain had won and been free to proceed a FULL RECOVERY was possible within just a few years.  I was ready and willing to make it be so written and done - I still stand up so in strong belief such was a winning strategy or real potential.

Despite the pressing of sacrifice and available alternatives it still is that for the economy to have so otherwise actually rapidly recovered President Veteran John McCain would have had to take on the banks - the Big Banks however thought still protected by the Clintons, at least.  There never should have been President Barack Hussein Obama’s new New Deal Austerity and wants of a packed Supreme Court of Franklin Roosevelt New Dealers without it that at least while there was a bank bailout there were capitalist stipends in cash or credit COST OF LIVING ADJUSTMENTS so that at least those in the middle class of stretched fixed incomes could then afford the forced inflation by the otherwise Rooseveltean inflated deceptions of President Obama of the guidance by the Clintons’ economic team.

And again, of capitalism, and of moral capitalism a redundant not an oxymoronic, wages in “capitalism” are set to the stand the valuation of selective materialism to consumers by consumers “values” in “materialism” and yet there are perils in “socialism” as when “wages” are seen for “pricing” and “valuation” not in “materialism” but in/for “vanity.”

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Note: What follows here in this collection of treatments in economics and politics per John “Peter” Hogan to the first posted here as WHITE COLLARED POSSE as linked also via is but a sampler organized site separate from its brothers and sisters in earlier pressing still available on or otherwise also off of  Thank you all for your service this D Day 70th Anniversary - and too a thanks for all that have fallen yet as though when fighting to keep capitalism at least more dominant than socialism.

Note:  The history of myself as a Citizen Rosebud actually started a year or two before I befriended coincidentally Joseph V. Connolly Jr. on Block Island.  It became more coincidental that I was to myself as more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane before such and yet as it whence then became firstly discovered that Joseph V. Connolly Sr. had been of the first graduating class in 1906 of the Worthington Hooker School I grew up across the street from in New Haven, Connecticut and matriculated through its highest then of forth grade while in 1906 it had opened as a new K-12 public school.

Note:  I did live in Washington DC for nearly a full 10 years - on Capitol Hill in an apartment 7 blocks from the capital - across from Eastern Market and so near about eight blocks from the Marine Barracks on Eight St SE.  I was of a passing of available National Memorial Day Concert tickets from a building neighbor to seating in 1998 or 1999 among the first rows on the house side and so that I could nearly avoid counting stars on the many uniforms around me that night.  I have met and friended many in uniform or of leadership over my years so always a civilian - I even installed new closet doors for NSA Rice before 9/11 and later in the years Iraq was going horribly was of also a door job for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Di Rita’s home - and to a custom doll shelf and some cabinet doors I custom fabricated.

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