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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:08 am

It is yet not too early to discern a MODERN DEMOCRAT from the net economic example specific to the history of guidance and performance of President Barack Obama.

There are a variety of truths about these past five years that should be self evident even to the lay.

To start at “leadership” it behoove us to look at an obvious silence and inaction by the President at key moments in calendars of commerce habits that have recently passed.  Most recently we have that the Hollywood spectacle of The Golden Globes came and passed without a reset in guidance by the President to effect a change away from his priorities set in austerity in political severity towards he being a hero that saves the planet from his long posited doom akin to echoed “an end of the world as we know it” dogma.  Also to such discerning we have that the President let the fall shopping season start off flat with the fall TV schedule commenced with he also of a commercial silence and inaction that left his default alarmism as the dominant political instructive.

It was to an experienced economic growth lay pride quite predictable that the Holiday season should be flat to dull when it was that the President let the newness and energy of the fall TV season pass unutilized but as if by his silence and inaction guidance as a political message that his austerity was still to be the prioritized for his general Welfare Posterity.  It seems to late for lay or scientific about economics to assuage a net reputation for the President but as taggable as of an austerity politics.

Whom among us now can attest to the President as not firstly being at an economics for austerity? 

Whom among us now can wax a related discourse pertinent to a Posterity in austerity now, as it seems timely that such is now self evident, but for a shyness, and coyness political, respectively of the President, as it seems we are at a critical point about unemployment compensation extensions that due to such economics and guidance now are of an Obama prudence about a new normal which may need change?  Whom now can explain that any extension of benefits from the Federal Government as per Federal Programs is likely to be counter productive due to a “new normal” in austerity towards saving the planet firstly and better to be delegated or surrendered to states and their communities and/or faith based good will organized?

After five years it shouldn’t just be self evident that President Obama is an austerity President - it seems established as his dogma and of his dogged dogmatic economics.  His austerity is as well a New Deal austerity while of a dichotomy with a greater severity of his climate change politics of priorities at being a hero president who saves the entire planet from the postured “end of the world as we know it” brave leadership.

What austerity any may want to blame on Republicans or the President immediately prior to President Obama should be checked - checked and re-checked.  President Obama after five years is evidently at austerity priorities as his guidance for a legacy at being to a general Welfare more perfect Union.  President Bush was forced into austerity - if it fair to say so - by the politics of Speaker Nancy Pelosi so defensively of a pride in the Clintons’ surpluses that President Bush was prohibited from reversing the spending cuts of the trillion in cuts to surplus by the Clintons’ “economics” and so evidently himself prohibited from spending on the items he would have needed to rebudget if to be other than as if at austerity himself.

A discerning to a MODERN DEMOCRAT now by way of a dissection of the past five years need though a control balance check and as well a considerable rating against an earlier politics and economic guidance by earlier Democrat leadership.  President Obama has remained silent and of economic inaction at critical times in the calendar of commerce habits so as to have his default alarmism remain suggestively dominant.  When he let the opportunity of the fall TV season start without moderating a climate condition status update he so rendered onto his legacy a priority still of the original alarmism of a feared end of the world.

A lay perspective, however quite experienced and proud, is though that President Obama as now obviously and simply so evidently pro austerity is yet to be considered as better than President Clinton.  Clintonomics have cost too many arms and legs.  The Clintons’ reign rained instability and irrational commerce.  What has hit the fan to justify President Obama in a general Welfare to a more perfect Union economics by austerity is much how it is a prima facia Clinton autopsy factoid that any economic dissection shows a macro/raw/gross pathology to the governance and example of the earlier Democrat Presidency of the Clintons.

It seems self evident that President Obama has embraced austerity for his legacy.  He yet still seems shy and coy about such publicly but then he by his silence and inaction has let critical dates of the calendar of commerce pass unutilized otherwise.

In defense of President Obama as of a politics at a New Deal Austerity and as well a separate economics for a more perfect Union general Welfare in healthcare and home economics change in austerity we have that the OLD DEMOCRAT as per the Clintons’ example haunts by trillions.

It seems the USG has essentially needed to reverse all or most of the cuts the Clintons wrought to have a trillion cut in surplus and that it is likely that a simple economics as per regular government accounting has it that the People are facing math of such budgeting to return such once set spending now at costs easily twice the original allotments for the same or yet less in reality.

It seems teh USG in a more complex and socio-accounting for the Clintons’ trillion cut for surplus politics has to then account for how really expensive their unnecessary trillion in cuts have in time proven to be.  Beyond that to put spending back in for items long ago removed as if unnecessary but later found to have been necessary and yet cut has maybe been twice as expensive by simple accounting we have that there are complex costs to be figured now and in a defense of President Obama as a MODERN DEMOCRAT — what are the real costs from the inaction and avoidance in the foreign policies of the Clintons that removed funding needed to maybe provide the stitches in time for Afghanistan and Iraq - firstly?

It seems in defense of President Obama as a MODERN DEMOCRAT and to justify at least the above two of his austerity platforms we have a simple comparative math that can show the Clintons cost the People three trillion dollars in costs that were not necessary nor prudent.

1. It has been suggested years ago by one claiming to be a doctor friend of the Clintons that due to the increase in personal body weight across the nation since they became the guiding first couple the People could have saved a trillion in healthcare costs nationally if only the personal body weight average had stayed what it was before them.

2. It is now posited more specifically for a discerning about the austerity guidance of President Obama that there likely has been a cost of likely a trillion dollars to return what was near a trillion in irresponsible cuts by the Clintons surpluses so that it has likely been simply accountable that the Clintons’ trillion in surpluses have cost easily two trillion to correct. 

3. It is that President Obama has to by an accordance in DUTY by his Secretary of Defense Bob Gates, it seems, be already to a conclusion that his remarks in his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech that slapped at the legacy of the Clintons with derision about dangers from their years of inaction and avoidance (per Iraq & Afghanistan?) have amounted to a general economic reality that the trillion dollar in costs for President Bush’s Operation Iraqi Freedom are yet complex costs of a trillion necessary due to the OLD DEMOCRATS Clintons’ surpluses prioritizing naivete.

Perchance President Obama is ready to escape his shyness and coyness as per the real pathology of the now out of wack USG budgeting.  A real dissection after his fifth can be as lay and simple as the above broached math - President Obama is actually of a budget now at least of three trillion in costs that shouldn’t or needn’t have ever been - President Obama has to be more scientific now though while it seems generally self evident and publicly accountable that there is a bad OLD DEMOCRAT to he at a justifiable MODERN DEMOCRAT.

For now we seem to be able to conclude, albeit in a lay positing, that President Obama is of an austerity economic guidance he thinks he can justify and maybe to for it seems to be even to improving family values - at least multi-generational tolerance and co-habitation.  President Obama now seems fit a new MODERN DEMOCRAT tag for he has toed up austerity at least with two different political priorities of his platform.  Whether the Clintons as OLD DEMOCRATS cost the USG and People 3-7 trillion dollars unnecessarily from their surpluses and tagged inaction and avoidance now is something for the pride of President Barack Obama.

Iraq and Afghanistan are still haunting with his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance remarks so targeting the Clintons of an “inaction” and “avoidance” in foreign policies and smartly for his spoken of “dangers” from such seem now to be costing more and more in more and more trying ways.

Well, President Obama is now with the US People of his default alarmism still of his original prioritizing in concern for the planet firstly — we are all now to behoove his prudence that austerity is justified and that his original admonishing that the People were eating too much and spending too much and as well at not saving enough per their home economics is his MODERN DEMOCRAT dogma for 2014.

We still it seems need a GREEN MINIMALISM metric establishment by our President for us to be otherwise.  We need to hear more than a state of the state for the budget of The United States of America - we need to hear a status report of details to his progress at being the hero who is saving the entire planet with his global warming, as well justified austerity. 

After five years this seems simply so and expectantly self evident.  It all really may be so simple that the above brevity is yet sufficient for a clear Democrat tagging in pathology.

[*Note:  For an earlier treatment to costs of Iraq as per Democrats see OBAMA’S RETREAT at]

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