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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:34 pm

Liberty of leverage isn’t a poor man’s tyranny:  It dictates loss of liberty liberally when chits can be called however named.

Is President Vladimir Putin schooling President Barack Obama on capitalism, and not in a tyrannical geographical?

I do not know the answer to:  Is it that President Putin is offering a patriarchal Moscow Ortho for those familiar to the Moscow Russian Christian Orthodoxy of more freedom in Ukraine than they have had, or less than they were thinking they soon could have?  A Stalinistic loss of liberty really was the Socialistic too Nationalistic President Obama led T.A.R.P. and industries take overs.  President Barack Hussein Obama is once again in a pickle globally and locally for of the old tag that he lacks a philosophy of governance.  Is President Putin now being of a Russian REDISTRIBUTION as a bail out for too leveraged old Soviet peopled?

Can we blame the claims up in arms in the nether regions of Ukraine on the economics of U.S. of A. Democrat economic experts of the hand of fate of President Obama’s too visible “touch”?  What loss of liberty is at stake for those if Ukrainian or if Russian?

The economics angle can bury the Democrats now by November 2014 as it their “economics” proofed Socialistic were at least too Nationalistic in a NEW NATIONALISM to have allowed “capitalism” as instead of “choices” there were now so many dictates and czars such that assimilation and obedience were planned as if “economics.”  The fall of a Ukraine wholly may be to blame on too risen also too irreligious Democrats at a Socialist new NEW DEAL AUSTERITY EXPERIMENT;  It may be both Clinton Democrats and Obama Democrats are to be mostly and firstly blame or one before the other and one more severely than they other.

By the pride of the Democrats emergent since 2007 there have been too many things planned as revolutionary and disruptive to old “property” for any old song of America to ring out a selling of free market economic growth copacetic harmony newly.  What the pride of the Democrats at Socialism more than a free will of free markets in choices of Capitalism were of stands now as taggable and hashable as mashable as causal to even the default of some of Ukrainian to Russian.

The economics of such as “history” so modern of just one Presidential term concurrent is that the numbers likely can show that it was in America as a “recovery” convenient of crisis that more people so loss of land and forfeiture of property due to a government over marching a “politics.”  President George W. Bush did not cause the new depression and as it was so convenient to a gaggle of leftists wanting of a new NEW DEAL grand scheme for centralization of new entitlements he isn’t even one any should look at firstly when looking for whom had means, motive and opportunity.

Liberty of leverage may not be the end game or “poker” or “chess” of President Putin nor of a meant tyrannical.  Did President Putin find Russia like with her pants down when allied Syria of Bashar al-Assad crossed President Obama’s “red line”?  Though the regions of Ukraine may now be more forfeit as a nation slid along to long too irreligious and open some to a kindness from “father” Putin of the Moscow Ortho of Russian Christian Orthodoxy recovered from the reign of Stalin it yet is comparable that President Obama and his pride primed even such region to such loss of lands. Has Russia been out of position to be whom it was being asked to be and expected to be on a more global stage - and as per Syria and a fixer or peace keeper for Syrians?

It is to be disserned yet whom more abuse Nation powers with pushes to relieve peoples from their assets - from their property - from their land.  President Obama with the pride of Democrats at centralized market dictatorial resets like can be said for having worked a march to more people unsettled and de-propertied.  It is that President Putin can be said to be more Capitalistic of a market savy than President Obama;  It is that President Obama marched a “you didn’t build it” also while claiming Power to remove companies from their business and a world from a heart beat of freedom that needs choice not assimilated obedience to czars to harmonize.

I do not support an invasion of the regions of Ukraine but then after President Assad crossed President Obama’s “red line” and with “morals” raised it is that President Putin was of a nation being blamed and called out as if more of its former girth and landed.  Russia essentially was with her pants down and as a nation out of position when long allied President Assad fouled the geopolitics and “morals” of the still developing post-Cold War clean ups.  I do not condone “invasion” but yet by the example of the Socialism of President Obama there is that there is hardly a difference between TROUBLE ASSET RECOVERY PLANS and Russia now if mobilized into too leveraged lands as if debt collectors.

I do not know if President Putin has a philosophy of governance where President Obama has been lacking.

I do not know if there can be at least an increase in press freedom and free speech for peoples of a reported 60% plus national irreligiousness where west are like a third to being Greek Orthodox, the middle third something(s), and the east Russian Christian Orthodox of the Moscow collared.  But, to this there is the problem of if President Putin is finding his peace keeping pants to be whom old of the U.S.S.R. were called to be and yet as so of a Ukrainian calling.  To walk a peace keeping globalism forward Russia as per Syria at least was to be expected to show up with Ukrainians of shared humanity of U.S.S.R. culpability for Cold War clean-up.

President Obama, when the dust settles however, is likely still to be triumphant in his Socialism to more people unsettled and unfairly of repossessions.  President Putin though may be a paternal patriarchal of a Ukrainian bailout by collections and as if for those of the east as Ortho of Moscow Orthodoxy.  President Putin though to walk in peace keeper pants to a more global national relevance can hardly be with President Assad as if “old school” and yet there with the Ba’athist Socialist Assad more present as a friendly Communist.

It wasn’t a laughing matter - a laughing out loud matter - how the Democrat pride of experts and czars so marched over as if of lots of love - LOL with their loss of liberty and property for so many so boldly.  It was near tyrannical how the Democrats paraded a politics for assimilation and obedience in market choices, and abhorrent how they proceeded under false flags of unreasonable blame upon President Bush and Republicans for that which they wanted and were so coyly exercising many positions pathologically of a means, motive and opportunity squashing of global economics.

President Putin if of Russia called out to be a peace keeper of fixer in Syria is yet now maybe busy at “home” like so that he and Ukraine need not be busy abroad.  It may be Russia at a REDISTRIBUTION to work a bail-out for too leveraged of Ukraine at least of Crimea and as of the east of Moscow Ortho but yet if so there should be troubles more in loss of land of liberty o’ leveraged if she as Russia to be forward is yet two-faced about Syria and as if still just “old school” Communist.

Is President Vladimir Putin schooling President Barack Obama on capitalism, and not in a tyrannical geographical?

Liberty of leverage isn’t a poor man’s tyranny:  It dictates loss of liberty liberally when chits can be called however named.

Is it President Obama has been more a tyrant of disregarding personal and business property, and is it that President Putin may have it still that President Obama has been intentionally more Stalinistic?

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