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These September days to votaries to try British souls of beyond any simple semper ubi sub ubi barrister citables.  How now can Scotland be free, and even still kilted tribal, but commando free endeared in public object jurisprudence?  President V. Putin did have to resolved an improper “separatist” plots of Ossetia (now more as if Assetia?).  Much of independence is now necessarily of vicissitudes incident of object, and barred republican, civic erectings, however, and for Posterity.

A rush now could be imprudent for any of the United Kingdom for Scotland if free must yet not now nor ever be circumscribed as of a too object or Freudian “separation” as was in any propriety or impropriety of the once more suggestively shaped sovereignty of the nation of Georgia. We mustn’t become crass or crude, and yet too we all have it object and self-evident that Brits and Scots have to a phallic to reconsider to any circumspection civil and proper of all the necessary rites.

Any freedom for Scotland must always rest objective as inseparable from the geo-topo-theo-political of an isle so grand and United as inartfully suggestive & of an indivisible union.  As Georgians whence projected as separatists with too much skin in the “game” there is a sadness for the imperial of recent collusions of a new longest war as staged in the Afghan theater where the Politics seemed to clever by a worked objective illustrative as alternately of a concern, however truly incidental, of war scripting of imports as either of Kandahar or Helmand.

Recent administrating seem to have worked Helmand as if of English dominant but without a suggestive to not be lost in all translations.  As Helmand graphically plays out more as if the isle of Britania proper or say the United state of New Hampshire or Idaho it was oft to as of err for HOPE that Kandahar could be an Afghani “WILD & WONDERFUL” more of West Virginia of a potential for CHANGE.  President V. Putin now for his Ossetia reset from “separatists” of an attitude as if of too much skin in the game is yet as instructive as President George Washington was in his First Inaugural so of importance of Posterity in a popular governance of a republic initiated “Among the vicissitudes incident to life…”.

There is maybe only one tradition in politics and governance for an Independent Scotland that yet could endure without an alienation of their rites;  Scotland can be circumstantially objective forward despite a self-evident geo-topo-theo-politics of a isle so organ-ized as there, however, too as if of a concern as with Georgians to be away from too much “skin in the game”!  There is yet now seemingly near or only one tradition for object legal precedence for a Scotland to endure yet still endear if independent or separate from that just of Britania so of isled united and beset forward as yet indivisible;  There is yet the rights in rites of circumcision to give a blessing for a free and independent Scot ubermensch civility;  There is the object legal jurisdiction of a forward severable from a whole of rites and rights that still is provincial however yet otherwise of Posterity in a geo-topo-theo-politics.

Among that not to be lost or patronized of the originality of the Independence declared by 13 once just British colonies is yet the People’d “Order” as of Union Constituted in a popular governance experiment yet established seemingly as “more perfect” at least than the Articles of Confederation and too that of the Union of the British Kingdom.  Right, where Kandahar is like a West Virginia and Helmand a Idaho or New Hampshire it is permanently figured that the isle of votaries sought now for a “separation” must also respsect a not too lost in translation of President V. Putin as at “separatists” reshaped so to look less phallic where once tolerable as more shapely as discarded as if spent as a used prophylactic.

I leave this not for a specific considerate of HARRY POTTER or Prince Harry.  It may be all about how little the new Princely George can yet inherit of a federalism about “family jewels” yet it too is of the Puritans and President Abraham Lincoln.  Suffice to say in a brevity that we are yet only some spared by of a HOGWARTS global learnedness while a conundrum persists that though so much of a new hope did rise generally at least of a Federalism, however said “more perfect”, the The United States of America now suffers for not being of its republican as of popular rites to rights around all born equal yet of falling below a new and improved understanding for “popular” beset to belong and be behooved in a post-graduate Federalism inescapable to any a HARRY POTTER believer.  Not merely for Scotland and Independence as primarily discoursed upon in the essays whence of PUBLIUS it, forward for all, is to be more learned if at least also read of the THE FEDERALIST PAPERS 1-5.

Where there once was “geo-politics” it is now forward that while Iraq & Syria may yet be just two two now also fallen once, however then enduring, Socialist states.  It may be that Adam Smith is writ for Posterity as necessary as  GOOD of capitalism and “inducements of philanthropy” - not a BAD - in both the Constitution and the exposed of Hamilton, Madison, and Jay as PUBLIUS.  Forward now Scotland is too secured maybe to sufficient votaries for a civil and civic “separation” but yet though the old colonies professed to be to a “more perfect Union” the United Kingdom is forever object legally of a indivisible united but for traditions and establishments for and of a prudence in circumcision rites and rights.

Despite whether Scots do want to be just Scots so of a new Scotland forever united in a cautionary civility ever to be careful to not become too Georgian or “separatist” otherwise we are to bare witness, however, to their current predicaments while of discoursing and stirring the bar and barristers to all the related and necessary “politics” to be if so then newly legislated.

The popular reset of Republican Abraham Lincoln endures today in a puritanism to PUBLIUS exposed;  Republican Lincoln endears as an originalist for the popular governance experiment writ of Posterity in the FEDERALIST PAPERS.  There are likely at least the two editions now of a ready and available for THE FEDERALIST - there now is likely that introduced by Clinton Rossiter and now a newer (maybe preferable) edition of commentary by Robert A. Ferguson.

It seems that President Washington inaugurated the new and more perfect Union by way of general prophylactic comity as if to herald his days as the head of the Continental Armies and the sexuality of the men so patriotic so engaged;  It seems President Washinton put a “washing-ton” on a parsing too suggestive but of old merely when it less rubber matched and yet protective as with separated extra-skins in the “games.”  Surely Brits may be forced to at least resolve themselves if ever too separated as whence visceral to Russian under “President” - however - V. Putin, of Medvedev, however, yet prescribing, to think of going commando mobile of marching tunes upon Scots if then as if too beset as if of too much skin in the “game.”

The PUBLIUS of the success commenced by sufficient votaries of a free - more free - peoples stands guard today still even as prescient to the state of a geo-topo-theo-political an issuance of these times and yet as it to be figured and measured for all threats domestic and foreign that PUBLIUS indoctrinates and originality in Federalism of nationalism that now People’d are like new Puritans at as the Pilgrims once were experimentally whence newly posted yet in a popular experiment at being more pure in the original - more puritan to the created so as the Bible.  As President Abraham Lincoln was like a new puritan to the PUBLIUS exposed it is now again that a nation is United said “more perfect” in the “originality” or yet an “originalist” politics Republican and republican to the Constitution (and at least one edition of the Bible?).

So it is established that there is object legal precedence for a more free and maybe also more perfect Scotland.

But today, as we become accepting of the dire economic straits of the concurrent politics it should be considerable the extant Socialist in the erred at HOPE & CHANGE, and how to originalists or “Puritans” to “THE CONSTITUTION” and “THE FEDERALIST PAPERS” yet like as the Pilgrims were too of Puritans to originality in the created as word specific as Bibled, it be measured and trued that it is yet indivisible that the “more perfect Union” was of the Constitution the “Order” “done” that established and ordained rites in rights and of the New Testament in an accompaniment.

It persists in a Constituted that the “Founding Fathers” prescribed caution forward by constitutionals and amendments to affirm that the People’d people were endowed only with a Congress that was to be forever, however long, barred from barristered however, and consecrated Federal for National as for popular governance as a republic of civility prescribed.  The “fathers” seem to have clearly been purely to endowing the People’d people with an right to more easily amend their rites as by edits to the King James Bible or furthermore to a new edition, and so specifically of barring Congress from making any Law respecting and establishment of religion as if of a Power in a superior Right of a Constituted to be superior in interpretation of God’s will.

For now as those of the “more perfect Union” as prescribed and yet enduring stay endearing forward it is now but as if Puritans to the exposes of PUBLIUS.  As it must still be open to debate and devoid of dictatory for “blind approbation” there is yet newly to be discerned how the original purports were of such import that they were yet learned of the Pilgrims turn from experimental “socialism” towards such as it became “American.”  It seems learned to see proffered now that the PUBLIUS defends the “more perfect Union” of the “Founding Fathers” and specifically as originally meant to be a bar for ever forward of an erectus popular in Repulican confederate prudentials for Providence barred from “Socialism”.

Endearing of the sufficient votaries consecration Constitutional is yet the “FEDERALIST” as if a treatise to prevent the very newly considerable yet circumscribed of a new “popular” but of a HOPE & CHANGE yet contrary to originalism as outlined Constitutional and subscribed in unanimity it that “Year of … Lord” so establishmentary respecting a specific religion but not precisely a specific “edition”!  As the founders seemed of Corinthians as of an apostolic new spectacle as writ of their conventions at Constitutional it behoove the Providence still that the constituted is set up to be a bar to any “Socialism” however new and “popular”!

For now we have these days have been trying of “geo-politics” turned “geo-topo-theo-politics” yet some as if teased as of a NEW COLD WAR, and that by Alexander Hamilton initialized firstly as PUBLIUS it stays posted for Posterity that the Constitution as originally written and meant is yet of Adam Smith “invisible hand” economics while too of imports that there so was subscribed in Republican an “inducements of philanthropy” and to a demarcation yet pressed and distributed of the new nation “more perfect” yet figured in a “preservation… of property.”  For now I do hope you will soon at least be learned, however, of FEDERALIST 1-5 so exposed! 

However barred and barristered, and if for popular governance of “Republican”, it be simple politics, how complicated, though, that “INVISIBLE HAND” economics can only yet endure where “visible hands” of “Socialists” are not too established contrary!  Again:  For now I do hope you will soon at least be learned, however, of FEDERALIST 1-5 so exposed!  And, it is measurable, of a disappointing, that Americans are yet to be of government so risen also to the new potential of a GLOBAL now more learned of HARRY POTTER of HOGWARTS.

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