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In his letter to the Jews tolerance was off the tables of America - Washington pressed the Jews into the civil service of a new nation with a parity liberal of a hope for all times forward in a humanity of mankind.  In his letter to the Jews he was at to bigotry and from tolerance as too when liberally also of national guidance of Catholics - Washington wrapped his fresh words in sanction of Jews here how:

“May the Children of the Stock of Abraham, who dwell in this land, continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other Inhabitants; while every one shall sit under his own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid.”

In his letter to the Jews his words punctuated the first days of a new nation with tolerance as if a lingua of malice too like apartheid years later.  The job of corporations is not to make money.  The liberals of today have taken too much liberty with even Washington’s coinage of verbiage of guidance for all in the new experiment in civil governance.  The liberals of today, irregardless of faith, have at least forgotten their Constitution and Bible at least as per ‘profits’ and ‘prophecy.’  The liberals are tarnished by the figured bigotry of the Administration of the Clintons if not more as eroded from corrosive oxidation.  The Administration of the Clintons was full of bigotry in their “political” of the Middle East so as now as religiously and civilly disturbed so greatly.

The Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton, while too to totalitarianism and autocratic wants anew of a Southerner, was yet for more acceptance of Blacks as also free in the South as though a historical otherwise irrelevant to a pride like of the South to be somehow back to some kind of rule more monarchical.  Seems!  The Presidency of the Clintons did not parse or parry Iraq and Saddam Hussein and his times well - or much in keeping with Washington or Jefferson.  Words of Thomas Jefferson do wrap the dome facia interior of his due memorial in Washington on the People’d peoples public Mall.  These words of Jefferson too have been too as if of Clinton Democrats too liberally in a violate less civil:

“…I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” {Jefferson to Dr. Benjamin Rush, September 23, 1800}

As the ten of the Bill of Rights seems set to reaffirm the ten of the TEN COMMANDMENTS the Jews guidance mustn’t have been a tyranny over minds to Washington, Adams and Jefferson, for starters.  It seems that the establishment and ordaining of the People’s Order done as the Constitution of a new nation under the God of the New Testament as “a more perfect Union” has it that the Bill of Rights seems set as ten to reaffirm that in America the idea is that all are born equal to rights so set out to defend themselves from any government, group or individual when such is at being violate of the Jewish Commandments.

It is always a good day to read President George Washington by his words of his first inaugural address.  Here linked:

It too is always a good day to read President Abraham Lincoln by his words yet of his Cooper Union speech, and for how it like words initializing the Union is of words speaking to a People’d people whom shouldn’t be to expecting or working to a nationalized healthcare dependence.  Here linked:

For Posterity and convenience of the more perfect Union set for Tranquility away from “tolerance” as like a linqua of malice like “aparteid” and how established apart from bigotry in its civility it may have been necessary - really necessary - that President George Washington so stressed religiosity and freedoms at least in these words to the Jews in this link to his letter to the Jews in 1790:  Here linked:

Personally in these times newly concurrent of such issues smarting I yet cannot find ways to harbor a sanction for mostly liberal opinions that the Union of America, unless Constitutionally befelled to fallen, can anyhow still abide that Saddam Hussein didn’t need prosecution and that his government too had to be rendered too sunken to yet float anew, however for a post-Saddam civility.  The Administration of the Clintons vastly corrupted the plane of level discourse away from civility, however of the liberal governance precedence, pertaining to religiosity and the The United States of America as consecrated long to be away from their expressed and official bigotry of tolerance for Sunni, and Ba’athists even, firstly and over at least the majority voiced tongues - over at least the Iraqi populace as a majority peoples of Shiite sectarian practices.

We, peoples of every where in the known world are still suffering for the bigotry and intolerant risen tolerance parlance of the too selfish and partisan politics of avoidance and inaction, at least, of the Administration of the Clintons.  We are all so suffering pertaining to their culpability that we are likely to be long of probatives deep into all things wrought Clinton and however of post-office global meddling initiatives.  The Clintons have been long on defense and needing of cover-ups of their culpability at least as where tantamount and gross to the “American” in a negligence and impropriety.  To tag the rap Clinton per impropriety in a “tolerance” an “aparteid” we need just look at the “official” Clinton pertaining to politics of Iraq.

Really we have the Clintons so compromised that there are few words to quote to clean them up, and still.  Good stories of the Clintons do not easily fall upon any as easy to write.  Seems.  I remember the Clinton speak to diabolical and quite un-American (at least for a post Cold War geopolitics potential in the Middle East also of a new world order) as recalled as like Iraq was of a majority incapable of governing itself because of its sectarian religiosity as Iraqi Shia Muslims.  President William Jefferson Clinton broke from the above American precedent established traditions away from sanction for bigotry and a toleration of tolerance as if an apartheid before apartheid by being officially un-diplomatic of speak “official” and “State” specifically patronizing in that bigotry against the Shiite of Islam generally.

Before the Administration of the Clintons it had yet been of a war parlance of Cold War geopolitics and oil economics, not sectarian bigotry so firstly and primarily.

But the economics of so much now is too of Ukraine and Russia as such strife and unsettled civility has its roots in how the too liberal governance newly of the Obama Democrats in collusion with the Clinton Democrats did whip and whip their green agenda until economies everywhere were upturned and peoples left unsettled.  The liberals of the American example and experiment of the Order a constitution of a People’d peoples are to be categorically and forensically, in a political and historical pathological, necessarily separated from these now too liberal for the Constitutional.

Of the industrious and idea of the workable more perfect Union there is Ruth 1:1 warning from socialism as too oft any ideal is perverted for Power firstly as Saddam Hussein (and Bashar al-Assad) did corrupt the ideology of Ba’athism from it firstly as a path or way to a UNITED ARAB SOCIALIST STATE. (I have this bit from reading Alan Hart’s “ARAFAT - TERRORIST OR PEACEMAKER)  Ruth 1:1 so speaks to warn forward from socialisms as socialists too like those of judges who sought power wanting to be superior at judging others and to dictates to those below them however sold as if more equal.

“Now there came a time of famine while judges were ruling in the land of Israel.  A man from Bethlehem of Judah, his wife, and his two sons left to live in the country of Moab.” (Ruth 1:1,  International Standard Version - The Bible)

The too liberal Obama and Clinton Democrats have wrought ruinous across most economies.  The have been to a violate of the Bill of Rights generally and to much of the imports for commerce and profits of the Jewish commandments and too Corinthians - at least the tonalistic of 1 Corinthians 14 - by at least the Bible App keyed edition I read it most recently set by.  Some of the Supreme Court of The United States of America is afoul of commerce Constitutionality when of articulations regarding “for profit incorporated” as if their only purpose on earth is to make money for the Federal Government to tax.  It is too liberal for the conceived and consecrated liberal American that a corporation is firstly in the business of making money.

Befelled has been the common sense also celebrated by Adam Smith of God’s hand or the humanity of “invisible hand” of providence involved in the finer working of civilizations in commerce - in economics.  An economic recovery can hardly be organized or tuned up generally, let alone globally, if it isn’t anewly of the prudence of the founders and especially the parity of President George Washington’s “no sanction” for bigotry establishment.  By 1 Corinthians 14 we are preset as organized to be of the Constitutional and Amended to be even and especially of corporations of the rights of assembly and expression.  I behoove any and all of commerce wants to be learned of the USA USC as an accompaniment to the New Testament and necessarily the Jewish commandments.

As were are quite newly passing the affirmating decades for corrective affirmative actions to remind the People’d peoples, at least, that there is no tolerance for Constitutional and American of the The United States of America as there should be no sanction for bigotry we so are back to the prudence of all born equal and that commerce especially by corporations is of Corinthians established directives that profits are for those, however organized, if they yet are successfully provable as organized and industrious in prophecy.  However one banks, all are supposed to bank in such an accounting as too of the “invisible hand” shared humanity at prophecying reaping of sown for future goods.  Even as Wall Street persists it yet is to a Holy as a venue now so net netted too but established to let more people more generally in on the prophecy of others organized industriously in service to humanity as the best work of any and all of chambers of commerce - even junior ranks.

Decidedly it is smarting and ranking how Clinton Democrats and Obama Democrats have been disastrous while too judging and of posturing for tolerance that has given rise to unsettled in a new bigotry of roots to how so much is befallen by too liberal for even the liberal American civility economics.  Corporations must be “people” as persons so engaged as equals but by how grand eachs relevant power of prophecy establishes a higher more holy generally are each of the right of assembly and expression in the subscribed under God People’d peoples Order for freedoms of religion and expression.  Wall Street firstly is a sanctuary for a more general prophecy potential for those proven so public in profitability for their success to reaping their sown in prophecy that should glow with HOPE.

If corporations are not people they cannot be of the good establishments for civility and humanity in economics.

If corporations are not people then Wall Street otherwise so but just an OTB - of a rat race of at the dog races.  Seems!

Wall Street is of the Washington prudence as set common by:

“Among the vicissitudes incident to life…”

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