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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:38 am

What are the obvious economics and politics of any IF AND HOW CLINTONS WERE DEAD BROKE?  As the American Forth of July approaches to refresh INDEPENDENCE and the sacrificed in struggles for freedoms where do the Clintons rank their standards with OLD GLORY’S?  It must be that the Clintons have the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) as COOKED - as IN A PICKLE.

As the AMERICAN has been now too long rendered of a Les Miserables from North to South and East to West - to the islands and to Alaska - we have that Hillary Rodham Clinton is of a convincing Marie Antoinette - and even without the hats.  There are at least two HOUSES OF CLINTONS to dramatize, at least politically.  As HRC tries to keep her head about her we must consider her storied “careening” - The Clinton impeachment is like the beheading of Marie Antoinette to that of Les Miserables - And yet it may not be confusing how Ruth 1:1 speaks to her convincing MA as too of a WHEN THE JUDGES CAME TO POWER YEARS OF FAMINE FOLLOWED.

I keep thinking this all is like an UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS farcical maybe like by Neil Simon as like RUMORS.  Again, Bill & Hillary are so each other’s character reference it too they seem like a two-headed BAGHDAD BOB.  It is that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is COOKED and IN A PICKLE for baked by the Clintons earlier farces.  It seems impossible that the INTELLIGENCE can be confirmed now that it was ever INTELLIGENT when the CLINTON INTELLIGENCE was served as dished for PATRIOTISM around tables set for PEACE DIVIDENDS as if PEACE was any where at least in Middle Eastern markets.

First let us see if her standard(s) are flying above one of her manses.  Is it that that most irregular too imperial standard of the Clintons of having a flag and of having one that seems an UP YOURS to the European Union is too imperial any hows as it seems rank and riling as if it is at least supposed to be risen above their CGI AMERICAN one as it as a lesser standard and yet to above OLD GLORY to keep with their posturing as if WJC is a former and now indispensable former President whom since the era is now of their dictates as if Post-Constitutional is of a right mind in posturing such and as if he was necessarily promoted from the lesser office of the Office of the President of The United States of America?  Whom isn’t a domestic to the Clintons?

Oddly these days of Constitutional assaults and so on the bulwarks and buttressed of democracy by governance by Laws it is we have it to that there is supposedly a rival HOUSE OF OBAMA also peculiarly of the OLD GLORY American colors its set and raised standard also beset by a politician with a rivaling flag their own.  It seems we can set the stage for all future proffering of these days as like those of the French Revolution and post MA beheading days as yet capped like how robbed in masse of the imports of Ruth 1:1 at WHEN THE JUDGES CAME TO POWER YEARS OF FAMINE FOLLOWED.

It is troubling the Clintons so hoist and have hoisted so many so miserably in more than a metaphor of posturing a Posterity as if their standard and colors, however, are to be respected as of a global autocratic and too as if to be flown above OLD GLORY’S colors and traditions.  The Obama “O” as too imperial - and too imperial - as if he is the leader of the known world of the global round that is round about radiused and circumferenced for all the yarns of blue, white and red - is also a worrisome new American standard as it seems evidenced as lower while raised as if higher.

How rich it is that the Clintons were supposedly so broke while yet of a political arrangement while in the White House as if to commoners as if nepotism while of those days of seeming HOUSE OF CLINTONS deals from the many rooms of The White House, however compromised in plots, and by accomplice(s), such as seems of the storied of a buying of a New York Senate seat for HRC with arrangements tabled and colluded in plans for a succession to Senator Patrick Moynihan.

To see the American Les Miserables perchance imagine the Washington Monument with all the suffering faces of Obama’s unemployed gather around in black and white of all the grays and fog of these still unrecovered troubled times with a sky of doom dark and looming and it yet that the Obama “O” is the flag yet waving in a keenly kept lit pride about on all the flag poles previously kept bright and proud with OLD GLORY.  Again, it seems the drama is timed such that the American Les Miserables of the Obama hands, however mostly of those hands experts otherwise as the Clintons’ economic experts, such as it that the Clintons’ impeachment is enough like the beheading of Marie Antoinette circumspect the French Revolution.

What can the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) yet produce, however properly or improperly served whence of the HOUSE OF THE CLINTONS as when only the People’d peoples’ public housing of accommodations, domestics, and even a grand home office was their only home of record to now intelligently defend that it ever was intelligent when the Clintons’ intelligence bedded a PEACE in the world that couldn’t and wasn’t really anywhere there at least in the Middle East?

It seems we must suspect either WJC or HRC - William J. Clinton or Hillary R. Clinton - firstly.  But whom to suspect first?  Do we suspect first a woman of leading from behind as dominatrix yet of the adage BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN IS A GREAT WOMAN?  Is it now even wrong to dress William J. Clinton born to his Christian name as William Jefferson Blythe III as if royally ever fitting tags of a GREAT MAN?  Isn’t it troubling for more than their CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) how he himself as lived so long as if always of personal CLOAK & DAGGERS and SMOKE & MIRRORS as if yet always more truly living out lives as if a British General Clinton or British Captain Blygh?

He may maintain a dramatic yet as his own mutinous as if he is his own Christian Fletcher so to cloak himself as if more at least Governor George Clinton and of a Jefferson less Jefferson Davis and so to all appearances as if he isn’t one today whom THE FEDERALIST PAPERS yet too would have been needed to be written to oppose.  Who is the real William Jefferson Clinton?  How can he think himself an indispensable former President of The United States of America and yet live as if promoted from such office to now being more global and autocratic in a too imperial at least in how the HOUSE OF CLINTONS have their own colors to rival the European Union’s and OLD GLORY and too so as it seems their CGI AMERICA standard is flighted as if a lesser rank.

Hillary R. Clinton with her HARD CHOICES has set the farce up and staged the dramatic for general and very public consumption, however now with diminishing book sales and fading accolade.  We have learned what she deems as DEAD BROKE translates in a new MARIE ANTOINETTE convincingly.  We have learned what she deems PROPER TAXES yet for taking colleges and universities to the cleaners.  We have learned at least that there is an air to her sense of self worth by monetary emoluments that she is contrary in more than a few ways to George and Martha - To President and Mrs. George Washington at least by the first words so orated as the First Inaugural Address. 

Hillary R. Clinton is otherwise of personal emoluments in seeking pecuniary material monetary accolades by vast fees.  But how as the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) must accord can their servings to PEACE DIVIDENDS sweats be now reconciled with it for evidence based deciding that their PEACE so packaged has so many, and so many just of the Obama’s unemployed, to IN A PICKLE with their intelligence so lacking of intelligence?  But really what aren’t the clues at but beyond her of a convincingly bad Marie Antoinette separation from reality as yet confirmatory to it that she has given bad resurgence to old tags of stereotypes to a WHITE TRASH concern for any so risen as NOUVEAU RICHE?

How must though it all be firstly and predominantly of the Mr. to her Mrs. - of the male to her female - of he that seems to insist he was alone more responsible than any he with her behind him?  What is CGI but imperial and too autocratic - at least to the keep of OLD GLORY and the AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY?  Aren’t we of the “THE CLINTON” of their HOUSE the HOUSES OF CGI of them pledged familial in a patriarchal as ALL IN IT TOGETHER and to such vast emoluments for speechifying as due in a monetary pecuniary more for them of a global shadow governance than for having any lingering significance since being  removed from the People’s HOUSE?

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