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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:49 am

What part has Attorney General Eric Holder played? - - played in the saga of “SOCIALIST”? - - played per President Barack H. Obama and governance constitution of “HOW CONSTITUTIONAL?”?

It may be instructive that the THE FEDERALIST PAPERS edition by introduction of Clinton Rossiter can be said culpable to a concurrence now for, however failing, a “Socialist” interpretation of the Constitution.  Such edition(s) may be all that President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder generally had available. Such is biased from the introduction forward of suggesting Hamilton, Jay, Madison of PUBLIUS without sufficient discussion of “property” at least for the years in the older United States of the Civil Rights RIGHTEOUS.

Is this Clinton responsible for a generation too far at a “Socialist” interpretation of the Constitution and for prefacing “Constitutional” as if a selection of the whole 85 was by a class of experts all those that most need only read and attempt to fathom?  Is President William J. Clinton now too much of Kentucky as if hawking intra-party spirits a bourbon capped for trade yet as if as STALIN’S WAY?

If we are to discuss Attorney General Eric Holder of a HEROIC can we yet separate one Clinton, more primarily, from another/others Clinton too?  And so again:  “HOW CONSTITUTIONAL?”?

Republicans of Kentucky, however now of a renewed politics for the state to be best if now towards best in/of hemp, seem yet, and comparatively, to be, otherwise to President William J. Clinton, at brewing a renaissance in Constitutional more as if to and of a spirited bourbon, capped, sealed & branded as CONSTITUTIONAL BOURBON.

For Kentucky to be properly engaged to any and all bourbons there must be some civility more UNDER GOD than “Socialist” of too distant “NATIONAL” of community unity of waking dawns and setting eve’s of a stricture ritualized for prescience of GOOD & EVIL.

FORWARD!  Beset of times of a scope of a specious genius of humanity is devolving to primates!  HUMANS MONKEYS?

Besides and beyond a scope of People as primates let us also posture:  HEROIC?  RIGHTEOUS?  CONSTITUTIONAL?

FORWARD!  By December 2014 can Attorney General Eric Holder be hailed just RIGHTEOUS or CONSTITUTIONAL?

For Kansas to be versed and measured in originalism, enduring, also endearing, also still/newly UNDER GOD - established and secured - and still from a permanence in “SOCIALISM” at home “NATIONAL” must be too of “DOROTHY” of Dorothy Height HEROIC.

Republicans of Kansas, however for “waves of grain” beaus and “purple mountain majesty” community unity, too are, to endure, lest the CONSTITUTIONAL be set asunder - - rendered storm tossed refuse of these times, from a prudence of PUBLIUS.

And, prescribed by Alexander Hamilton so, primarily regarding property and “class” as set in the first sentence of the second paragraph of the first treatise of THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.

And, as liberal and progressive with “inducements of philanthropy” then of exclamation too around “property” - so soundly in italics of “property” - the last word in the sorted prefaced is that specified that the Constitution should be embraced for it prescribed and subscribed for a “preservation… of property.” Enough ordained RIGHTEOUS?

What part has Attorney General Eric Holder played? - - played in the saga of “SOCIALIST”? - - played per President Barack H. Obama and governance constitution of “HOW CONSTITUTIONAL?”?

A litmus test for a HEROIC for a POSTERITY of Attorneys General, backwards and forward, may be a general WELFARE best kept - kept as still secured - kept as still secured in Article 1 original Prudential - may be now for political science for a legacy of Attorney General Eric Holder best metted of UNION as necessary of a dictionary simple for:

     “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States.
     And no Person holding any Office of Profit, or Trust under
     them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of
     any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind
     whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.”*

A litmus test for any HEROIC RIGHTEOUS CONSTITUTIONAL for Attorney General Eric Holder may now rest on his times baring witness to him, however best in a “dictionary simple” as one sworn of Constitutional Duty offices so re: GOOD! & EVIL!

Perchance:  Does Attorney General Eric Holder, if to endear and endure as of a HEROIC, now just need a People’d people to see of him and read of him as RIGHTEOUS of CONSTITUTIONAL scope as MAN, also liberal, progressive, against a classic BAD GUY?

Perchance:  Is it now a convenient nearly self evident truth that a “CLINTON” is an A.G. Holder “CLASSIC BAD GUY”?

Perchance:  However locals may rally a regional in North Carolina, even if triangulated around a DURHAM, it seems the “CLINTON” of Democrats CHARLOTTE was convened, consecrated, of President William J. Clinton banking anewly tagged o’ his ‘BANK’ o’ so:  POLITICAL CHARLATAN!

CONCLUDED THEN:  An evolved Posterity for a Union in LEGACY for Attorney General Eric Holder now may be best secured, yes around just “No Title of Nobility…” secured in Article 1, and rent forward of Justice in general Welfare Prudential Provident (by December) of President William J. Clinton as a rendered (devolved) “CLASSIC BAD GUY” to CONSTITUTIONAL RAP:


*(USA USC Article 1 Section 9 Paragraph 8)

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