March 2024
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:27 am

Mediocrity is not an option - it is no longer a Democrat option!  These times are of so many whipped and needing a beating to step above - to high step it for a realm greater than mediocre.  The skulduggery of the hands Clintons has no mulligans left.

A color of such times must be purple for any beating harmonic and discordant for a melodic new freedom marching civil. Purple is a color so woven long for a behooved in Justice.  The color purple is hardly fitting or flattering however strung up Clintons - The color green is more the issue of a feud of monied partisan GREEN betrayals of “rivals.”

President Obama now too is so GREEN we must look at past masters and how monied green in a intra-party rival partisan they have been, and to a mediocre to PURPLE standards. President Obama as a boy has roots yet that may suggest carrots were only needed to coerce, and little a whip yet for such to bear out as his too; President Obama seems to have roots more in such GREEN than in a higher old standard of PURPLE.

There is a fog about much of this - there is contrast - there is black & white contrasting - there yet is mostly fog hiding how his house is divided - there is a “his fog” and “her fog” about any parading for valuation in lieu of how long their house has been so divided.  President Obama value has long been diminished for how many whippings he has taken much just because his Secretary of State was white and too mediocre.  It is yet clear as green backs she has bucked up to it of her fog of his seat and servitude really that of he a black man most at fault for of the expectation that the buck stops with him or hangs him, at least first.

President Obama seems to be of no soul - of sufficient soul - for his first Secretary of State wasn’t black enough, wasn’t even black and of common melodic rise above mediocrity beatings.  A color of purple for Barack Hussein Obama as yet so caged and subjugated in the “The Clintons” isn’t too far from the truths of these struggles and out of reach - - - President Obama can yet defend himself justly to some Justice yet in a freeing from the Clintons by whipping as many as possible to an exodus from the “House of Clintons” to freedoms greater in truth by finally getting to a late litigation of Mrs. Clinton, however, yet of the days of the Clintons the POTUS’D & FLOTUS’D of the BIG (WHITE) HOUSE.

President Obama can yet hardly become unchained to a FREE AND INDEPENDENT but he needn’t take even just all black Americans down with himself as the Clintons too are seemingly fated and falling.  President Obama is of his own roots of having whipped indiscrimately the idea the the The United States of America on his first day as its master would be better off without the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and beset anewly differently more with a DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE.  President Obama is now generally of a leaving of himself hanging;  President Obama is now also as the color of purple and beats of Justice portend as one also known to be a liar - a big liar - a Big Liar - a BIG LIAR - LIKE THE CLINTONS, ALSO A BIG LIAR.  He has lashed himself for the history books as too willing or coerced to a willful and yes free walking to such now clear of the past fogs of mediocrity.  We much shed the chains of mediocrity and find new beats for a melody harmonic of less discord to a governance of and by all the People’d peoples where truth can help see us clear to Justice still yet waving for all.

The United States of America is at a crossroads where a nation needs a majority to choose a forward away from lies and towards as restoration of essential freedoms bosoming as necessarily best as bosomed in truth - in truths, firstly.  President Obama valuation as a black man has been greatly diminished much for that of his seeming own free will choosing whence to accommodate the less than stellar Clintons already so publicly paraded as compromised as people too much of lies - much just self serving lies.  Forward now it behoove all to like tag all things Presidential of this free black man as if posted for Justice and ear marked with a Surgeon General WARNING prudent for the rearing of all youths.

Forward now it behoove all to tag President Barack Hussein Obama, irregardless yet of his roots, of the here and now that each remark, however of an attempt to clean himself by heralding himself as wrapped in RED, WHITE and BLUE, as yet beyond a pale, and of the legend waving standard for high stepping above mediocrity, as the man of the BIG HOUSE now irreconcilably of too many known and unknown lies.  Truth cannot now rise from this administration to a restoration of a good or better USA without separating the weakened from the strong - the compromised from the moral.

What has been so to such depreciated public valuation for the The United States of America FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT but that firstly of his roots of he less whipped to mediocrity than so here and there long by free will?  Forward with every “Presidential” remark it now behoove a Constituted republic to be of SAFETY public service announcement reminders that such is from one known already of also of known lying, and of known lies to help sustain and defend the too self serving lies long of the Clintons necessary for any defense of their years as masters supposedly as POTUS’D & FLOTUS’D.

In his defense however now it likely to still leave him in chains per any color purple reset for Justice above mediocre it is that he erred in not having his first Secretary of State as also black.  For that Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton wasn’t black though is now likely more liberating to blacks everywhere - - - it is reasonable to rap her as one of the worst as Secretary of State in the history of the USA.  For whom much is given… “…” it seems recalled there is supposed to be a much given in return.  For the skulduggery of Mrs. Clinton, however, she is not to be reasoned for mulligans - Mrs. Clinton, however, now is so GREEN she disregards a general purple as per her emoluments and personal pecuniaries in outrageous fees for mere dints of pontificating.

It is dangerous - DANGEROUS - D*A*N*G*E*R*O*U*S - and a clear and present threat to the Republic as conceived and consecrated long how she sees her GREEN as if of a PURPLE’D in “CHARITY.”  It is shocking and yes DANGEROUS that she, while of her roots so long caressed as if bosomed only in a purity by spun yarns, can be so daft and punking of President Barack Hussein Obama as per CGI as of CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVES as anything “charitable” while so CLINTONESQUE as seemly firstly political in a polarizing partisan (yes of even intra-party rivaling) as bank and coin for globe trotting a new too one sided devilish biased patronage. 

The roots of the Clintons do most clearly, and through any fog about them, hold up and sustain such PURPLE’D as TRUTH and so much so it likely should have President Obama too much still, however whipped, and however of popular beatings new, stuck now as too due to be in chains.  The roots of the Clintons are due to be whipped and for a litigation now beyond the too proffered known lies of President Barack Hussein Obama by his mischief in dictating the Clintons were not those we should be looking at - looking for - that we should not relitigate the “The Clinton” or any of the mastery, however mediocre, of the POTUS’D & FLOTUS’D CLINTON.

It is hard to say what the Clintons CGI - CLINTONS GLOBAL INITIATIVES - is;  The Clintons CGI seems fronted more as an is not an is than an is PURPLE’D as woven and waving to be clearly what it is.  The roots of the Clintons however now some seen as of an obvious undermining of the first black President do stand up and sustain how it fits them like a glove of guilt or shoes of trespass that “charity” is a misnomer and “patronage” - bank and coin of political patronage - really mediocre of a mediocrity too much of GREEN devoid of bulwarks buttressed in Posterity as bosomed in PURPLE.

We can yet praise a Georgian - yes we can raise Georgian President Jimmy Carter, yet of this party of a peanut gallery shades of grays, historically and now - we can yet raise a beating for a new harmonic less in such partisan discord to a new bipartisan Republic melodic.  Former President Jimmy Carter does charity - Jimmy Carter knows charity.  As the Clinton have tried to so obscure President Obama in their fogs so of unbecoming shades of grays, and been to nearly blacking out the black President it now behoove use to see him as if them for he is of them too much of too many self serving and very selfish lies.

Back to President Jimmy Carter and the roots to this peanut gallery of the Clintons too much of a pathological forensics of them at global patronage dispensing even when for all appearances supposedly parading as if masters for/of charity.  If we now do not go so hard at the Clintons aren’t we then necessarily to being to going to hard at the first black President?  President Jimmy Carter bares witness to how the Clintons aren’t as charitable as they self promote;  President Jimmy Carter, for the record, did specially punctuate to such when inaugurally helping open that new Presidential Library as it for President George W. Bush.  President Jimmy Carter did tag the Clintons by raising and praising President George W. Bush as for his having been willing to like: DO MORE FOR AFRICA IN HIS FIRST DAYS IN OFFICE THAN THE CLINTONS HAD BEEN YET WILLING IN ALL OF THEIR EIGHT YEARS POTUS’D & FLOTUS’D.

What is the freedom to beat to a new rooting for a People’d people above mediocrity again and more truthfully grounded in the color of purple?  President Barack Obama is now tagged for history as so much of lies he must walk daily as depreciated forward always.  It seems his roots and his story of his becoming so of these days too set in mediocrity by free will;  It seems though however of free will to lying to sustain the selfish lies of the Clinton global political machinations he may be the fool of naivete to a too real diabolical political covered cleverly in a homespun as if charitable.  The roots of the Clintons have however whipped the first black President to a legacy to much never to be set above that now lately being exposed as long of them of and set in rotting mediocrity.  We don’t need President Carter, alone in a defense of President Bush, to be one solely to the flag waving to fend off striking at President Bush while more falsely accused and an innocent - we need more flag wavers of the PURPLE for Justice in Truth for Posterity in Republic as the Union for Tranquility.

President Barack Hussein Obama was hardly proper to wrapping himself in the THE RED, WHITE, AND BLUE of Independence Day for it is his roots are still parading as of his too proffered pontificating that we’ld be like better without the THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and so as punctuated to exclamatory by it of his first day as the new master - the new President to the office so of service.

But he may though, so tagged as due too to be in chains, for known and yet unknown lies, his rap pops as also a BIG LIAR, whom yet still, maybe, maybe, might have him too much an innocent to that less “charity” and more “global patronage” of the Clintons, and even as obvious it seems that it cannot now be of “charity” while so rapped and tagged by President Jimmy Carter.

President Jimmy Carter while illuminating a goodness a better of President George W. Bush and for there is an obvious otherwise all just POTUS’D & FLOTUS’D CLINTON for how they cut two trillion dollars and one extra trillion just to be able to parade in pomp and ceremonies of devilish short term politics for surpluses from cuts from so much so many have long proclaimed was either from necessary or at least just budgeted line items - items otherwise of cuts that negate a claim to “charitable” now.  The roots so of the Clintons now show them of their GREEN to use to behooved to be wiser and now finally some how yet to a more color of PURPLE higher democratic and diplomatic standards - new new flag waving in & for JUSTICE in TRUTHS for the preservation of the FREEDOMS in the hope of TRANQUILITY in republicanism.

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