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It is coincidental that a treatment of forgiveness by Martin Luther is now apropos to a new celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.;  It would honor Martin Luther King Jr. if the Ten Commandments were on public display more generally across The United States of America, at least.  It seems there is to be yet discerned a differentiation between “forgiveness” in the rule of Germans of the known Holocaust as per Christian Aryans and a now updated “forgiveness” official to Iranians as Aryans but as at least of Islam as Shia.

Martin Luther King Jr. lived of a times to well know his struggles did pale in comparison suffering of those of the Jewish about Europe, at least, during World War II.  Yet it is for Christians that Martin Luther preached, however, to be like “bold in your sins.”

Iran of today as mostly non-Christian Aryans of Persia and its poetic seem historically maybe not be be as feared as Christian Aryans of the theaters of World War II.  A nation so now of such a large populace as so youthified in a considerable majority and of legends and traditions in culture and literacy should today be nearest yet to being of good socio-economic relations with The United States of America.  Though Saddam Hussein can be said to have war to nearly exterminate his and Irani Shia people the young now of such massive majority in Irani demographics have it as known that the USA did liberate Iran and its majority of Shia people from Saddam Hussein, without being to occupying a Middle Eastern neighbor. 

Whom are now at risk most of repeating history for not sharing a knowing of it?  Are people of the world more at risk for not knowing a real history of the too little discussed problems of the Clintons while administering during the Clintons’ years?  Are people of the world more at risk somehow, otherwise, if Iran can be said to even have a majority ignorant or in denial of there having really been World War II and the Holocaust?  The demographics of modern Iran, to the People of The United States, seem able to be hosted hospitably in ways as not possible in the history of the world prior to the Bush administration.

Though it must be more abhorrent that the Holocaust did occur and so as it did so much as it seems by Christian Aryans we have that the eight years of the Clintons’ administration are still dangerous and as well to be abhorred for them of an “official” State speak that was religiously based and with a special bias of a bigotry against the Shia - at least of Iraq.

The current and unusual demographics of the modern Iran have yet to be explained geo-politically for general news consumption and political understanding by most of the People of The United States of America.  Iran should be a wonder as a new and even emerging growth market for export and import cored to appreciating cultural specificities now with so many of its people all so young in such a market demo of a demos still mostly under or near the age of 35.  And, while considerable as nearer of an opposite to its neighbor Afghanistan of an economy near unique to 80% supplies of world’s opium needs and so yet of a realm with near 75% of its inhabitants said illiterate in even their own tribal tongue(s).

I do not know nor can I even proffer an amateur opine as to specifics for caution or grace as per “forgiveness” in the culture of Aryans of Persia as Irani non-Christians.  As an citizen of The United States of America I like staying to my career inclination to be one whom finds markets of peoples whom might and would choose to partake by a elected purchase and not be told or mandated towards a subscription of opinion and/or poetry - especially if just of mine.  Modern Irani by a majority should now be nearer to a special cultural import and export based relating than maybe ever before - at least in recent history.  I don’t know if such can be surmised as wise or realistic though between all Irani and that of the Russian Federation.

I do still believe, and as since the first days so of thinking such as it was news, that President Bill Clinton started off wrong in the Middle East and especially as per Iran and Iraq and then just made relations more impossible.  It is that I still consider him un-American and un-Constitutional to being an American an infidel to it so Constituted specifically by the First Amendment as to his official Iraqi diplomatic speak of near ‘(Iraqi) Shia are not capable of governing themselves.’

I do still believe, we are more at risk of a danger of repeating the mistakes of the Clintons than now it seems to seeing other Aryans make the mistakes of the Hitler boldness in sins of Aryans about the Holocaust of World War II.  As I have asserted I have disagreed with the diplomacy of the Clinton administration since near their first days in Power I should now inform my readers that I did fax to the Bush administration many post 9/11 posits of advice - so many it may have been near 700 so sent yet with just a few or a couple specific to suggestions on balance and nuance for speak related to Iran and its quest for nuclear energy and maybe yet a seeking towards nuclear weapons.  For now I can be brief and say proudly that I seemed to have gotten it right then and since for such haven’t had to much revise or even reconsider then shared opinions.

Right, I look at the current demographics of the modern Iran and it for a history of culture and poetry and think for me at least they are a rich target consumer base.  Again, I am not a typical politician or a politician at all is stating such as stereotypically politicians are preoccupied at finding ways to mandate not sell consumer choice and participation.  But as per a risk of repeating history and seeing set backs to progress I still strongly believe our greater risk is from a return to a governance by the Clintons due to their specific past and quite official bias and bigotry against Shia people.

Since the first days of the Bush administration, or at least in the post 9/11 days, Iran has been becoming better in a demographics of informed and cultured youth majority for good relations with people of The United States of America.  But yet we need foreign and domestic experts at least for consumer and market demographics to establish such as a economically viable guidance.  It is to better for experts to explain a dynamic for such a state of such a young and vast majority as now more inclined to favor the USA over at least the Russian Federation. 

To be yet to discussing critical “forgiveness” politics it seems we have to ask why one nation now has so young and so vast a majority in a populace, historically speaking. 

If it is because Saddam Hussein killed off a near million of the fathers of Iran than now thanks to the Bush administration albeit late prosecution of Iraq’s President these now should be in a majority thankful towards the USA  in ways they still otherwise should be bitter if Bush had just repeated like the recent history himself of the Clintons. 

If yet it is more because of a concern that the USA wasn’t going to be able to stop the U.S.S.R. in Afghanistan during the Cold War years of Soviet Socialism so expansive and on the march then yet it is too that the young of modern Iran should be favoring the people of The United States of America and some coalition countries at least more than any of the Russian Federation and former Soviet block countries.

Modern Iran seems set up culturally quite poetically too now to be to a new and improved socio-economic and even diplomatic future with the west - with the people of The United States of America.  But where are the experts - those not Clinton apologists to biased to hiding the dangers of their past official bigotry as a bias against Shia that was so un-American it was of them of State speak as if true so as nearly like specifically ‘The Shia are incapable of governing themselves.’

Does the whole world or maybe just the people of The United States not specifically compromised as Clinton Democrats or loyalists have a good and workable socio-economic cultural and poetic future now set up with Iran due to its unusual demographics of so many so young?  Due at least to the advent of social media I have to believe such educated and cultured of the modern Iran know that those more Christian Aryans really were quite bold in their sins and of World War II and the Holocaust. 

I do not though know whom they may prefer intellectually between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr.

It just seems thanks to the administration of George W. Bush as cannot be proffered for the administration of William J. Clinton we should have a better future with the modern however nuclear Iran of it so of it youthified demographics.

Whether it is so young now exclusively, and not yet at war largely while so young, because the USA and coalition did finally liberate Iraq and get to that quite late prosecution of Saddam Hussein and/or because it thought it prudent to grow and grow young future warriors while Saddam Hussein killed so many of Iran’s fathers but in a fear that The United States of America was going to fail at stopping the Soviet expansionist socialist march in Afghanistan it does now seem that Iran can be a friendly nation more with the USA and specifically because so many so young there are in a real knowing relating to a general peace in their regions much because of at least the diplomacy of the Bush based Freedom Agenda.

I must be to deferring to experts and theologists for a determination as to whether The United States of America without the Ten Commandments ever could have or would have been neutrally positioned to so have yet saved so many of the modern Iran from wars like the Clintons still were stoking of wars of the centuries or at least decades of Soviet expansionism.

I must offer that it seems if of nuclear weapons these modern Irani people seem likely to be to any justification for targeting of those however once Soviet long before seeing cause to sight otherwise at people of The United States of America.

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[Note:  For posterity now as DUTY memoir by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is out - as per #CitRB per me you all now have his works to historically reference and compare to mine and with my blogging and treatments as well of opinions dating back to original conceptions quite about the Persian Gulf War and what was or might not be wise or politically prudent as military or political strategies - and quite as it became as more an exit figuring more as a delay from moving on Baghdad, not an planned as worked by Clintons abandonment.]

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