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Of these days there is a bounty an American concurrence of at least four - four if JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT is still in production somewhere, and broadly enough.

There is the America “Catholic” to be dissected by a new and fresh synod abroad; There is the Islamic State ISIS and America of needing to understand Constitutional limits and states’ rights of “religion” jurisdictions; There is California broaching new State Fornication Edicts where even states are better to amend or edit for new testaments to preserve a necessary extra-state morality.

There are “Invisible Hand” limitations for “Wealth Of Nations” of Adam Smith and of the Order of Founders that formed the unity of/for states as a more perfect Union.  There are limits so too in any morality of his morals that relates to limits also in “there is no fate but what you make” dramatics.  There is that for the Founders Adam Smith morality presumed a basic foundation of any individual of self interest as first alerting to it best to choose community and second to commit to being moral in community.

As some now are more concerned fully of a rare concurrent, of a global morality, however catholic, parochial, pedestrian local, it is for all to be at least generally abreasted of that there is a trinity of a concurrence of three.

What?  What is the appropriate foreplay starter now?  War? Peace? Family? Love? Sex/Fornication? Light song(s) and dance(s)?

Where? At Blind approbation or blind  reprobation of a global assimilation? Fresh calls to whistle for a National obedience of subjects in a New Nationalism zeal? Locally to writ new, somehow, even if like Pilgrims to a renaissance in a purer originality of old good words?  Of first the adage “fences make good neighbors” as a threshold for all to respect for community unity forward?

A greatest importance for any liberal arts rearing is to - to Americans at least - there being a necessary and sufficient “ART” dramatic to defend a latitude for a civic attitude in INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.  There is need for liberal art to maintain a realm for American Justice.  Any President rashly or conveniently to a catholic (worldly) apology tour does disservice to a more perfect Union so;  Any global APOLOGY TOUR begets a compromised Justice for generally undermining Welfare Posterity by assuaging a “GUILTY” before any or all specific appropriate “INNOCENCE” en masse upon individual citizens of the The United States of America.  It is BAD if a President asserts a “GUILTY” needing “APOLOGY” before any general or/and specific proofing.

Again:  There is a great importance that there be Liberal Arts and sufficient colors for a fair Justice fabric Under God, and however if more pedestrian and local, merely Just as under edicts like of what is writ of as Caesar’s.  There is that there must still be an IS of God’s and an IS of Caesar’s - at least catholicly speaking of some of the known world.

Is there now a devolved fashioning, at least in the DEMOCRAT as AMERICANS political of PARTY?  Is there too generally a devolved fashion locally and globally - - - isn’t it now self evident there is lacking a sufficed of HIGH FASHION diversification in politics?

Lord knows when I commenced on this path of what is Constitutional as of a consideration too of what is practicable and prudent, therefore.  It was early, when of 1971 that I asked, my then @ 65 years of age grandfather, then facing mandatory retirement from Young & Rubicam, and from running the consolidated Johnson & Johnson marketing & advertising work, to fill he soon more available schedule with a dedication towards teaching me near of first grade to become more like him.  The location is interesting as it was after my younger brother’s Catholic Christening at Saint Joseph’s Church in New Haven, Connecticut so about one block from the house of the apartment now historic as a home now as once home to two Presidents - two Presidents Bush.

Politicians should know what President Rich Levin knew when of days of the Yale Dean of the Economics Department and of his long time neighbor the quite younger me as also a client:  My clients of my J. P. HOGAN ENTERPRISES - CARPENTRY & REMODELING SERVICES, however a Connecticut S-Corp - oft learned of my being so of entrepreneurial construction yet of intents with such as preparatory forward yet to getting into New York Madison Avenue marketing and to like then go from “carpentry” to “remodeling” and maybe as “HOGAN” but in “marketing” around a new federalism renaissance a business and political “remodeling” as if a caboose tricked out to maximize bringing home all the best from the potential of the Reagan Revolution.  I had two very different sides of my genetics to find a workable synergy of think for if to find a language for copy that could at least move that many so diverse forward. (*More #CitRB bits in AUTO-BIO’D #HOGAN @ link)

Now, though, back to at least a teasing brevity of such an America concurrence of at least three as a trinity likewise considerate:

However Constituted actually as specified of original intents by PUBLIUS we have Hamilton, Madison, Jay and likewise Adam Smith, on morality in “Wealth Of Nations”,all as relevant as the Pilgrims story so of rights in interpretation in the Posterity Ordered Constituted so established and ordained in the Year of Founders Lord whence.  It is important that the age of the Pilgrims of American History are of the times that also stirred Oliver Cromwell and Rene Descartes.  California now to new fornication edicts of Sacramento begets a concerned querious too if states can be prudently to Law where Congress is barred from making and Law for it seemed secured that before any such to become “government” it was firstly better to be broadly plated to People’s tables everywhere if it not as in the time of the Pilgrims, at least, time again to have communities firstly to considering revisions and edits to the New Testament to be writ generally in test of meants as new testaments to be pressed and bound.

It is now enduring as self-evident beyond arguable that the DEMOCRAT of AMERICAN “POLITICS” has been beyond liberal prudence in art and Law to actually being excessive to National rights of a new Federal to Socialistic and Centralized to citizens now expectant as assimilate to an obedience as if just subjects of a BIG BROTHER/BIG SISTER mechanized hive too much as if of bees of monarchical and totalitarian Powers.  There is if ever there was a “humble under God” extant sufficient of the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, however “too” liberal, it is now quite spread parochially that he has been deficient in personality after having proceeded in an arrogance that he had “personality” sufficient for whatever the job might try to crucify him with for impropriety or worse.

Governor Jerry Brown of the great state of California is how in his rights as prescribed by the state Constitution to being to new fornication edicts to express and define how and when sex is love?  The Congress of the The United States of America is barred by the First Amendment from making any Law, not at least a Constitutional amending fully ratified, to change (say “respect”) how the Founders were like apostolic also of a spectacle of faith in Christianity with the precedent body of the Constitution as the Order that so formed their prescribed and subscribed “done” humbly “a more perfect Union” Unity.

The First Amendment secures that Congress is not to have any superior right in religious interpretation over any of the People’d people.

The First Amendment secures that Congress is not to make any mere Law affecting an editing so a respecting of the spectacle of the body of the Constitution as apostolic in Faith under God so subscribed simply so by it affected as “in the Year of our Lord…”.

The First Amendment secures that Congress cannot do what Governor Jerry Brown is at least teasing as righteous for California in new statuesque posterity politics of government rightly to new fornication edicts - edicts that might still deserve the People of California firstly to have been thoroughly initially at the thresholds of testaments and if a new Bible edition is warranted.

As I am lay re: - and not a Bishop, Governor, nor member of ISIS, and nor of a HIGH FASHION in a technicolor dreamcoat, however of Joseph:  As I am not a scholar nor of a doctorate in Law, while yet of a year of law study at Suffolk Law School during the year before President Barack Hussein Obama, whom I’ve known since the late 1970s did start at Harvard Law School, so situated but miles from the school I withdrew from, and with my withdrawal after first year as to preserve my “marketing” and creative entrepreneurial career ambtions, and as it set up, as I effected it, that I was for seven years in good graces with my Law School and considered an accepted student forward to consider each semester it may be better to return.

So to be brief while others work out any apropos regarding Constitutionality American as pertains re: Californian fornication propriety and preparedness; Congress, The President, and the Governors concerning ISIS and First Amendment limitations around “Holy War”; and family values as Catholic and pressing with a new synod:

The First Amendment bars Congress however set in the Power to wage offensive war from yet making any Law respecting an establishment of religion (as the body establishes religion in a spectacle apostolic of faith Christian set in Christian calendar endures) such as waging “Holy War” would require approval and legislative action.  This pertains to all three concurrent in America trinity of issues still developing.  This pertains to California for even if Congress cannot pass fornication edicts so to alter/respect the spectacle of CONSTITUTIONAL as in accompaniment to man & women as set revised by the New Testament the state government yet may consider it prudent that edits as new testaments be affected as effected firstly or only, and even as teasing for new statuesque writs may be a necessary and proper strategy.

In the interest of comity with brevity, however yet satirical, let me try to be clear - let me attempt to be clear for a clarity that President Barack Hussein Obama should have convened likewise a meeting of all Governors as likewise the gathering about ISIS at the United Nations of sovereign leaders of foreign states however of less “official” or “government” burdens/duty than many of the Governors of the states United American.

In the interest of comity with brevity, however yet satirical, let me try to be clear - President Barack Hussein Obama, however yet now evidently of insufficient “personality” to match his arrogance that he by his life circumstances had sufficient personality for the office of the President holding, is yet inadequately clothed as if of a dreamcoat for HOPE forward adequate for necessary HIGH FASHIONED UNIFYING.  Besides this we yet have the Constitution for the Congress as not allowed to wage by Law making any “Holy War” and yet that neither the President nor the Congress has yet pressed the specific issuances that due to at least the problematic in this trinity and concurrence as pertains the Islamic State each Governor is to be respected as more of the American jurisdictions for making of Law specific to religiosity and preserved freedoms of interpretation to local/parochial People’d people.

Whomever now is appropriate to apropos per when IS IS IS and to how fornication or naked edicts righteous and proper for if and when foreplay is to sex and as love:  President Barack Hussein Obama is by the structure of strictures Constituted, now inconveniently to  his Socialism proofed, yet to be expected to gather all the Governors at least due “religious” concerns in conflicts with “ISIS” for each state by its Legislature and Governor have the balls in hand more towards propriety and Rights than Congress, and at least so it prudent to convene to better preface interfaces for defense and in a best preservation of INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY artful and lawful in governance for Homeland securing.

Whomever now is appropriate to apropos per when IS IS IS and to how fornication or naked edicts righteous and proper for if and when foreplay is to sex and as love:  With such a trinity, at least, of a concurrence of issues @ “American” it seems President Barack Hussein Obama if drawn towards “Holy War” by ISIS, or yet domestically, by naked edicts of California, may be Constitutionally impotent for the People’d people are protected generally from a Federal Government become unleashed towards such.

It seems the Constitution sets up a much yet discussed political threshold where the Executive for any such Power must need to go directly to the People’d people for agreement in matters of religion and religiosity, and not by circumventing local Law set in Legislatures and Governors.

It seems bared that the trinity now concurrent relates catholicly, and too to Obamacare as too Socialist too and so Constitutionally barred from a full effecting to it as a permanent Federal entitlement.  President Barack Hussein Obama isn’t endowed to be a President of a whimsical American Caliphate - there may be some latitude in “there is no fate but what you make” but like Adam Smith’s individuality the first self-interest is to choose community and a limiting in morals forth with. 

I defer to Posterity!  It is beyond the lay that Prudence is to be of Providence even yet around this concurrence of a trinity relativity so as the “AMERICAN” is set for tests of meants where, if/how a need for “Holy War” becomes, the President need go at least to all the Governors for Power Congress writ arrested from for Tranquility.

Though teased I must defer to others more “expert” now for Constitutional limitations on how naked edicts are yet prescribed by the language and its use in the Bible for any “AMERICAN” as to what is Law either needing amending and ratification or much firstly an actual scriptural adaptive of edits of a current New Testament edition or yet a rendered more of NEW new testaments.


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