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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 4:28 pm

We are here today to raise Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania, not to praise him.

There are few others more responsible for confusions that led to Senator Richard Santorum having lost his last Senate race.

Top of such list is the confusion that spread while spewed by Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and as well Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania.  The Pope for having said something instead of more or nothing may actually so as per Senate seats caused loss for Santorum as to be tops.

Working from memory now this morning I think I will be hitting the issues near enough in proper order and so with fair relating to how it can be, though only maybe because of the Pope, that Senator Richard Santorum did get “Murthanized.”

This is a day I am maybe due a search pane primary keyword probing even just with “Kerry.”  I should have a lot already said towards much of these matters, somewhere, that speak to how Senator Kerry dumbed down all of Middle East politics while specifically then of efforts long and tiring to make Iraq seem of Operation Iraqi Freedom for a singular simplicity too elementary and parochial.  We can all use a refresher now that it is more obvious that Iraq and Operation Iraqi Freedom were never as simple and reducible as made out to be by Senator John Kerry.

Senator Hillary Clinton is basically, intellectually, a non issue as per Operation Iraqi Freedom - she flip flopped so many times and after an early acknowledgement of lack of due diligence specific of having voted without having read the intelligence estimates.

Recently I recalled and re-posted comments specific to my understanding of content of the Pope’s remarks prepared and delivered for American Catholic audiences and others.  Recently I wrote again, as I was regular to while Senator Santorum and many others were being “Murthanized” in chorus with monotonous and elementary beat of Senator Kerry of Massachusetts.  Just recently I pointed out just one of many ways this Senator from Massachusetts was wrong in dumbing down Operation Iraqi Freedom and most of Middle East geo-politics.  I recently included now old thoughts that the Pope’s message about Catholics not having a duty to support war in Iraq or “Operation Iraqi Freedom” as Catholics was in part needed so that President Bush wouldn’t seem to be engaged in Holy War but as well just an otherwise parochial instruction to American Catholics that as Catholics they had no special duty calling them to go into a sovereign Muslim country to help bring justice to a Muslim majority from a Muslim minority.

It is considerable and suggestible that some or more from Massachusetts should have been objecting to their Senator’s very partisan and excessive politicization of United States of America efforts as regards Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Senator Kerry did more to dumb down the issues and complexity and while willful in a political battle may joined no more greatly than by Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania.  Today Senator Kerry’s efforts could be illuminated best in retrospect by suggesting he was as smart as a little boy proudly announcing to his mom and neighbors that he had invented a better wheel and while walking around with a square “wheel” in a too public “show n tell”.

But for the Pope’s instructions that failed to get the thought due, but maybe specifically due to champions in a dumbing such as Senator Kerry and Representative Murtha, we have that Senator Santorum got “Murthanized” more than “mislead” by the Pope.  The Pope did confuse matters by not offering to American Catholics that otherwise than as Catholics they might have a duty to Country as Americans and its legacies and reliance on jurisprudence and precedence.  But, if not for the massive efforts of just Kerry and Murtha in their partisan and polarizing political dumbing down the Pope’s opinions might have been better considered and more thoroughly thought through in public arena and electoral contests.

It is ridiculous now still to embrace “Bush lied - soldiers died” as if it were the be all and end all that was all we were needing to know and yet, and yet that is much the key to the beat that saw not just Senator Santorum get “Murthanized.”  Senator Kerry and a big Marine in his song and dance - he had Representative John Murtha, “Marine” - “War Expert.”

I guess most of my blogging on this when it was all new and most dangerous and concerning is archived with and  I was a regular strong commentator on threads then with efforts to keep it real - I was never one to like Senator Kerry of Massachusetts since Operation Iraqi Freedom started, at least, at least nearly, for he acted crassly like a turn coat and too political after the commitment to be in Iraq started.  When you look back he doesn’t look so heroic - a look back has him too seemingly of sufficient briefing before vote to have addressed all issues before we had committed troops and yet of a waiting until after President Bush was committed to be of the proverbial pulling of a rug from under such.

It did seem Senator Kerry did more to undermine Operation Iraqi Freedom and the expected and needed confidence of at least a majority of Iraq than any other than say Representative Murtha.  We have that Massachusetts’ Senator seemed to want an anti-war revival more than a well run Operation Iraqi Freedom and that his efforts suggestive of a cut and run did end up making our agreed on efforts for Iraq take longer and cost us dearly much more.

It just seems ridiculous to still consider that Senator Kerry’s perspective and summations “educated” or “intelligent” - though that they seem of a pining and romance want for a new anti-war era to recall his earlier post-war anti-war past - as that though that we have learned Iraq was as complicated and as much a tinder box as per Iran and nuclear power and sectarian strife with the history of Saddam Hussein actually of having years sent his Shiite subjects off into Iran to kill their Shiite brethren, and be killed by them.

Senator Rick Santorum lost his last Senate seat mostly because he was “Murthanized” and while Catholics were still not provided fair media coverage to discuss that the Pope’s message wasn’t conclusive to their “American” duties.  It is complicated for President Bush could be said to have had a duty to comment on the Pope’s directives as per Iraq and for even Pennsylvania Catholics - but not necessarily easily without there then too great a risk that Operation Iraqi Freedom could seem as if a crusade or Holy War.

At least now more know that both Senator Kerry and Representative Murtha were not at the top of their game, and shouldn’t have been playing political games so with our brave of our Armed Forces - and as that they had time to have objected before we became committed and didn’t have to start undermining the efforts just days after it commenced, for real of actual realities. 

But as per Santorum’s Pennsylvania we should ask them now if it was the Pope’s message to American Catholics as equal and the same as all Catholics or more the “Murthanization” of a Marine turned anti-war activist and yet still a “war expert” too complicit with dumbing down by Senator from Massachusetts John Kerry.

2006 & 2007 were busy years for blogging to counter some of the above ridiculousness - real quite so, so much so it may explain best why there was a mirror on cover of TIME magazine the year before President Putin so adorned “Person of the Year” issues.

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