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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 12:31 pm

However type cast or type set you consider yourself to be these days are days to hope you can be towards a better self - right?

It is a broached new year of the Year of the Founder’s Lord two thousand Ten & four and aren’t we all to wonder if yet still we can hope? The future belongs to the children — the future is of our duty to try to be prepared, however, and yet common in a goal to attempt to leave things better than we generally found them.  To not be too utopian or philosophically esoteric in a caved parlance maybe we should picture President Clinton with a shovel, and President Obama also with a shovel.

We are imprisoned in a proffered ignorance long shafted by the Democrat party in a playing of politics self defensive for its elites by scooping and heaving.  It is a mind bending paradigm to be battled - battled past the too long and too entrenched trenchant much of the political shovels at CYA VIP prioritized ranked lines.  There is hardly a possible peace in the ranks of the Democrat party as the rivalry upends anew between the Houses Clinton & Obama.

What do President Clinton and President Obama have in common - in common besides the Ladie’d Secretary’d Mrs. Clinton?  Is the general discord and undermined Welfare of just the past two decades now considerable as for what the houses Clinton & Obama had in common or more for how they rivaled?  Literally speaking is it that for however they “shoveled” a ideologic, particularly, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been now in black and white read all over much neither as a Helen nor a Penelope?

President Obama is self described in his early memoirs as having been keen to punk rock poets.  It so then seems odd how punk’d at times he has seemed to have become by that as rivaling Clintons.  Somehow it is that President Obama has stoked a fog over times now two to four decades otherwise historical.  However incensed or stoked his pre and post toking and smoking patchworks he is like too many stuck under a rough quilting kaleidoscoped of the House of Clinton “housekeeping” of Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

President Obama may nearly have punk’d himself when of his early memoir and likewise nearly to professing himself as a “pro-communist” by associated nearly of punk rock poets and storied about those with the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.  This though today is tuned to be more of a hope for President Obama and not a burying of him by his own punking of himself, however whence.  He though seems to have established himself at “shovel ready” for digging the “hole” deeper, and deeper.

An admitted historical of Barack Hussein Obama is that he was like born a Soviet Studies LOVE CHILD of a pepper and salt - ebony and ivory - foreign and domestic.  It is an educational tale, his, how he was born in a shared commitment to get the communist thought and understanding correct per its proffering.  There may be, if permitted some lay psycho-babble, no heaven or unburdened existential for our President as it seems that for he to get to his “happy place” he has to think and work to a world yet similar to that which united in studies his parents.

In a scary lay psycho-babble it is concerning that we have missed more than what seems promised as revelations by DUTY by former Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates - it is scary that for President Barack Hussein Obama it may have been Oedipal and quite complex that as Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton could fill a jonesing Oedipal for a elderly white mother figure penchant his. 

Again, yet however type cast or type set you consider yourself in this now the Year of the Founder’s Lord two thousand Ten and four we need be concerned of/for a stoked fog generally of the Body Democrat and specifically as particular to the Houses Clinton & Obama.

It seems they have been offering token fixes and yet it seems more historical that they have been imprisoning too many by the CYA VIP elite scooping and heaving and as “shovel ready” much only of President Clinton & President Obama at rivaling in digging deeper and deeper despite general hopes for a Welfare of a Posterity and Tranquility for the children at least secured from the blessings of Liberty more tunedly perfect forward heaved and ho’ed.

President Clinton and President Obama have stoked a fog generally of an impossible economics and as a too political economics.  There is little separating Socialism ideologic from their positing as ideologues.  Their Mount Olympus nectar yet like a Cool Aid concoction for autocracy more than democracy - albeit too not dissimilar as mashed Socialism elitism.

However type cast or type set you consider yourself to be these days are days to hope you can be towards a better self - right?

So now about the economics and politics yet possible for a better general Welfare existentialism forward - at least yet as out of and away from the Houses Clinton & Obama heaving and ho’ing deeper and deeper:  Has the economy been doomed ever since the first shovel fulls of Clinton Diplomacy so circa 1993?  Have we been doomed these two decades for decisions that are now more historically rendered as having been “too political” and specifically of and by the House of Clinton?

We can now all get stoked to a cutting of the fog long wafting from token liberalism and too effected Socialism at least in an anticipatory by a distance like as of a fantasy league.  It is not babble to posit that had Senator John Sidney McCain III and Governor Sarah Heath Palin been elected in 2008 the economies would have been securable from these current depths.  No really!!!  McCain/Palin offered a more realistic way/path/tao whence that would have liberated a kinetic economic statist not Statist tunage that would have meshed with the vicissitudes incident to life as postulated by President George Washington in his first inaugural.  [It is socially intriguing that the First President of The United States of America did seem to allude to prophylactic use as for a healthy economy of ups and downs incident to live as secured Constitutionally.  It is intriguing that Washington waxed a like ‘wash/rinse/reuse’ washing metaphor for his People in his first inaugural for what was then the cutting edge condoms of his day.]

However now you want to skin either the House of Clinton or Obama or either of generally as Democrat Party established or Republican Party NEW HOPES it is that the economies have been doomed by a General welfare improper interpretation of preambled keyed “general Welfare” basis.  As President George Washington promised the Jewish of the Newport, Rhode Island concerned regulars tolerance we have to figure that despite his vicissitudes prefacing he too meant for his People to be tolerant also of Catholics.

You can think yourself to how you have been imprisoned by the Liberal “economics” and now are of them of hoping to be yet loved even though much of a culpability for imprisoning you and most, economically.  It is like, now, that you could be seriously at risk of an incurable Stockholm Syndrome as by then hands long of the shafting by the heaving and ho’ing both of the Houses of Clinton & Obama.

There can be little or no hope for a restoration to a pathology to a more perfect Union as long as we naively keep liking these Democrats while they essentially prove themselves still too shovel ready at digging deeper and deeper.  We need to be guarded and prudent to inoculate ourselves from more politics at a teasing of income equality that forthwith primarily is figured as an expedited politics for a refreshment of nectar serving stores for a VIP Party elite at attempts to secure themselves a Mount Olympus, albeit however yet seemingly more as too a Socialist political protectorate.

We need to inoculate ourselves from this that seems a willful attempt to render unto the People an effective trapping as if of a Stockholm Syndrome loving of those that did engirth them too much in a Socialist phat promise all the while their too political economics moved more just lower and lower.

Knowledge is power! - it has been said so.  Is their heaven your hell?  Is their banking reform your inequality?  Is your best path now yet to avoid the Cool Aid and promises teased of their “income inequality” new path?

However type cast or type set you consider yourself to be these days are days to hope you can be towards a better self - right?

A tune you can carry and march forwards now, yet - yet despite how it may seem politically of a counter cultural, seems to be that had McCain/Palin triumphed for American arching per Washington bolstering in furtherence Constitutional of federalism prudence however yet moderated to a Jeffersonian democratic republican we could have seen the economic depths be countered by statism in ways the Obama New Nationalism Statism as otherwise just lowered and lowered so many as by a falling tides at lowering all boats.

A tune you can carry and march forwards now is that by the Houses of Clinton & Obama the USG has been too primarily at politics at a politicized economics of establishments to telling people what they should or should not buy.

Had McCain/Palin had a victory march such would have just started a restorative beat to release a stored economic energy for new growth in a economic primed towards the contrary economic condition of actual hope - a hope that is of a free market that stays established for people being free to buy what they want to buy, and secured in a moral capitalism basis towards betterment from work — from working at being better and to new and higher greater detail and detailed habits. 

                                             *     *     *

[I speak politically and economically here knowing of what I could have continued at that then became like “disloyal” and “revolting” whence the House of Obama commenced its top down economics of dictates per preferences.  I speak here knowing what I likely could have opened up economically by 2009 that should have meshed with a statist President McCain and for a rapid restorative economic growth energy.]

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