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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:30 pm

[This piece is original to  6/03/2012]

The important equity figure is near 6 Trillion.  When President Obama took office there was a reported 6 Trillion available but sitting idle in private holdings.  When President Obama took office he may still have not realized how unfair it would be that some made it look far easier for Clintons to be First Couple in administering executively during their 8 than it actually was for those years.

Though there was a reported 6 Trillion of private equity available at the time President Obama took office there was little he could do with it as a new Democrat now to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND & THEN TAX for after the first round of new Dem spending private equity was smart enough to see their mattresses as offering better “return” on investment even if only offering zero return.

Besides it is quite unreasonable and not preposterous or of an injustice to note that the Clintons were made to be better than they were for of a time others were making it be too easy, relatively speaking of the challenges of those years, and seem easier to be a successful President than the work of the Clintons can explain, still.  No it may not be fair to Obama that it was made to look far easier to be President those years than the actual workings for America now will attest.

President Obama did come into office and move from old Dems “TAX AND SPEND” to a more progressive and irresponsible “SPEND, SPEND, SPEND & TAX” loose affiliation with limiting principles and financial prudence.  He did come into office with a reported 6 Trillion in private equity available for investment if a profit could be reasonably and justly expected.  He did come into office where that 6 Trillion was beyond he reach and reasoning as of private wealth.  He is still in an office limited to spending mostly on a basis for revenues from profits or income or capital gains.

Yes, GREAT WALLS can make good neighbors.  Yes fences have also been to expressions that they too make better communities. Yes, President Obama had mattresses offering at zero predicted return more reasonable return than “investing” in an Obama economy - and so while he without “wealth” or “property” taxing that in America is kept to the preserves of much more local governance revenue long arms of collections.  Our federalist system with its different revenue collection methods does act like a fence or wall to defend our confederated republic and enumerated and protected freedoms and rights - and as well a general Welfare in common sense.

Yes, it is reasonable to have at least considered that President elect Obama would have known of Nixon and the lesson most are if in politics supposed to take away about it being the cover-up that should ruin.  But President elect Obama did commence to President Obama with clear efforts that can only best be described as of an attempt to cover-up for the Clintons.

Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet? 

I don’t remember when the BIG DIG finished in Massachusetts nor when its vast sums of other states people’s money stopped flowing in excessive sums into such state, and, nor do I recall when the DOT COM BUST happened and how it directly effected the tech corridor about Boston and Massachusetts’ economy in general.  These both seem to be big factors of a relevant chronology precedent to Massachusetts having Mitt Romney as a Republican Governor.  For his state to have been at 51st place for job growth I am guessing that I am correct in remembering such preceded his governance.

2012 really is seeming to be a year where people will be wondering again about the Clintons and their 8 years and finally maybe to realizing that they still don’t know how they were successful with many of their sold “successes” and be to relating with such as it seems clearer now that they have failed in attempts to help Dems with President Obama effect a repeat.

Yes, it may be unfair still to President Obama that the Clintons were made to look better than they were and that those difficult years were made to look as if of an easy street of easy governance for our Executive leadership.  Yes, it may be unfair that so many let it be thought that it could be that easy to be President.

Our income and profit based federal revenue system may be all that saved us from this over-reaching initiated by the Clintons and carried further and too far by the Executive governance of Obama.  Our states and localities have the authority to mend and/or maintain their “communities” and “civility” with “wealth” and “property” taxation - the new Dems proceeded with policies that needed “wealth” or “property” taxing power to “redistribution” - the new Dems by trying to do such still with a profits or income or capital gains limited authority did self construct a wall or fence between their ideals and their workability.

It may go down in our future history books that President Obama’s biggest mistake was his work so polarizing and partisan in a political with a capital “P” to attempts to effect a cover-up for the Clintons.

Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?

His efforts at job killing have been far stronger than his efforts to job creation and his “save” of GM may have been more about trying to effect a political remaking of such company than a “financial save” of such.

We still have that before he commenced with his GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM platform to green energy we had as precedence that a similar green energy political push in Spain had cost at least two old economy jobs for each one new “green” job created.  We have that there was precedence to expect that Obama meant to cut more jobs than he planned to create and multiples so for his aggressive politicizing was mixed with an austerity message with a call to a great new conservationism such that Americans should honestly have been warned by President Obama to expect that his furtherance of Dem ideology was set to actually kill off at least three to four jobs for each of the new politically correct green jobs.

We can thank our founders and later geniuses who limited our federal government spending to revenues bases so on profits or income or capital gains.  This doesn’t help President Obama with Dem ideology or actually help  further the attempts to cover-up for the Clintons but it did allow people free economic expression and even a shift if of investment equity to otherwise shift plans to long term development where losses would be planned for next 4 - 8 years but with enough profit to be expected there after if it then seemed safe and/or profitable to be at least so endeaverous within American borders.

But have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?

Have you also yet considered that a national or federal effort to a new growth economy may do now more harm than good and that Americans now have to find ways closer to home and for a while more with any “redistribution” debate kept to where “wealth” or “property” taxation the revenue basis for community maintenance and civility bolstering?

Yes I do believe the reports that there was near 6 Trillion in private equity sitting available and hungry for rational investing to reasonable returns for risk.  I do believe that Dems some how missed that their ideology and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND & TAX new ways forewarned capitalists to days where their mattresses likely would be a better “investment” and for a while.

They were the good guys and gals and yet well it was that private equity capitalists were supposed to be the bad guys and gals.

I still have no idea how the Dems did expect their “economic” ideas to actually work - it still seems clear that their aggressiveness was meant to cause this very economic condition and its austerity/conservationism.

I still have no idea how the Dems while attempting a cover-up for Clintons did expect any Republican to naively partake in a bi-partisan self destructive politics.

They tried the claiming to themselves as being the HEROES and the job creators of private sector as the VILLAINS.

Our Internal Revenue Service was supposed to get the funding for new massive armies of tax collectors - and yet since our federal revenues are not of a basis from “wealth” or “property” such was as self defeating as so much else of Dems’ ideology.

I still have no idea how Dems did think it would have worked if it could have worked - especially since it seems to be working exactly as it should have worked with so much “political” and “socialistic” injected preposterously and unjustly into and about our economy.

I don’t know about MARX as per “KILL LISTS” his - I did learn a new phrase this morning from Andrew Sullivan seemingly quoting Cardinal Dolan - I did realize this new term and its usage suggest a call to consideration to due process and as of an innocence until a guilt proven.  When you hear “preposterous and unjust” phrase do you first assume guilt or do you suspect a denial of due process or prejudice of a prejudgement maybe as unfair as that which its usage proffered regarding?

As per the Dems misplaced ideology and practice these past few years we have that Dems as a class of subjects can be said to have caused the economic down turn while as an individual suspect President Obama more insulated and isolated though clearly of a willful association. 

A SIT REP now beyond the cover-up problem President Obama has with the rival class in his cabinet inclusive of at least a party to “two-fer” in person of Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is that which is of his foreign policies of so much denial of due process and soft money redistributing.  But this is punctuated in ways due clear emphasis.

A SIT REP now beyond the cover-up problem President Obama has with the rival class in his cabinet inclusive of at least a party to “two-fer” in person of Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is as well is an election year oddity especially for the Clintons that had half their supposed Hollywood friends rat them out as “BIG LIARS” and now as with fatality reports regularly still flowing as evidence as failures in a Diplomacy we have a messaging somehow still allowed near:  Hillary lied and lies and soldiers are dying - Wow, what a great job Hillary is doing.

A SIT REP now towards 2012 deciding now must encourage a less Marxist BLIND FAITH in Obama Diplomacy and get around to asking if we were once recently of Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts of regular disloyal assertions to his anti-war revival efforts of an earlier Communist scare so with “Bush lied soldiers died” how long can we now still tolerate the indiscriminate political “diplomacy” so partisan of Madam Secretary of State but as also to a “Hillary lies - more soldiers are dying.”?

How did the Clinton economic team embraced by Obama White House as if it were the expected inevitable return of the Clintons fail?  It can be said that their economic policies should have brought us all just here but that isn’t how they are telling their own stories.  We have that if they could have back in 1993 they would have commenced earlier to this mess - it seem that they by not learning by those easy times that they yet still can hardly well explain do now seem still to fail to understand what was the “successes” of those years.  The Clintons and their “experts” have for years shown an ignorance about their own said successes, oddly.

We have that we could have had this fine mess in their first term if they had managed to have their way then - and so quite so much because our federal revenues are not based on “wealth” or “property” but are responsive to motivations of the People and their willingness to associate and cooperate economically.  We have that the People likely would have gone on strike as well against such Dem “management” back as early as Clintons’ first term if they had managed to have had their way whence then.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 3:17 pm

[This piece original to  9/14/2013]

First order of business now is healthcare.  Recently there have been reports quite contrary as “new” with the reports of old as per the fundamental thinking and politics of President Obama.  To that President Putin is now at times heckled for punk’in President Obama this may all just be a presser for a coming schooling on how Obamacare, by Putin’s “American”, is actually Un-Constitutional by the First Amendment.

Before we get to where such President can go next - can next punk President Obama per his Socialism - it is most pressing and critical that the first reports from the White House Press Room were not bolstered with a notation that President Obama did just for precautions political have a full mental health examination.  It is that there is a new Obama now fundamentally and elementarily contrary to the old Obama - it seems he may have just changed his mind - not lost it.

To what Stalin may have to do with this:  It seems Stalin did actually tear down a Moscow Cathedral and towards a permanent enshrining of himself with so a less “sanctuary” quality.  As President Vladimir Putin is now fashioned politically fittingly for his times more religiously traditionally it seems it has been he more than President Barack H. Obama that has been lifting and raising up “church” while it President Obama quite to putting them out of business with Obamacare.

The First Amendment of the Constitution that unites the states in a loose federalism workable around the world for most reasonably sized States does stand apart though exceptionally as it for Americans is of a freedom of religion that is not at all a freedom from religion as originally reasoned.  Obamacare fundamentally decimates the First Amendment.

It seems President Obama has been as by ACA coughing up of a rushed most desired tool for a new nationalism has proven himself more as if a Stalinite than as of a Christian “messianic.”  There is existential jurisprudence in the First Amendment that for now is still not yet of the Supreme Court challenges to “Obamacare.”  Essentially the Supreme Court hasn’t yet been asked to rule past “it’s a tax” of a bully power of the Executive and Congress in case of a need to like wage war on health and to rule if such were to be institutionalized as if a permanent new federal Power it then would be essentially and elementarily in real and critical conflict with the First Amendment as an essential structural node of what is Constitutional and “American.”

President Obama cannot have his (Stalinistic) American new New Deal foundation with “Obamacare” as permanent without such being in violation of the pragmatic and essential of the Constitution as affirmed by the Bill of Rights and especially just the First Amendment.  It is a civil procedure jurisdictional conundrum of the enduring affirmed paradigm of freedom from one’s Creator that renders Obamacare a souffle sunken and ruinous — Our national federal government by our Freedom of Religion - not from religions - cannot be to a permanent institutionalization of healthcare (covering) without being violate of the People’s rights and states’ autonomy about “faith” and even the moral pressures subscribed about the seven deadly sins and their important civic imports.  Obamacare is a civil procedures wreck about the US loose federalism foundation for and in morality by the People.  The First Amendment secures to the People a greater right than for Congress in much if not all of an “interpretation” of God’s will.  It is too atheistic how Obamacare seems actually on a road to be “permanent” as if the Congress otherwise is of the authority to interpret and rule over the People and their spirited communities as to what is an establishment of religion - as to the seven deadly sins and their moral imports and all tenets of religion a ministering is to Power of for at least effective local community based unity with peer pressure.

Our exceptional American establishments are still Constitutionally secured as by the recent DOMA and Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court rulings - our Constitution did with these decisions scroll out a deeper understanding of a lacking of standing for Obamacare if as to a permanent new “institutional” as it is that such has with such shown a fundamental and elemental contrariness of the enduring Right being of the states as to the jurisdiction of the seven deadly sins as writ large to be a or the bulwark of communities, not a nationalism.

American exceptionalism may be of a political jeopardy these days as embraced by editorializing by President Vladimir Putin to be illuminative of President Barack Hussein Obama as maybe too Stalinistic or too of a state secular atheism.  Putin may beat Obama to the elementary and fundamental new messianic of the global trends about a new federalism, however American in historical origin, and so too be again able to punk @BarackObama on the world stage about the American First Amendment limitations as bars for the United States of America from Socialism and Stalinism.

Obamacare by way of the politics of President Obama has been to be a threat to religion and the existential and metaphysical community and social securing for communities as by a structured around religious nodes for sanctuary.

As Thomas Paine grew up a “doubting Thomas” necessarily he somehow came to feel destined or too Jobian of a fate to write large and generally about common sense and effectively fundamentally as seated firstly inescapably from a sensical about pain and a danger from ignoring or doubting pain.  President Obama has been quite too idealistic in a escapist high-falutin as he has steamed up and down our rivers of politics.  There are Siren calls for the ship of Obamacare and unlashed Captain President Obama - he is not allowed to permanently institutionalize a federal power to have people of the Peoples’ secured communities of rights from their Creator where a citizen (now “subject” so (reconstituted) but) can visit a doctor - a National system doctor say for a Prozac to over-ride or trump the peer and ministered moral righteous “pressure” of his community and its civic foundations.

Our economics are secured only when fashioned or permitted to still be of the religious sanctuaries as essential and critical nodes of the constituted and consecrated long as enduring and exceptional as “American.”

Obamacare must fall if set now past a taxing right to bully a better way for all forward to a permanent federal institutionalization.  Obamacare is Un-Constitutional for it is violate of the necessary sanctuary for sanctuaries religious by the First Amendment bar of Congress from making any Law that would give it more authority than the People or the states at interpreting the tenets of religion - any establishment of the founders Christian God - any moral community pressure around “sin” and repercussions due of from just peer pressure by way of a “community” enduring constituted under God and the seven deadly sins. 

The Federal Government by the American Constitution doesn’t have the right to trump the states as per the health of those that have decided to call such their home state.  President Obama by the already existent Supreme Court challenges to the unaffordable Affordable Care Act has only a short term power to bully the states for not having like already competed with Massachusett’s and to a state based more moral covering of all their residents as at least by a Romneycare.

It is troubling that Candidate Governor Mitt Romney too missed the essential importance of sanctuaries religious as critical and fundamental nodes for a workable economic for America - it is remembered that Candidate for President Governor Mitt Romney was too to much too of a seeming desire to Un-Consitutionally bully the exceptional American People people.  Mitt Romney deserved to not win the Presidency as soon as he was to promising that he would repeal Obamacare and replace it with Romneycare. 

Romneycare is not a national workable solution either - it is only Constitutionally workable as a state solution. 

And, yes I am still of my reasoned opinion and a faith in it that economically speaking our sanctuaries are fashioned as critical nodes even around healthcare for all morality - that essentially the only just, right & nationally Constitutional “affordable” reformation is to be protestant and regular in practice to an urban and suburban new “community” figuring so as if a Count not a Czar the apropos to a new economics of a COUNTY-WIDE not COUNTRY-WIDE revolutions for healthcare (covering).

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[This piece original to 12/20/2011]


For sake of the season let us not this morning parse words - Holiday words too much - let us not get lost about LITTLE PRINCE or “born king.”

We should ease our way this dawn smoothly with due transitions to new and better ways - we should think still about princes, and even a modern Machiavelli - Machiavellian.  Tis the season - ’tis the season again where we have too much charity.

Please, in light of all such charity about, and so many Princes want to bees, or wanna to be King, we do live in a small world - a world where our 99% maybe be like a 1% itself to peoples deep in China or areas near enough - east - northeast - west - and north.  Where is Machiavelli to explain now how to redistribute the “havings” of our 99% as equally to those that fairly, if they only knew - if they only knew enough - that can call themselves of a 99%?

To understand this problema and political diaspora mostly Christian, though, we maybe should look at one not a King too charitable and too willfully of a persistent meddling - one that has involved himself as if only charitable and yet with a very complicate past that touches much on New York State and Arkansas as well.  No I am not talking about compromises of Cuomo, well not specifically here yet - I am not even much talking about a former New York State Senator, a recent carpetbagger who essentially started running for a different and higher office near as soon as swore first to New Yorkers.

We have a puzzle this holiday to frame so many family histories and surround so much yule time conversation, we have a few puzzles all in some way or another pixelating personally with flash cards just for President Clinton.  For the sake of this column we can picture him as a one man North Korean human “computer” “graphic” pixelation with cue cards too “charitable” this season and generally for ours or any “growth economy.”  Sort of like the wonderment from last Olympics opening ceremonies but a one man show - wrong especially for our modern economy and times, here at least.

We could look to a new book that invades New York politics with a  discussion of compromises of Cuomo coverage but yet we are left wondering on just one man, a past President, now too charitable globally, without enough history in Arkansas, Washington, or New York to see that just all local citizen peoples could get a less dependent entitlement about the mostly local commerce good that is healthcare provisioning.

Where is the Prince - where isn’t President Clinton now with his excessive charity - his continued possession of an old power and speciality of our Executive Powers that he should have shed or dropped like an already used cue card - where isn’t President Clinton now with a call to loyalty and continued “relevance” wants for just himself with too much call to charity so and such that he is effectively undermining a “growth economy”?

So we have that Governor Andrew Cuomo gets mentioned in President Clinton’s new book - and yet hardly enough for being a former disciple and devotee that now for New York State is busy, busy, busy, trying to unlearn all his past “Clinton” “expertise.”  So we have that Governor Andrew Cuomo gets mentioned now for being to a different solution and caring for people that President Clinton has had decades and decades his to have already tried to help, especially in Arkansas, and yet, and yet?

Sure “Hillary” may be in the picture some here and maybe more culpable specifically at least as per New York State citizen people whom she earlier could have fought for with a C.C.C.P. of her own - a Compromised Clinton Care Plan - her own, and just for at least six or so separate regions of her new state.

We have that our 99% can be a 1% to others more a 99% compared to them - and yet we have President Clinton still of an extra trillion cut for political popularity to surpluses thought impossible - impossible for being so long thought as maybe too irresponsible - and yet we have a former President personally responsible with just his current attempts to hold as much absolute power as absolutely as possible now more inappropriately to excessive appearances of and committed distributions of his dangerous “charitable” globalized extra-Constitutional initiatives and conceptions.

Is it wrong as well that President Clinton did publish these thoughts constructed into a book?  Has he no real legacy to now be writing of Governor Cuomo now with a c.c.c.p. of his own - a Cuomo compromised coverage plan?  Has he no good place to be as per Governor Cuomo essentially now needing to run the other way from past “expertise” of his past as a “Clinton expert”?

It doesn’t help that with President Clinton trying now to play King and Prince and “unpolitical” spouse to a secretary while so well endowed by tax payers with post office relocation and sustenance accounts that he can self rationalize that he has like been promoted out of and above our Constitutional office of the President - quite while he can daily consider that such must be the “official” line since he got for life basically a rent near 4X his past annual salary.

The C.C.C.P. today that could have earlier been a Clinton caring for those she was a “carpetbagger” pretender with, so willing to walk over her subjects with a temporary grant of power as Senator purposefully in a spousal “two-fer” more selfishly to a brief “place card” - place holder - place to stand with Presidential mitre/lever still effectively too removed from our Constitutional office of our President - and seemingly re-labeled “private charity” of Clintons’ “commitments. 

We could already have been of stories of the Clintons caring just enough for all citizen people of Arkansas with a more local and democratic CLINTON COMPROMISED CARE PLAN - a “C.C.C.P.” their own.

We are now oddly to President Clinton as a one man show too “charitable” for us to see a return to growth economics for he so heavy handed and extra-Constitutional and meddling to throw all our gears and wheels from balance.  We have him speaking of what is a C.C.C.P. like as now finally for citizen people of New York - a CUOMO COMPROMISED COVERAGE PLAN - and so as of one once a “Clinton expert” now running away from his past “Clinton expertise” and too a more humane and less nationally political or less of a new nationalism better for all localism with supposedly six separate new “regions.”

So if President Clinton only now needed more people to help him pixelate his too “charitable” and extra-Constitutional attempts to be “Machiavellian” with as little surrendering of “presidential Power” we might see North Korean styled morning and evening calisthenics.  Of course he only now may be without since he should have long been recusing himself of any and all global initiatives to avoid conflicts of interests of the mash about “Hillary” being not “President” as it may have been - but worse than a “Machiavellian” so for her his spouse as being just Secretary of State for one of his wantings to be more a “prince” or “underling.”  These are days trying to Clintons schemes as back ups to back ups to back ups - as compromised of compromised Clintons.  Bill Clinton is more a pixalation of one than that of the cultural coordination of the humans worked Olympic opening graphic ceremonies.

We have a history about the Clintons where when they could have they did not - where when with state powers they deferred and stayed with their place cards and place holding bias to move as soon as possible to more effecting to practical holding, even though extra-Constitutional, of as much “Presidential” or “executive” power as they could consummate for their duo.  We have that neither Arkansas nor New York, and as prior to Governor Cuomo, was near of a C.C.C.P. - was to their own as if even a Cuomo Compromised Coverage Plan — we have a history of Clintons trying to do at least for their state what a Republican Governor once of Massachusetts did do for his.

If our 99% associate too much with “charity” of the CGI - the Clintons’ global initiatives - of either State or their private more selfish fiefdom of “commitments” near too much like “loyalty oath” maintenance, political - then our 99% run the risk of being an identifiable 1% to another 99% not quite wired up to knowing such - knowing such about just themselves. 

We do have this “economic” conundrum where the persistence by President Clinton of wanting to still be “President” while also “Prince” or “King” is now too so much extra-Constitutional “charity” and initiatives once a perk and pleasure held to realm of actual present holders of our office of the President and so that his “activity” while also suspect for conflicts he should have recused himself from for his spouse - we have this married mess of a political spousal “two-fer” that still persists with merriment inappropriate for our standard American ways and traditions.

We have that the greatest Holidays “economic” news could be that President Clinton has finally recused himself and agreed to finally just fade away.  We have that his continued attempts to hold as much absolute power as he can manage and so now necessarily with a facade so of “charitable” needs to go away before a “growth” economy can reboot. 

I have that though President Clinton may mention Governor Cuomo and six or so new regions and an inventiveness to help him move past his history and it so of a failed “Clinton EXPERTISE” - and now such that I can say that New York with a C.C.C.P. now that could have been a Senator Clinton sponsored self-help citizen effort as a CLINTON COMPROMISE CARE PLAN — that it is that Governor Cuomo is now more nearly using what I saw Clintons in 90s lift some from me and my writing and but now yet some near two decades afterwards and now only finally nearer to the ways I was actually at meaning. 

I am now to feeling for Governor Cuomo stuck with President Clinton trying with a new book to seem relevant and useful though quite an antagonist of my tales, and some decades on now.  I do wish New York well - I do wish New Yorkers well and as I look to joining them myself especially now that their C.C.C.P. like efforts are more American than any yet fronted by either Clinton - either of Clintons’ “two-fer” duo.

It is bad enough that while appearing to still have power President Clinton with his new book is off his rocker with conception for underwater mortgages so as reported with a suggestion that banks take a “ownership” on paper and not just because his “global” initiatives now long to damaging a balance for a foundation to a new “growth economy” as “too charitable”! 

We have that it looks like another miraculous solution from PBC and yet while he more than most should know and consider that most such applicable banking situations per assets like personal homes are now largely specifically due to his own culpability to a future where mortgage duration is set to be shorter than our revaluation duration and such that “full value” not available now for “banking practices” discussions - that homes even with a “bank” taking a convenient “ownership” on paper cannot be since such as reported is to a return to “full market value” within terms of standard mortgages.

We, this Christmas season of “Happy Holidays” for all, now wise to “King” or “Prince” Clinton and so that it is now fashionable to discuss 1996 as if a Christmas Carol where whence an “if then” could have us all better now and in the future of “if then” a if only Clintons hadn’t been re-elected.  We seem safe from President Clinton at least as from mandatory morning and evening “human computer” like mass calisthenics with placards/place cards for pixelation - we seem safe from grand march grounds full of citizens following President Clinton in any calisthenics, and now maybe as well in his tired and too selfish politics and its current coverage as “charitable” - quite at least “Machiavellian.”

Happy Holidays this Christmas season!  Please be “charitable” how you can and might - please though question “authority” of yours, others, and supposedly of Clintons especially as per their power holding and global initiatives “too charitable” is seems quite for a restored nation again of foundations once anewly for “GROWTH.”

As you roll out however you roll out this season and in the new year:  There is hardly now a place you can go, even if just in your state of a “new region” more a “county” about where you cannot be “on tour” of a “Clinton Tour” to see just dilapidated schools and roads - and wonder too on their unnecessary trillion in cuts at surplus popularity quite devoid of any “charity.” 

If only the Clintons hadn’t cut an extra trillion in their second term from budgeted spending of then available and allocated funds that were to save and create jobs and as well so that it could have been at least re-budgeted towards repairing or
replacing schools, and at least some as in time for levies and/or bridges. 

There is near no place you can travel now without seeing areas in distress not appropriate to a political: 

“If only the Clintons hadn’t had a second term…”  If only the Clintons - either Clinton whether for Arkansas, New York or the USA had been whence of a C.C.C.P. their own and not to so many left so compromised by their comprising “Machiavellian” politik.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:21 am

[This piece original to  1/4/2011]

The Big Stream sets up a new body politic - twain!

A watershed has again been stirred with currents tumultuous for some more than others - welcome to America - some up river west of the Mississippi have marked a new year - some soon as well up a river of a Connecticut now next may captain a new steerage.

America is remarkable for what can be called its Rhine politics - its river effluence considerateness democratic.   We Americans of the loo of Lewis and Louisiana have Thomas Jefferson to doubt as well about our river politics.  We are now anew past a first flush of caucus participation less of being like up a stream without a pole or paddle device.

Is it unique to be of a “Municipal” consideration as Mr. Binks was so by Rudyard Kipling where our national elections are marked partly respective of particular gravity and polite and impolite currents.  Is America unique for commencement of new political democratic checking and buttressing to begin up river and then to more Rorschachian and Freudian southern in a female and then male clarity?  Is it our right and tradition since west of the Mississippi formed and constituted as American river states to be so of Kipling political lesson about Mr. Binks and his knowing that if they just kept their sewers clear…?

But for stream keepers and river keepers would Iowans be with New Hampshire in a contrariness to now?

We have natural architecture to discuss and as well inappropriate Presidential architecture of too much sass, we are not talking about an ark - though Freudians may wax Rorschachian with water so near such “Presidential” that “vessels” in play.

We can twain a “remarkable” about the phallic of the Clinton Presidential Library design by Polshek and construction per Clintons as some as if a big southern grey Naval gun - and with “universal” waters flowing constantly near.  All politics is still about river keeping even and especially now as we all move at home further from the bias that Republicans were environment and waterway destructors - as the evil job creating industrialists.

Because President Clinton’s presidential library is in a state south of Iowa and not as well carpetbagged to New York State and so then maybe there near Erie or Hudson flowage it is appropriate to discuss and inappropriateness of his Library architectural message of design, and location.  We could criticize such as simply inappropriate for of a lower state river or stream politics but then maybe properly expressive for an Iowan or Minnesotan. 

A boat or ark as a better paired vessel seems natural to the Natural State of Arkansas, yes?

Effluence is of our national reset again with Iowa then New Hampshire, South Carolina, and then Florida.  Freud and Rorschach and Machiavelli are all at least unconsciously present anew nationally with each new current considerations of events or non events.  Have you read Rudyard Kipling’s “Municipal”?  — Have you seen “Star Wars” and then considered it dramatic and equally telling that “Ja Ja Binks” can be said to be quite a “Gunga Din”?

Our rivers are all much cleaner these days - it really couldn’t have only have been Republican “Industrialists” to blame.

Oh, South Carolina - Freud too, should see you as so feminine - as most feminine, to at least Rorschach.

Mr. Florida first we all must consider some that the Connecticut cuts the Connecticut as well as up river - up stream effluence political reconsideration, democratic.

Thomas Jefferson did buy a big loo!  He did pick up cheap quite a few old American loos with his Louisiana Purchase.  How we came to head waters about a minni us or them as of Minnesota and a booted Louisiana pair with Mississippi’s leaves one to query the currents of debt again this year - an I or they owen - near Iowans.  That west of our big stream that is our Mississippi in all its marks and twaining seems more of a political statesmanship man wrought geographically in prose and poetry, how so so more like squared away.

Really the President Clinton Library either for seeming a big grey gun an international naval weapon, phallic and Freudian while also seeming inappropriate and classless for a southern river heritage - a gravity for a lower river state.

Really the President Clinton Library seems rude and crass “bridging” now as an effrontery to neighbor state Mississippi.  And, it seems alarming as erected for the south, the institution of the Presidency, and the whole world as taggable as skinned in a Confederate Gray.

And, now all off to New Hampshire and a consideration for effluence political more of the Connecticut.  Fewer hams may now be in this political contest - may soon be of full and proper currents events relativity, political - as per leadership.  Fewer are to ham - to so walk - the shires than traversed the fields of Iowa and the Mississippi flowage, too.

How have our rivers gotten cleaner.  Really it couldn’t have just been the fault of Republican “Industrialists”?
Really haven’t we still to be concerned of the grays of the Clintons’ - the gray waters even of their Whitewater and erected so old southern Presidential Library - it so originally meant for “Hillary’s” “Bill” to be tipped out and proud over a thought poetic universal feminine flowings?  Isn’t there a here lew in the loos of the Clintons set Columbian districted as of a plantation addressed and piped of Whitehaven pride?

If we are to have an Arkansas and Louisiana not now seceded bodies then we have a poetry in our election orderings with Iowa ahead of New Hampshire.  We have a poetry unless we were to lean on too small a microcosm politics with say the State of Connecticut to a sufferage after South Carolina and Florida if New Hampshire were to precede Iowans of Mississippi and Missouri.

Have you looked at least at to see that stream effluence is as well a local issue for Iowans?

And, so to be brief:  While we consider each new political issue and leadership quality we can appreciate Connecticut and yet move some to architectural Americana that could with “Bill’s” Library “gun” phallicism so Freudian and Rorschachian consider that if Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley were to become President and well endowed to a Presidential Library of her own she could and should maybe have it designed and built as a giant egg.

Our rivers and streams set up a new body politic - a necessary municipal!  —   Mark!  Twain!  Comprehend!

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