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“The Ukrainian Invasion!” might yet proof a beating newly akin to the old “British Invasion” - however mop topped.

There are “politics” seeded diff now across many parts of the known world said doomed by global warming of dire straits too much of a climate change new paradigm.  Before too many of such, so akin or endeared, mature as too much gone to pot, let us look at what potential there could be yet for what might become harvested or at least of stalkings.

President Clinton was an accidental risen of 1992 globality as one not right for the times but elected anyhow.

College Republicans now are of a conundrum where they may show themselves of a highest realm best by spotlighting whom are those Democrats suppressed under at least the Clintons’ “machine” and maybe ready to shine as naturals bright if and when unshackled and freed at last - freed at least from being stuck under or behind the Clintons’ “machine.”  The best future of the new future leaders of the already much regrown boastable of the GOPers may be to be somehow of a clean racket like a miracle of Jenkins Hill hip capital-isms.  The future of the “Republic” may be it already too seeded to grow like weed of the Democrats of a promise now like the GOPers best as a new classy also in a post-Clinton “POP”!

“I didn’t advise ‪‎Bill Clinton‬ to lie - didn’t give permit to use TRIED IT ONCE - DIDN’T INHALE - wouldn’t have as it was when I started to fig how he should respond to pot questions that I first asked myself what my honest answer was about myself.  I never approved of WJC usage and in part because I did not mean to advise or support known lying.  The answer they took to what I would advise for pot answers yet was inappropriate as a use of me not an professional use of my “output.”  I do not at this moment recall where other instances of WJC taking on being me in lieu of limiting himself to my constructive advice - I recall there must have been others.  It is a moral conundrum that they would run with the first heard response mine to my questioning of my own story and a speaking of a truth yet, however, for WJC in a campaign that wasn’t supposed to be about him becoming me but he benefiting from being advised by me.  I do not believe in my advising towards performance on my suggestion that I could make a Dem electable in 1992 that I did offer any lies while about such.  That this was used as originally just my first step in a process to fig’n what WJC should say and as my answer truthful of my own story is much of my knowing Clintons diff than there “public” appearances.“*

Yes, Americans, it might be better to tag it mashable as a the “The Russian Invasion”!  How “cultural” or new “pop” these days are some of a “Revolution” - a revolutionary beating.  Who is President Putin?  Is he a John “V” Lennon newly?  Is he a leader of a merry band?  Is he a new “HOPE” transfiguring lyricist bringing redistribution to just the east and south of once more Ukranian, and, or is he a tonalist for all of now more properly of a Moscow Ortho “CHANGE” measuring?  President Putin is however the “patriarch” yet of the Power over Moscow where resides so much wealth that such region has been hashed out as a city home to more billionaires than any other city of the known world.  The perilous state of the regions of Ukraine yet seem inescapably of an offer of some redistribution at least;  The perilous state of any “The Russian Invasion” implicates President V. Putin at least as at a cultural and class exercised resettling of whose is whose and how.  The President of Russia has to be, due to the pre “The Ukranian Invasion” state of parity, must be now a discussant as charitable and at least some of redistribution.

Yes, Americans, it might be that the suit of the President is more telling of a lack of strategy - a lack of strategies - endemic.

President Obama stepped out in the midst of so many so long suffering newly and of old global unsettled lots yet as if newly and oddly in summer poplin cover-all with too many off the cuffs remarks.  The President’s seeming new suit spoke loudest and not well of the state of the nation of the Republic of North Americans in the The United States so Constituted Christian and in of the calendar of the New Testament.  It may have been better yet if the President otherwise stepped out in the colors of the Pontifical guards as wholly colorful as Swiss Guards of bi-colored standards.

President Obama and his seeming new suit as adorned about so much so revolutionary by others, otherwise more/also cultural, begot/begets him still too behooved of his New Deal Austerity - Global Warming Alarmism - too newly of New Nationalism establishmentarisms.  Summer poplin cover-alls did dress down the economies globally as the image seemed for leadership by example for further austerity as necessary and prudent by being so dressed for summer but near the end of unofficial summertime as if the message was “austerity” and “new thrift” for it so seemed to be considered that he like went to a “BROTHERS’ COVERS OUTLET MART” and bought a two-fer B.O.G.O. (not of the lines of the either Clintons’ suits) as last years model sold this year but bought mostly for next years “politics.”  I don’t know if President Vladimir Putin can himself do Seersucker.

I do hope his new suit(s) are American made - they looked, however, economical and too thrifty, as if they were made most well.  In our oval office concurrently its proper named occupant/holder yet would blend in in such kacki/sand tone as if of wearing green in front of a green screen.  However oddly suited the President yet spoke loudly sadly of the economics generally by wearing summer poplin as if “new” while so near the start of new school year fashions embattled pressures.  I do not speak culturally to the “fashion” challenge(s) of the President firstly as it is I know such tones for having myself rebuilt and restored a 1968 Cal 25** cruiser/racer sailboat and to his shades of kacki yet as the original gelcoats, and yet as reproduced by automotive paint in a 60’s colors one of GM’s line and another I think of Ford’s lines.  The vertical stripes of the Obama Ovalularity are yet very similar to the bi-tones of beige or kacki of the boat I rebuilt and then sold at a big loss to yet afford my personal and independent efforts to defeat the Clintons’ “machine” about 2008.

The attention to detail and the levels at which I was cross-disciplined, however much self-taught in many trades, was, to the rebuilding of boats also then preparatory in method to the disciplined I exercised to such greater attention to details when at working so to defeat the Clintons and the Clintons’ “machine” towards 2008 and beyond and now still forward.

These are odd times but for - or especially because of - facts in it yet historical that such of today is much as I was concerned and to figuring when developing my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM philosophy of governance yet as it was of a complicated integratedness and still smarting for it that President Clinton did so govern away from the prudent balanced think that was so shared and effected of an understanding or gut supposing that accounted for much of today yet when then of consideration firstly around my personal and independent queriousness as to how Saddam Hussein must have thought he had a way to keep Kuwait.  It is that I press out conundrums as if a Putin paradigm now is extant of he now a liberator actually more Christian than Communist and to HOPE and CHANGE that necessarily to some extent will be “redistribution” from Moscow to enduring areas yet of a general religiosity also of the Russian Christian Ortho of Moscow - of rebuilt post-Stalin Moscow.

*(The above quote is a re-post of a Facebook morning status update mine original to my wall this same morning.)

**(One can visit and click on tab for “Restoration” and find before and after pictures of my so mentioned on boat restoration project that now is historical as part of my restoring my own discipline and vast cross industries dexterous skill in professional attention to detail that is endearing in an enduring of my general story of writing to help “remodel” in a “restorative” the original constructs of the Founding Fathers.  My story as an adviser and writer is yet of my decades of wondering how better I might understand the Constitution as the product of many handy founding fathers and by seeing how it might be interpretable while practically pragmatic myself industriously about as many different codes and standards and even nearly uniforms of the various standards.)

Again:  It seems my best advise to future leaders however now also smartly of the prudence worked a more perfect Union by the spectacle of founders as if apostolic in Christianity is beyond any “dressing the part” and to it also measurable that any “strategy” for ISIL must consider that the Christian and American Constituted around an affectual @ “Love thy enemy” is likely a critical and unavoidable keyed still forward.

Politically it seems however off the cuff President Obama was without strategy and oddly suited for the days challenges it is begotten he is abroad and at home with a new HOPE for everyone more in post-Clinton GOPers and Democrats.

Future leaders of the known world, however, actually now in crisi, convenient or otherwise, are of each crisis better now like the GOPers as of a freshened harvest of newer seeded now more than gone to pot of stalkings political of new highs possible in any partisan as newbies not also co-opted by the Clintons and the Clintons’ “machine” and especially of the still too effecting more restrained that dates them, however as of or by carbons, to errs from near day one in 1993.

Future leaders is it historical that such of the encapsulated as per my abstentions from altered states is not informed to how President Clintons actual history is more of he of troubles (like President Obama) of being too altered in think by having to often become twisted in “altered states.”

Many now are of labors (of love?) to effecting altered states;  For now let me share that what I however proffered as of a performance towards 1992 decidings of my suggested sharing that I could make Democrats electable despite President George H. W. Bush, then a war hero President, like of keeping a world united, as President Abraham Lincoln had kept a Nation United, as then too formidable for Senator Al Gore’s interests while of his near 87% popularity, has yet stayed the test of times as proofed that the prudent and balanced think I affected was effectual to the electability of Governor Clinton, and that I know he put too many in peril by willy nilly governing away from the more disciplined think that worked to make him elected.

Future leaders of these united of the northern America continental and beyond it is that it seems President Putin has a “cultural” significance yet to prove and that it is wonderfully seemingly true that there are new “GOOD” Democrats to now rise like the blossoming so budded as Post-Clinton cleaner GOPers - if that is that these however stuck under or behind the Clintons’ “machine” can become also free and clear of old party - bi-party - corruptions as if actually newly unshackled and free at last!

Again:  Right I live with it proofed that what I thought as risks of and from the Middle East while of considering how I could advise Democrats to defeating an 87% popular like war hero Republican President is now still working as think better than much ever offered by either Clinton however themselves cheaply sold as a two-fer B.O.G.O..  The Clintons are intimate in their now two decades of erring and yet it is hardly known that the think they governed away from that was fundamental to the 1992  unexpected and accidental victorious is actually a think now working well, and too of an still untold, mostly, story of it yet of having been shared and to seemingly benefit to President George W. Bush with his political struggles ours since after the attacks of the first 9/11.

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