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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:49 am

To discern an economic righteousness, apropos to times of opportunity, such as the past couple decades since the known human ecosystems moved to a new world order in a post Cold War era, with the United States of America of its win for Capitalism over Socialism, one seems to be prudent if to a stepping off drum beat to the erudite realms of fallacies.

Times such as we have slipped to since the great global victory of Capitalism over expansionist State Socialism have long been made historical passed epochs with specific new ‘lingua franca’ proffered appropriately of punctuations due as exclamations of apexes and nadirs and so when specifically of bad “economic” theoreticals.

Days like today, as of such a considerate era, raise special intellectual alarm clamoring and to such an extent that a new “Socialism” or “Philosophy of Governance” idiom at least is essential as a new “fallacy” however it might best be named for Posterity.

For discussions to a scientific for economic reasoning about such it may or may not help to try to be analogous to the “block buster” status for the new THE LONE RANGER.  To be authentic and genre sensitive the original THE LONE RANGER was bad television by today’s standards and the new movie which I have yet to see seems by the numbers to have had too high a production budget not too low a performance.  To make this new movie more “successful” and “authentic” the big screen production should have been interrupted by commercials at the most inconvenient moments and for decoder rings from Ovaltine or maybe a dramatic advertisement for Red Ryder bb Guns — it seems the “success” model still can work as Capitalism for the new THE LONE RANGER, and, yet it so that its should already have commercials and that the commercials should have been covered by the production budget of $400 million.  America still has room for heroes despite their land of origins, and, it seems that besides commercial interruptions the new THE LONE RANGER as well likely should have been stopped with “TO BE CONTINUED” at least once and so that children would be encourage to think of earning merit badges freshly before yet seeing if the Ranger could ride more than a hundred yards in one scene.

It may be easier to redress the long historical slights about the Reagan victory of Capitalism over expansionist State Socialism by like knowing that where Paul Krugman and his band of ideologues has said all should look for the “booty” of such as proof of it as a treasured win is actually the place such victory is least likely to show itself in Posterity.

Krugman Democrats have been skewing the general welfare of political discourse by parading more like an entertaining ship of fools than even a successful Pirateer.  There may be a great general need to emphasize the difference between a ship of state - Government Ship (solution) - and privateers, and pirate ships.

The jump point for such distractive economic sophistry of a Krugman Democrat - ‘Krugman School’ - is in the halls yet not as it generally appears.  It is dangerous to walk on any of ‘Krugman School’ planks as the actual depths of the issues are covered in layers and layers of fog - of intellectualized chameleon shiftiness.

The Reagan victory of Capitalism over the march or creep of expansionist State Socialism isn’t to be found where Democrats generally have been saying it must be found if it actually was a “VICTORY” — Citizens of the United States of America have been of liberal barrages to such affect - the ship of State has been said not to be of a great victory for laissez-faire economics by such of a ‘Krugman School’ because it didn’t make the Government of the USA bigger and more Socialistic.

Of the depression about the onset of the planks parading of a ‘Krugman Democrat’ or ‘Krugman School’ there is the emotional intelligence that was ignored or rendered as too inconvenient where it related to market forces and citizen and consumer confidence - of the general ‘Krugman School’ there has been some crack wackiness where Americans have been spooned a trip of a ‘fog’ as if the way to govern after such sacrifice and victory for The Reagan Revolution and Capitalism was to have our messaging become more top down and our politics to a affecting that the way to proceed after a defeat of expansionist State Socialism was to force a conversion to a Socialism at home.

The proof of there having been a victory of a Reagan Revolution over the Cold War and expansionist State Socialism just isn’t to be found where Democrats, however, have been persistently saying it should appear.  A victory for Capitalism and laissez-faire economics - The victory - is discernible but not as a Government victory — Republicans have been asked to prove it actually happened along fallacious lines of sophistry that is troubled in more than a couple ways.  First the Republicans that have regularly been prodded along such depths of ‘Krugman School’ planks haven’t been those of the American victory that was much only possible as by “privateers” - by free market resonance and timely synchronized economic harmonics.

There is so much that is of an economic contrariness and confused historical that a tag here now as “THE KRUGMAN FALLACY” can only be a punctuational exclamation to the effect that America does still have heroes and that the treasuring of such a story and booty has yet quite been of steerage by decoy maps.

The depression drop has been of splashes ranted as irregular and out of order by Republicans while more of the cooking and galley of the Democrats akin to Krugman.  The fallaciousness of much of this is demonstrable in many different satirical methodologies and quite economically so if more specifically about Obamacare however a three legged stool may seem of government niceties.  The ‘Krugman School’ offering didn’t parlay well to the historicals - it may have been their sophistry as biased intellectualisms too much of pining for a success for expansionist State Socialism.  The ‘Krugman School’ “economics” are better to be removed for the sake of clarity from being “economic” “science” and left to the softer “science” of “philosophy of governance” - at least.

For now THE KRUGMAN FALLACY is to be left as yet another good title under which much that I have already written and worked through with public sharing can be well organized, for general consumption later in book form.  This is fitting for the missing intellectual honesty, as to how federalism is a critical market force mostly ignored, and/or covered as jumping off points removed by a suggestion that a great victory over expansionist State Socialism couldn’t have actually occurred as if because since it didn’t make the Federal Government of the United States of American BIGGER and more oppressive than it must not have happened.

In laissez-faire “economics” it figures that markets should become depressed after a great victory if those that long sacrificed and suffered were afterwards suppressed and oppressed as if such victory never actually occurred and so as we have witness been of a politics of a new governance that has suggested that after their victories in the long slog between Capitalism and expansionist State Socialism they were to settle in to home fires kindled and stoked of a pressing need for the United States of America to now “recover” by becoming that which it largely had long been fighting against.

However cute the Obamacare three legged stool may be it is still that the ‘Krugman School’ just recently was pushing a false flag pirating of Romneycare.  I do not know if the ‘Krugman School’ allows there to be any lone hero in its overly intellectualized sophist defense of liberal anti-Capitalism propaganda.  It seems that the only “hero” must be them of say the “Crown” as if of a “The King is never wrong - long live the Prince.”

Economically speaking past the defense of a Krugman fandom fog in philosophy of government discourse to Socialism covered as if “science” in economics we have globally now the free markets still supporting the history that Capitalism did defeat expansionist State Socialism by being a superior “governance” basis of more “general Welfare” social good.

As per Obamacare there is still much intellectual honesty to be unshackled for new and better democratic mashables - there is per Obamacare that these times are of times of a “federalism” new struggle and such that we are living in real time of an era when our markets and economics would have been better and stronger if of an erudition schooled more generally and earlier to how the ‘Krugman School’ “solutions” actually now better argue for a less national rendition to either be more global or more local.

Right a fallaciousness is about!  We are living in real time of an era when our markets and economics would have been better and stronger if of an erudition schooled more generally and earlier to how the ‘Krugman School’ “solutions” actually now better argue for a less national rendition to either be more global or more local.

Right a fallaciousness is about!  The “proffered” so long in defense of Democrats by Paul Krugman, economist, have been wrong in a New Nationalism too, as he too at such for economics, for the Constituted United States, renders by his “theorized” that God is yet forward as under Nation - that Nationalism must trump all global eco-systems in market economics for a economics of a centralized Political identity contrary to the US original markets recipes (in pluralism).

                                                *  *  *


{It seems since THE KRUGMAN FALLACY is a fitting title under which to reorganize many of my past columns of many of these past years workings it is appropriate that I leave my bracketed notations here for Posterity.}

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 1:45 pm

Shake it off Republicans and Independents - - - Professor Jonathan Gruber of the BULL GRUBERS PARTY has taught us of their inside think that the American Democrats are those “too stupid” - that their voting block is so stupid they must themselves be to dishonesty as the best policy.  But remember though the Republicans due years of struggle and sacrifice do now deserve to have a REPUBLICAN WOODSTOCK these times also are premature for PEACE DIVIDENDS.

Republicans and Independents your country is counting on you!  Republicans and Independents if you/we do not now lead in a leadership otherwise of teaching the masses whom can save the Democrats from the Democrats?  Republicans and Independents it has been self evident, at least since the rise of the new TEA PARTY, that right of center leaders, new and old, have been as teachers and for publicly educating all comers. Republicans and Independents now if you/we do not reach out and educate a Democrat how can the cycle of dishonesty as the best policy “education” stop being more the cause of the said “too stupid” than the solution?

Republicans and Independents your nation needs you!  REALLY!!!  REACH OUT AND EDUCATE A DEMOCRAT ~ DEMOCRATS!

For starters:  Yes it seems alarming that Democrats across these lands are now too stupid as said “too stupid” just because for too many years their educators and “leaders” lead with dumbing down dishonesty as their best policy/curriculum - that “leaders” have exploited the “stupid” available in lieu of lifting up those of a potential.  It seems clearly that #GruberGate isn’t just of Jonathan Gruber as a lone dumber of Democrats - it seems self evident that he has specifically tagged Democrats as those mo’ DUMB AND DUMBER.  Yes this figures for the context was to “leaders” conundrums about way to get those whom they though were of a could to would vote for their “solutions”! Of: How to get Democrats to vote for ____________?

Initially too it may be too much to approach any for a free public educating if to the philosophical of the illogical of the THE KRUGMAN FALLACY #HOGAN at also as of the “ECONOMICS” category of the archived  Yes, REALLY!!!

I cannot rule out that there are to be found Democrats educatable of a potential for a epiphany moment as so a sudden transition from darkness to into the light.  I must consider it better to work to educated by the numbers - to play the percentages, generally, and to consider such of too low a percentage to possible to normalize. (Yes of President Obama’s IMMIGRATION edict it can be said he himself showboating - not playing the percentages - his so a very low percentage narcissistic - desperate.)

Perchance in Colorado and Seattle any so Patriotic might best dress down to educate with an approachable better seeming just of a tao of a flower - of a 1 - 2 - 3 - BLOSSOM - - - LOTUS seeding? 

Perchance there are places anywhere where common sense needent any near enough of right if approached with a simple song of how those Democrat “leaders” of BULL GRUBERS PARTY oppression of “too stupid” to get through?  Perhaps there are places more than pockets of Democrats where one need simple put a first foot forward of:  HOW STUPID THE DEMOCRATS ECONOMICS FOR SO BACKWARDS IN PRUDENCE IT WENT 3 - 2 - 1 OOOPS!!! WHEN 1 - 2 - 3 ORDERING WAS NECESSARY AND PROPER TO RESTORE AN ECONOMY OF GROWTH?

Like Paul Krugman as an economics “gruber” of Princeton Jonathan Gruber of MIT did get the economics so STUPID!

The simple truth that Obama’s legions of as if of though homage to President Theodore Roosevelt’s healthcare for all think, as now not a BULL MOOSE PARTY but too much of scandal as a BULL GRUBERS PARTY, so got wrong is in that they are trying 3 to 1 when economic science and practice and governance actually depends upon progress by a 1 - 2 - 3 - seeding if there to be growth and any blossoming, - a tao was in the opposite order!

I have here and elsewhere posited as a simple truth seeming now also confirmed by “grubers” that the Republicans are better for jobs and economic growth for they sell SIN, SEX, SANCTUARIES, JUSTICE & FORGIVENESS, and while the Democrats, these Democrats, of the lies, as a gaggle, a warren, of a herd mentality, in dishonesty, as is the best policy, as BULL GRUBERS of a BULL GRUBERS PARTY, and that the Democrats so have defeated themselves, firstly and primarily by trying at a too Socialistic new way of to a pop-media new governance of selling just SIN & ESCAPISM.

I, so now #HOGAN #CitRB #CitizenRosebud, of on and off of home site, have too been here and elsewhere long to posturing that Capitalism is better as a path a way to world peace - as a tao is to be in Capitalism as moral as designed and ordained so Ordered by the Constitution of The United States of America as with Adam Smith, Publius and the New Testament {in some edition - for diversity in pluralism}!!!  I, yes, have been to reasserting that commerce of and by the People of the USA is best or only possible for growth economics when there isn’t too much irreligiousness and actually enough of a practicing in an extra-State morality of their voluntary selection, however if chosen voluntarily more initially by picking neighbors - community.

It seems one cannot understand their Constitutional rights short of also “too stupid” if not to being at least some versed in the Peoples Order of the united states to Union and as the terms and context are likewise associated to a dependence on what is also in the New Testament* {*by 1776 available editions}- what is in Adam Smith’s philosophical to economics of his THE WEALTH OF NATIONS - what is then afterwards from the scripting yet explanatory to the lay of by Publius of THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.  Americans need to have enough of an voluntary extra-State morality practicing for growth economics and for Capitalism to be simple the best path/tao to world peace.

Yes, “moral Capitalism” is supposed to always be ‘redundant’!  Capitalism is supposed to be smart of free people using their minds not their brawn and fists/arms as of approaching commerce for trading in lieu of rapping and pillaging barbary.

Republicans and Independents your nation needs you!  REALLY!!!  REACH OUT AND EDUCATE A DEMOCRAT ~ DEMOCRATS!

A first simple truth that should have rested as common sense since the dawn of HILLARYCARE is that the proper order was in regular order of Order Constitutional also of a 1 - 2 - 3 - seeding to growth to bearing flowers and/or fruit.  Obamacare however never an AFFORDABLE CARE act should never have been put ahead of the cart or a head of the cart horse and never too before the plow or the plow horse to such if to such - per economics.

This first simple truth is to be developed however you each now deem fit and smart:  First the Nation, and especially for the convenient to Democrats new depression not convenient or necessary by Republicans “solutions” depression - because of the depression however from or of the oppression of the “too stupid” - OOOP!  Oh my grammar!!!  First the Nation, if so to any attempt to see all states to a coverage to par to Romneycare in their state locally, should especially due the “depression” have rallied common sense Americans to a new greater smarter majority to it prudent and practicable only if first to immigration and border reform actually, then to any jobs and economic growth reforms/initiatives, and then and only then after such was past sprouting to maturing was it not too stupid to posture a healthcare reformation, and especially if to OBAMACARE as argued as necessarily to a nationalized solution on a basis of states have too open borders.

What follows here though it precedes this FIGHT THE #TOO_STUPID is now said of treatments in economics and politics to nearly now 33 as a sampler to fuller collections at least at #HOGAN and too especially one titled HER FAIR SHARE?  Right we must now fight the stupid for President Obama of a BULL GRUBERS PARTY ass’d has now with his IMMIGRATION edict undermined the fragile questionable CONSTITUTIONALITY of his #ACA AFFORDABLE CARE ACT by like now saying it was a lie that OBAMACARE wasn’t supposed to also cover all illegals inside the The United States of America and its territories.  REALLY!!!




Republicans and Independents your nation needs you!  REALLY!!!  REACH OUT AND EDUCATE A DEMOCRAT ~ DEMOCRATS!


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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 11:17 am

William Jefferson Clinton is in a pickle!: his fidelity to Mrs. Clinton has long at least been primarily to keeping his promise - his promise like a pre-nup* - - his promise to Hillary Rodham as single co-ed also of Yale Law School whence - - - his promise that she could have a Presidency all her own if she let him have his - his first; - - - - #PICKLE! - - - - #PICKLE!

Forward the jig is up!: he is set asunder in his fidelity so; he is set asunder still (as he was forewarned while they two still law students); he is smote in his pickle; WJC can not overcome how at least near 32 Governors can keep his Mrs. HRC off any ballots evermore if for PRESIDENT.


How dire are the economics of the mashed “CLINTON DEMOCRATS” & “OBAMA DEMOCRATS”? and for starters as pertaining to THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT as if OBAMACARE or HILLARYCARE indiscrimately? how ruinous to “COMMUNITY” has been DEMOCRATS? how ruinous the floated so for O’s NEW NATIONALISM?

We have CLINTONS’ examples to conveniently teach by case studies!

What comity possible now as DEMOCRATS so #TRAGICCOMEDY?


The most honorable nine benched supreme of the lands #USA seated to reason the People’d peoples CONSTITUTIONAL are for #JUSTICE what religious leaders are for COMMUNITY - - - #COMMUNITY!

A first thing any should realize about THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT is that it wreaks havoc upon individual liberty by setting asunder “community”!  The “trap” in Democrats “care” is that the tourism “HOPE” gets set asunder by assimilation in obedience to Nation in NATIONALISM such that each micro-community is to be presumed to be too similar #FORWARD.





People have laughed after William Jefferson Clinton spoke of “keeping his promise” to Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton as of he speaking of keeping a #FIDELITY to #HRC - - - People, few - too few people, know of essence of “HILLARY RODHAM” pre-nup secured promise he kept til the #ELECTION2014 #ROADKILL #HILLARYLOSERS as #NEWS.





RIGHT! How does #WJC #FIDELITY example par to #OBAMACARE?


By #SSM #DOMA & #ACA tis #SCOTUS written to #COMMUNITY!

People have laughed at how many times the GRAND OLD PARTY has been to voting to overturn or repeal THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT - however of HERITAGE, HILLARYCARE, OBAMACARE. People have laughed while others have cheered; People have laughed while others stood confident in #AMERICAN secured #CONSTITUTIONAL!

The most honorable Justices nine of the Supreme Court of The United States of America have been #FORWARD themselves yet of hedging “CONSTITUTIONAL” since first the hallowed halls opened of “OBAMACARE”! The #SCOTUS has been tip-toeing through the complexities with allowances for representation while process & regular order so trespassed - - - tread upon divisively - - - #HEDGED!

i.e.  William Jefferson Clinton!  #SELFEVIDENT?

e.g. William Jefferson Clinton!  #SELFEVIDENT?

The “pickle” of #WJC is the barrel of pickles of #GOTCOMMUNITY?


America has been set asunder as Clinton fidelity has been havoc wreaked!

Let me be clear!  Let me be brief!  The briefs to orals before the nine are banded SUPREME as alike around #COMMUNITY as #SCOTUS has set asunder/undermined #ACA by #DOMA & #SSM already!  Not to smite @ #HILLARY4PREZ:  Done smote how #WJC too in a #PICKLE!

Forward the jig is up!: he is set asunder in his fidelity so; he is set asunder still (as he was forewarned while they two still law students); he is smote in his pickle; WJC can not overcome how at least near 32 Governors can keep his Mrs. HRC off any ballots evermore - as: If for PRESIDENT.




i.e.:  The fatal flaw in ‘DEMOCRATSCARE’ #ACA RUSE beset #DEMOCRATIC is that it undermines #COMMUNITY towards empowering #NEWNATIONALISM for a #RULINGCLASS #ELITE #MACHIAVELLIAN at least actually near #SOCIALISM or too near #COMMUNISM!  By putting “communism” for #NATION as the #TOP they set “community” to a #NADER - #LOST! or #GONE!

William Jefferson Clinton is in a pickle!: his fidelity to Mrs. Clinton has long at least been primarily to keeping his promise - his promise like a pre-nup - - his promise to Hillary Rodham as single co-ed also of Yale Law School whence - - - his promise that she could have a Presidency all her own if she let him have his - his first; - - - - #PICKLE! - - - - #PICKLE!



Do not laugh at all the attempts to repeal “OBAMACARE” - #PLEASE!


The #SCOTUS mash up is that states each have the right to define #MARRIAGE and to parse the imports of commitments in #UNION contracts for all issuance theirs.  As #SCOTUS has set asunder #ACA some already with #DOMA & #SSM, and now that the People have #SPOKEN with #VOTES again in #EXCLAMATION! #LANDSLIDE so #EXPRESSIVE particularly:  It is relevant to any William Jefferson Clinton #FIDELITY to Mrs. Clinton too! The “TRAP” #ECONOMIC of how #OBAMACARE kills #COMMUNITY is the same #TRAP that is a #CLINTON #PICKLE evermore: STATES define CLINTONS’ “union”!

With #OBAMACARE yet #SCOTUS #HEDGED to allow time for regular order proper procedure & full and fair review of a prudence set for Posterity in representation that it kills TOURISM by regulating assimilation so that any to thoughts of traveling dissuaded by the presupposed that anywhere one goes DEMOCRATIC still they go less democratic as citizens smote too to subjects and assimilated to NEW NATIONALISM obedience like mass produced cloning. With OBAMACARE, while still here it too sets up that where ever any goes they are there to find nothing really new or different.









Do not laugh at all the attempts to repeal “OBAMACARE” - #PLEASE!


i.e.  William Jefferson Clinton!  #SELFEVIDENT?

e.g. William Jefferson Clinton!  #SELFEVIDENT?

The “pickle” of #WJC is the barrel of pickles of #GOTCOMMUNITY?




* [NOTE: HRC “pre-nup” as sourced: I am the witness circa early 1970s]

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 1:42 pm

Of these days there is a bounty an American concurrence of at least four - four if JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT is still in production somewhere, and broadly enough.

There is the America “Catholic” to be dissected by a new and fresh synod abroad; There is the Islamic State ISIS and America of needing to understand Constitutional limits and states’ rights of “religion” jurisdictions; There is California broaching new State Fornication Edicts where even states are better to amend or edit for new testaments to preserve a necessary extra-state morality.

There are “Invisible Hand” limitations for “Wealth Of Nations” of Adam Smith and of the Order of Founders that formed the unity of/for states as a more perfect Union.  There are limits so too in any morality of his morals that relates to limits also in “there is no fate but what you make” dramatics.  There is that for the Founders Adam Smith morality presumed a basic foundation of any individual of self interest as first alerting to it best to choose community and second to commit to being moral in community.

As some now are more concerned fully of a rare concurrent, of a global morality, however catholic, parochial, pedestrian local, it is for all to be at least generally abreasted of that there is a trinity of a concurrence of three.

What?  What is the appropriate foreplay starter now?  War? Peace? Family? Love? Sex/Fornication? Light song(s) and dance(s)?

Where? At Blind approbation or blind  reprobation of a global assimilation? Fresh calls to whistle for a National obedience of subjects in a New Nationalism zeal? Locally to writ new, somehow, even if like Pilgrims to a renaissance in a purer originality of old good words?  Of first the adage “fences make good neighbors” as a threshold for all to respect for community unity forward?

A greatest importance for any liberal arts rearing is to - to Americans at least - there being a necessary and sufficient “ART” dramatic to defend a latitude for a civic attitude in INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.  There is need for liberal art to maintain a realm for American Justice.  Any President rashly or conveniently to a catholic (worldly) apology tour does disservice to a more perfect Union so;  Any global APOLOGY TOUR begets a compromised Justice for generally undermining Welfare Posterity by assuaging a “GUILTY” before any or all specific appropriate “INNOCENCE” en masse upon individual citizens of the The United States of America.  It is BAD if a President asserts a “GUILTY” needing “APOLOGY” before any general or/and specific proofing.

Again:  There is a great importance that there be Liberal Arts and sufficient colors for a fair Justice fabric Under God, and however if more pedestrian and local, merely Just as under edicts like of what is writ of as Caesar’s.  There is that there must still be an IS of God’s and an IS of Caesar’s - at least catholicly speaking of some of the known world.

Is there now a devolved fashioning, at least in the DEMOCRAT as AMERICANS political of PARTY?  Is there too generally a devolved fashion locally and globally - - - isn’t it now self evident there is lacking a sufficed of HIGH FASHION diversification in politics?

Lord knows when I commenced on this path of what is Constitutional as of a consideration too of what is practicable and prudent, therefore.  It was early, when of 1971 that I asked, my then @ 65 years of age grandfather, then facing mandatory retirement from Young & Rubicam, and from running the consolidated Johnson & Johnson marketing & advertising work, to fill he soon more available schedule with a dedication towards teaching me near of first grade to become more like him.  The location is interesting as it was after my younger brother’s Catholic Christening at Saint Joseph’s Church in New Haven, Connecticut so about one block from the house of the apartment now historic as a home now as once home to two Presidents - two Presidents Bush.

Politicians should know what President Rich Levin knew when of days of the Yale Dean of the Economics Department and of his long time neighbor the quite younger me as also a client:  My clients of my J. P. HOGAN ENTERPRISES - CARPENTRY & REMODELING SERVICES, however a Connecticut S-Corp - oft learned of my being so of entrepreneurial construction yet of intents with such as preparatory forward yet to getting into New York Madison Avenue marketing and to like then go from “carpentry” to “remodeling” and maybe as “HOGAN” but in “marketing” around a new federalism renaissance a business and political “remodeling” as if a caboose tricked out to maximize bringing home all the best from the potential of the Reagan Revolution.  I had two very different sides of my genetics to find a workable synergy of think for if to find a language for copy that could at least move that many so diverse forward. (*More #CitRB bits in AUTO-BIO’D #HOGAN @ link)

Now, though, back to at least a teasing brevity of such an America concurrence of at least three as a trinity likewise considerate:

However Constituted actually as specified of original intents by PUBLIUS we have Hamilton, Madison, Jay and likewise Adam Smith, on morality in “Wealth Of Nations”,all as relevant as the Pilgrims story so of rights in interpretation in the Posterity Ordered Constituted so established and ordained in the Year of Founders Lord whence.  It is important that the age of the Pilgrims of American History are of the times that also stirred Oliver Cromwell and Rene Descartes.  California now to new fornication edicts of Sacramento begets a concerned querious too if states can be prudently to Law where Congress is barred from making and Law for it seemed secured that before any such to become “government” it was firstly better to be broadly plated to People’s tables everywhere if it not as in the time of the Pilgrims, at least, time again to have communities firstly to considering revisions and edits to the New Testament to be writ generally in test of meants as new testaments to be pressed and bound.

It is now enduring as self-evident beyond arguable that the DEMOCRAT of AMERICAN “POLITICS” has been beyond liberal prudence in art and Law to actually being excessive to National rights of a new Federal to Socialistic and Centralized to citizens now expectant as assimilate to an obedience as if just subjects of a BIG BROTHER/BIG SISTER mechanized hive too much as if of bees of monarchical and totalitarian Powers.  There is if ever there was a “humble under God” extant sufficient of the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, however “too” liberal, it is now quite spread parochially that he has been deficient in personality after having proceeded in an arrogance that he had “personality” sufficient for whatever the job might try to crucify him with for impropriety or worse.

Governor Jerry Brown of the great state of California is how in his rights as prescribed by the state Constitution to being to new fornication edicts to express and define how and when sex is love?  The Congress of the The United States of America is barred by the First Amendment from making any Law, not at least a Constitutional amending fully ratified, to change (say “respect”) how the Founders were like apostolic also of a spectacle of faith in Christianity with the precedent body of the Constitution as the Order that so formed their prescribed and subscribed “done” humbly “a more perfect Union” Unity.

The First Amendment secures that Congress is not to have any superior right in religious interpretation over any of the People’d people.

The First Amendment secures that Congress is not to make any mere Law affecting an editing so a respecting of the spectacle of the body of the Constitution as apostolic in Faith under God so subscribed simply so by it affected as “in the Year of our Lord…”.

The First Amendment secures that Congress cannot do what Governor Jerry Brown is at least teasing as righteous for California in new statuesque posterity politics of government rightly to new fornication edicts - edicts that might still deserve the People of California firstly to have been thoroughly initially at the thresholds of testaments and if a new Bible edition is warranted.

As I am lay re: - and not a Bishop, Governor, nor member of ISIS, and nor of a HIGH FASHION in a technicolor dreamcoat, however of Joseph:  As I am not a scholar nor of a doctorate in Law, while yet of a year of law study at Suffolk Law School during the year before President Barack Hussein Obama, whom I’ve known since the late 1970s did start at Harvard Law School, so situated but miles from the school I withdrew from, and with my withdrawal after first year as to preserve my “marketing” and creative entrepreneurial career ambtions, and as it set up, as I effected it, that I was for seven years in good graces with my Law School and considered an accepted student forward to consider each semester it may be better to return.

So to be brief while others work out any apropos regarding Constitutionality American as pertains re: Californian fornication propriety and preparedness; Congress, The President, and the Governors concerning ISIS and First Amendment limitations around “Holy War”; and family values as Catholic and pressing with a new synod:

The First Amendment bars Congress however set in the Power to wage offensive war from yet making any Law respecting an establishment of religion (as the body establishes religion in a spectacle apostolic of faith Christian set in Christian calendar endures) such as waging “Holy War” would require approval and legislative action.  This pertains to all three concurrent in America trinity of issues still developing.  This pertains to California for even if Congress cannot pass fornication edicts so to alter/respect the spectacle of CONSTITUTIONAL as in accompaniment to man & women as set revised by the New Testament the state government yet may consider it prudent that edits as new testaments be affected as effected firstly or only, and even as teasing for new statuesque writs may be a necessary and proper strategy.

In the interest of comity with brevity, however yet satirical, let me try to be clear - let me attempt to be clear for a clarity that President Barack Hussein Obama should have convened likewise a meeting of all Governors as likewise the gathering about ISIS at the United Nations of sovereign leaders of foreign states however of less “official” or “government” burdens/duty than many of the Governors of the states United American.

In the interest of comity with brevity, however yet satirical, let me try to be clear - President Barack Hussein Obama, however yet now evidently of insufficient “personality” to match his arrogance that he by his life circumstances had sufficient personality for the office of the President holding, is yet inadequately clothed as if of a dreamcoat for HOPE forward adequate for necessary HIGH FASHIONED UNIFYING.  Besides this we yet have the Constitution for the Congress as not allowed to wage by Law making any “Holy War” and yet that neither the President nor the Congress has yet pressed the specific issuances that due to at least the problematic in this trinity and concurrence as pertains the Islamic State each Governor is to be respected as more of the American jurisdictions for making of Law specific to religiosity and preserved freedoms of interpretation to local/parochial People’d people.

Whomever now is appropriate to apropos per when IS IS IS and to how fornication or naked edicts righteous and proper for if and when foreplay is to sex and as love:  President Barack Hussein Obama is by the structure of strictures Constituted, now inconveniently to  his Socialism proofed, yet to be expected to gather all the Governors at least due “religious” concerns in conflicts with “ISIS” for each state by its Legislature and Governor have the balls in hand more towards propriety and Rights than Congress, and at least so it prudent to convene to better preface interfaces for defense and in a best preservation of INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY artful and lawful in governance for Homeland securing.

Whomever now is appropriate to apropos per when IS IS IS and to how fornication or naked edicts righteous and proper for if and when foreplay is to sex and as love:  With such a trinity, at least, of a concurrence of issues @ “American” it seems President Barack Hussein Obama if drawn towards “Holy War” by ISIS, or yet domestically, by naked edicts of California, may be Constitutionally impotent for the People’d people are protected generally from a Federal Government become unleashed towards such.

It seems the Constitution sets up a much yet discussed political threshold where the Executive for any such Power must need to go directly to the People’d people for agreement in matters of religion and religiosity, and not by circumventing local Law set in Legislatures and Governors.

It seems bared that the trinity now concurrent relates catholicly, and too to Obamacare as too Socialist too and so Constitutionally barred from a full effecting to it as a permanent Federal entitlement.  President Barack Hussein Obama isn’t endowed to be a President of a whimsical American Caliphate - there may be some latitude in “there is no fate but what you make” but like Adam Smith’s individuality the first self-interest is to choose community and a limiting in morals forth with. 

I defer to Posterity!  It is beyond the lay that Prudence is to be of Providence even yet around this concurrence of a trinity relativity so as the “AMERICAN” is set for tests of meants where, if/how a need for “Holy War” becomes, the President need go at least to all the Governors for Power Congress writ arrested from for Tranquility.

Though teased I must defer to others more “expert” now for Constitutional limitations on how naked edicts are yet prescribed by the language and its use in the Bible for any “AMERICAN” as to what is Law either needing amending and ratification or much firstly an actual scriptural adaptive of edits of a current New Testament edition or yet a rendered more of NEW new testaments.


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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:49 am

What part has Attorney General Eric Holder played? - - played in the saga of “SOCIALIST”? - - played per President Barack H. Obama and governance constitution of “HOW CONSTITUTIONAL?”?

It may be instructive that the THE FEDERALIST PAPERS edition by introduction of Clinton Rossiter can be said culpable to a concurrence now for, however failing, a “Socialist” interpretation of the Constitution.  Such edition(s) may be all that President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder generally had available. Such is biased from the introduction forward of suggesting Hamilton, Jay, Madison of PUBLIUS without sufficient discussion of “property” at least for the years in the older United States of the Civil Rights RIGHTEOUS.

Is this Clinton responsible for a generation too far at a “Socialist” interpretation of the Constitution and for prefacing “Constitutional” as if a selection of the whole 85 was by a class of experts all those that most need only read and attempt to fathom?  Is President William J. Clinton now too much of Kentucky as if hawking intra-party spirits a bourbon capped for trade yet as if as STALIN’S WAY?

If we are to discuss Attorney General Eric Holder of a HEROIC can we yet separate one Clinton, more primarily, from another/others Clinton too?  And so again:  “HOW CONSTITUTIONAL?”?

Republicans of Kentucky, however now of a renewed politics for the state to be best if now towards best in/of hemp, seem yet, and comparatively, to be, otherwise to President William J. Clinton, at brewing a renaissance in Constitutional more as if to and of a spirited bourbon, capped, sealed & branded as CONSTITUTIONAL BOURBON.

For Kentucky to be properly engaged to any and all bourbons there must be some civility more UNDER GOD than “Socialist” of too distant “NATIONAL” of community unity of waking dawns and setting eve’s of a stricture ritualized for prescience of GOOD & EVIL.

FORWARD!  Beset of times of a scope of a specious genius of humanity is devolving to primates!  HUMANS MONKEYS?

Besides and beyond a scope of People as primates let us also posture:  HEROIC?  RIGHTEOUS?  CONSTITUTIONAL?

FORWARD!  By December 2014 can Attorney General Eric Holder be hailed just RIGHTEOUS or CONSTITUTIONAL?

For Kansas to be versed and measured in originalism, enduring, also endearing, also still/newly UNDER GOD - established and secured - and still from a permanence in “SOCIALISM” at home “NATIONAL” must be too of “DOROTHY” of Dorothy Height HEROIC.

Republicans of Kansas, however for “waves of grain” beaus and “purple mountain majesty” community unity, too are, to endure, lest the CONSTITUTIONAL be set asunder - - rendered storm tossed refuse of these times, from a prudence of PUBLIUS.

And, prescribed by Alexander Hamilton so, primarily regarding property and “class” as set in the first sentence of the second paragraph of the first treatise of THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.

And, as liberal and progressive with “inducements of philanthropy” then of exclamation too around “property” - so soundly in italics of “property” - the last word in the sorted prefaced is that specified that the Constitution should be embraced for it prescribed and subscribed for a “preservation… of property.” Enough ordained RIGHTEOUS?

What part has Attorney General Eric Holder played? - - played in the saga of “SOCIALIST”? - - played per President Barack H. Obama and governance constitution of “HOW CONSTITUTIONAL?”?

A litmus test for a HEROIC for a POSTERITY of Attorneys General, backwards and forward, may be a general WELFARE best kept - kept as still secured - kept as still secured in Article 1 original Prudential - may be now for political science for a legacy of Attorney General Eric Holder best metted of UNION as necessary of a dictionary simple for:

     “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States.
     And no Person holding any Office of Profit, or Trust under
     them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of
     any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind
     whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.”*

A litmus test for any HEROIC RIGHTEOUS CONSTITUTIONAL for Attorney General Eric Holder may now rest on his times baring witness to him, however best in a “dictionary simple” as one sworn of Constitutional Duty offices so re: GOOD! & EVIL!

Perchance:  Does Attorney General Eric Holder, if to endear and endure as of a HEROIC, now just need a People’d people to see of him and read of him as RIGHTEOUS of CONSTITUTIONAL scope as MAN, also liberal, progressive, against a classic BAD GUY?

Perchance:  Is it now a convenient nearly self evident truth that a “CLINTON” is an A.G. Holder “CLASSIC BAD GUY”?

Perchance:  However locals may rally a regional in North Carolina, even if triangulated around a DURHAM, it seems the “CLINTON” of Democrats CHARLOTTE was convened, consecrated, of President William J. Clinton banking anewly tagged o’ his ‘BANK’ o’ so:  POLITICAL CHARLATAN!

CONCLUDED THEN:  An evolved Posterity for a Union in LEGACY for Attorney General Eric Holder now may be best secured, yes around just “No Title of Nobility…” secured in Article 1, and rent forward of Justice in general Welfare Prudential Provident (by December) of President William J. Clinton as a rendered (devolved) “CLASSIC BAD GUY” to CONSTITUTIONAL RAP:


*(USA USC Article 1 Section 9 Paragraph 8)

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 3:49 pm


I have to respect the global we know is amassed for evolutionary progress, with Harry Potter affected.  I have to respect the new generations educated with Hogwarts, and respect them more, now/still, than either Mr. or Mrs. Clinton, or Mr. Al Gore.

By the time this new treatment is pressed through in a NEDA reset you should be asking of such “elite” Democrats, however Obama Democrats loyalists, or not:


Here now we are concerned united with Nations leaders around the idea of a Peoples climate, forward.  Here we are with this an attempt to also educate, and yet of ideas solutions to any global warming otherwise also public since I first wrote of some of them back in 2006.  Though better solutions to any global warming were thought up and publicly written about as far back so there is that it is still sad that the politics of climate change ushered by American Democrat Party elites did so depress the National morale that there couldn’t be a sufficient economic energy otherwise to a faster and fuller global economic recovery.


Sure we can now be righteous with tagging President Obama as proofed a Socialist, and mash up a hashable comparable guilting for Mrs. Clinton likewise/otherwise, but, and again, and for brevity, this is a treatment meant to be firstly best still for a NEDA reset educating to how other better options as solutions to any global warming were made impossible by Democrat Party elites since at least 2006.

Sure we can let ourselves become distracted to wondering since President Obama once supposedly taught the USA USC for ten years if was Constitutionalism he actually taught, and as it may be like a Soviet Sleeper Agent would hide in the US as a Communist best with a job supposedly of teaching what was Constitutional of the The United States of America, and, and further if it doesn’t make most dramatic strength for “plot” if Mrs. Clinton as a surrogate white mother figure still seems a perfect “character” to have been a in-country “sleeper” handler.



Some P.O.V. to all here so gathered for a new HOPE and in a NEDA reset of the once more possible for new days of a new world order to People’d everywhere thoughtful to being better environmental stewards:


Now to “COULD THEY HAVE BEEN THAT STUPID?” let us tip toe in a brevity yet of a broaching.  Besides that better solutions were politically feasible and available in 2006 it is important all realize that their practical potential was ruined when the New Nationalism to a new New Deal Austerity was put forth upon US lands and beyond, and in a guilty, of the People’d peoples and a general Welfare depressing in apologetic “leadership” also of drumming in a blues with a worked up beating of it that all the once said noble and/or patriotic efforts of the The United States of America Armed Forces were all forward to be said BAD and WRONG.

Such it is that essentially it is proofed that Barack Hussein Obama, as President, has proved himself at least awaken since 2009 as actually being too Socialist.  The hallmark of his administration has been that he is right, always, and to a hundred percent, and quite that what the people think isn’t as relevant, at least now that he is supposed to be the hero of deliverance of Socialist solutions from the top down.  Mrs. Clinton, as Secretary of State, though postured as independent and a rival, is yet also by association inseparable for campaign purposes as if not also too Socialist.  However they posture being for people it has to be since most of their ideas were already by 2009 at least ten years old that it had been years, many years, since they thought it was more important to be more democratic concurrent to their “politics.”





So now what?  Must we be assured by a Republican sweep of the November 2014 contests for representation resets to more popular governance in republican establishments original prudence before we can reset even if to NEDA now as if not gone forever?

Right!!!  NEDA - NEDA WEATHER CORPS - is an idea also mine once very ready as a workable alternative within a realm of better solutions for any global warming in a bi-partisan politics yet United forwards to People’d people guided to being better environmental stewards.  NEDA WEATHER CORPS - is still an idea to reconstruct the government agency of FEMA - FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY - to an also proactive organized yet as NATURAL DISASTERS EMERGENCIES AGENCY.  NEDA could stand for other words and yet forward too in a political reset.

NEDA WEATHER CORPS - could be forward, when morale can be restored across America, of an People’d people living much under the seas in fleets of green submarines.  NEDA WEATHER CORPS should at least be of a new industrious global conscience and patriotic energy so with many happy under the seas together in green submarines as of fleets of NUCLEAR CHILLER SUBMARINES using long available thermal engineering capacity of existing and new technologies but of long accepted human endeavors quite in civility in use of cooling/refrigeration and ice and/or snow making sciences.










Please remember NEDA as not lost and forgotten.  When morale can yet be restored to “Americans” in a post-Obama post-Democrat Party Elites new old way newly, and as it is now simply facilitated in the politics of ISIS as of President Obama needing to be right as RIGHT LIKE BUSH - and not now still and again as persisting in being WRONG LIKE CLINTONS.

Though it may be impossible to now bring back NEDA there is hope to be had for evolutionary politics to return to the governance of the The United States of America and to a boosted morale so that economic growth can yet return and with at least some a celebration in what is practicable yet in the shadows of what NEDA may have been - been even though it years ago that it was public that even just was extant of a realm in which republican solutions were yet better and also ready.



                                         *       *       *





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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 2:15 pm

These September days to votaries to try British souls of beyond any simple semper ubi sub ubi barrister citables.  How now can Scotland be free, and even still kilted tribal, but commando free endeared in public object jurisprudence?  President V. Putin did have to resolved an improper “separatist” plots of Ossetia (now more as if Assetia?).  Much of independence is now necessarily of vicissitudes incident of object, and barred republican, civic erectings, however, and for Posterity.

A rush now could be imprudent for any of the United Kingdom for Scotland if free must yet not now nor ever be circumscribed as of a too object or Freudian “separation” as was in any propriety or impropriety of the once more suggestively shaped sovereignty of the nation of Georgia. We mustn’t become crass or crude, and yet too we all have it object and self-evident that Brits and Scots have to a phallic to reconsider to any circumspection civil and proper of all the necessary rites.

Any freedom for Scotland must always rest objective as inseparable from the geo-topo-theo-political of an isle so grand and United as inartfully suggestive & of an indivisible union.  As Georgians whence projected as separatists with too much skin in the “game” there is a sadness for the imperial of recent collusions of a new longest war as staged in the Afghan theater where the Politics seemed to clever by a worked objective illustrative as alternately of a concern, however truly incidental, of war scripting of imports as either of Kandahar or Helmand.

Recent administrating seem to have worked Helmand as if of English dominant but without a suggestive to not be lost in all translations.  As Helmand graphically plays out more as if the isle of Britania proper or say the United state of New Hampshire or Idaho it was oft to as of err for HOPE that Kandahar could be an Afghani “WILD & WONDERFUL” more of West Virginia of a potential for CHANGE.  President V. Putin now for his Ossetia reset from “separatists” of an attitude as if of too much skin in the game is yet as instructive as President George Washington was in his First Inaugural so of importance of Posterity in a popular governance of a republic initiated “Among the vicissitudes incident to life…”.

There is maybe only one tradition in politics and governance for an Independent Scotland that yet could endure without an alienation of their rites;  Scotland can be circumstantially objective forward despite a self-evident geo-topo-theo-politics of a isle so organ-ized as there, however, too as if of a concern as with Georgians to be away from too much “skin in the game”!  There is yet now seemingly near or only one tradition for object legal precedence for a Scotland to endure yet still endear if independent or separate from that just of Britania so of isled united and beset forward as yet indivisible;  There is yet the rights in rites of circumcision to give a blessing for a free and independent Scot ubermensch civility;  There is the object legal jurisdiction of a forward severable from a whole of rites and rights that still is provincial however yet otherwise of Posterity in a geo-topo-theo-politics.

Among that not to be lost or patronized of the originality of the Independence declared by 13 once just British colonies is yet the People’d “Order” as of Union Constituted in a popular governance experiment yet established seemingly as “more perfect” at least than the Articles of Confederation and too that of the Union of the British Kingdom.  Right, where Kandahar is like a West Virginia and Helmand a Idaho or New Hampshire it is permanently figured that the isle of votaries sought now for a “separation” must also respsect a not too lost in translation of President V. Putin as at “separatists” reshaped so to look less phallic where once tolerable as more shapely as discarded as if spent as a used prophylactic.

I leave this not for a specific considerate of HARRY POTTER or Prince Harry.  It may be all about how little the new Princely George can yet inherit of a federalism about “family jewels” yet it too is of the Puritans and President Abraham Lincoln.  Suffice to say in a brevity that we are yet only some spared by of a HOGWARTS global learnedness while a conundrum persists that though so much of a new hope did rise generally at least of a Federalism, however said “more perfect”, the The United States of America now suffers for not being of its republican as of popular rites to rights around all born equal yet of falling below a new and improved understanding for “popular” beset to belong and be behooved in a post-graduate Federalism inescapable to any a HARRY POTTER believer.  Not merely for Scotland and Independence as primarily discoursed upon in the essays whence of PUBLIUS it, forward for all, is to be more learned if at least also read of the THE FEDERALIST PAPERS 1-5.

Where there once was “geo-politics” it is now forward that while Iraq & Syria may yet be just two two now also fallen once, however then enduring, Socialist states.  It may be that Adam Smith is writ for Posterity as necessary as  GOOD of capitalism and “inducements of philanthropy” - not a BAD - in both the Constitution and the exposed of Hamilton, Madison, and Jay as PUBLIUS.  Forward now Scotland is too secured maybe to sufficient votaries for a civil and civic “separation” but yet though the old colonies professed to be to a “more perfect Union” the United Kingdom is forever object legally of a indivisible united but for traditions and establishments for and of a prudence in circumcision rites and rights.

Despite whether Scots do want to be just Scots so of a new Scotland forever united in a cautionary civility ever to be careful to not become too Georgian or “separatist” otherwise we are to bare witness, however, to their current predicaments while of discoursing and stirring the bar and barristers to all the related and necessary “politics” to be if so then newly legislated.

The popular reset of Republican Abraham Lincoln endures today in a puritanism to PUBLIUS exposed;  Republican Lincoln endears as an originalist for the popular governance experiment writ of Posterity in the FEDERALIST PAPERS.  There are likely at least the two editions now of a ready and available for THE FEDERALIST - there now is likely that introduced by Clinton Rossiter and now a newer (maybe preferable) edition of commentary by Robert A. Ferguson.

It seems that President Washington inaugurated the new and more perfect Union by way of general prophylactic comity as if to herald his days as the head of the Continental Armies and the sexuality of the men so patriotic so engaged;  It seems President Washinton put a “washing-ton” on a parsing too suggestive but of old merely when it less rubber matched and yet protective as with separated extra-skins in the “games.”  Surely Brits may be forced to at least resolve themselves if ever too separated as whence visceral to Russian under “President” - however - V. Putin, of Medvedev, however, yet prescribing, to think of going commando mobile of marching tunes upon Scots if then as if too beset as if of too much skin in the “game.”

The PUBLIUS of the success commenced by sufficient votaries of a free - more free - peoples stands guard today still even as prescient to the state of a geo-topo-theo-political an issuance of these times and yet as it to be figured and measured for all threats domestic and foreign that PUBLIUS indoctrinates and originality in Federalism of nationalism that now People’d are like new Puritans at as the Pilgrims once were experimentally whence newly posted yet in a popular experiment at being more pure in the original - more puritan to the created so as the Bible.  As President Abraham Lincoln was like a new puritan to the PUBLIUS exposed it is now again that a nation is United said “more perfect” in the “originality” or yet an “originalist” politics Republican and republican to the Constitution (and at least one edition of the Bible?).

So it is established that there is object legal precedence for a more free and maybe also more perfect Scotland.

But today, as we become accepting of the dire economic straits of the concurrent politics it should be considerable the extant Socialist in the erred at HOPE & CHANGE, and how to originalists or “Puritans” to “THE CONSTITUTION” and “THE FEDERALIST PAPERS” yet like as the Pilgrims were too of Puritans to originality in the created as word specific as Bibled, it be measured and trued that it is yet indivisible that the “more perfect Union” was of the Constitution the “Order” “done” that established and ordained rites in rights and of the New Testament in an accompaniment.

It persists in a Constituted that the “Founding Fathers” prescribed caution forward by constitutionals and amendments to affirm that the People’d people were endowed only with a Congress that was to be forever, however long, barred from barristered however, and consecrated Federal for National as for popular governance as a republic of civility prescribed.  The “fathers” seem to have clearly been purely to endowing the People’d people with an right to more easily amend their rites as by edits to the King James Bible or furthermore to a new edition, and so specifically of barring Congress from making any Law respecting and establishment of religion as if of a Power in a superior Right of a Constituted to be superior in interpretation of God’s will.

For now as those of the “more perfect Union” as prescribed and yet enduring stay endearing forward it is now but as if Puritans to the exposes of PUBLIUS.  As it must still be open to debate and devoid of dictatory for “blind approbation” there is yet newly to be discerned how the original purports were of such import that they were yet learned of the Pilgrims turn from experimental “socialism” towards such as it became “American.”  It seems learned to see proffered now that the PUBLIUS defends the “more perfect Union” of the “Founding Fathers” and specifically as originally meant to be a bar for ever forward of an erectus popular in Repulican confederate prudentials for Providence barred from “Socialism”.

Endearing of the sufficient votaries consecration Constitutional is yet the “FEDERALIST” as if a treatise to prevent the very newly considerable yet circumscribed of a new “popular” but of a HOPE & CHANGE yet contrary to originalism as outlined Constitutional and subscribed in unanimity it that “Year of … Lord” so establishmentary respecting a specific religion but not precisely a specific “edition”!  As the founders seemed of Corinthians as of an apostolic new spectacle as writ of their conventions at Constitutional it behoove the Providence still that the constituted is set up to be a bar to any “Socialism” however new and “popular”!

For now we have these days have been trying of “geo-politics” turned “geo-topo-theo-politics” yet some as if teased as of a NEW COLD WAR, and that by Alexander Hamilton initialized firstly as PUBLIUS it stays posted for Posterity that the Constitution as originally written and meant is yet of Adam Smith “invisible hand” economics while too of imports that there so was subscribed in Republican an “inducements of philanthropy” and to a demarcation yet pressed and distributed of the new nation “more perfect” yet figured in a “preservation… of property.”  For now I do hope you will soon at least be learned, however, of FEDERALIST 1-5 so exposed! 

However barred and barristered, and if for popular governance of “Republican”, it be simple politics, how complicated, though, that “INVISIBLE HAND” economics can only yet endure where “visible hands” of “Socialists” are not too established contrary!  Again:  For now I do hope you will soon at least be learned, however, of FEDERALIST 1-5 so exposed!  And, it is measurable, of a disappointing, that Americans are yet to be of government so risen also to the new potential of a GLOBAL now more learned of HARRY POTTER of HOGWARTS.

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“The Ukrainian Invasion!” might yet proof a beating newly akin to the old “British Invasion” - however mop topped.

There are “politics” seeded diff now across many parts of the known world said doomed by global warming of dire straits too much of a climate change new paradigm.  Before too many of such, so akin or endeared, mature as too much gone to pot, let us look at what potential there could be yet for what might become harvested or at least of stalkings.

President Clinton was an accidental risen of 1992 globality as one not right for the times but elected anyhow.

College Republicans now are of a conundrum where they may show themselves of a highest realm best by spotlighting whom are those Democrats suppressed under at least the Clintons’ “machine” and maybe ready to shine as naturals bright if and when unshackled and freed at last - freed at least from being stuck under or behind the Clintons’ “machine.”  The best future of the new future leaders of the already much regrown boastable of the GOPers may be to be somehow of a clean racket like a miracle of Jenkins Hill hip capital-isms.  The future of the “Republic” may be it already too seeded to grow like weed of the Democrats of a promise now like the GOPers best as a new classy also in a post-Clinton “POP”!

“I didn’t advise ‪‎Bill Clinton‬ to lie - didn’t give permit to use TRIED IT ONCE - DIDN’T INHALE - wouldn’t have as it was when I started to fig how he should respond to pot questions that I first asked myself what my honest answer was about myself.  I never approved of WJC usage and in part because I did not mean to advise or support known lying.  The answer they took to what I would advise for pot answers yet was inappropriate as a use of me not an professional use of my “output.”  I do not at this moment recall where other instances of WJC taking on being me in lieu of limiting himself to my constructive advice - I recall there must have been others.  It is a moral conundrum that they would run with the first heard response mine to my questioning of my own story and a speaking of a truth yet, however, for WJC in a campaign that wasn’t supposed to be about him becoming me but he benefiting from being advised by me.  I do not believe in my advising towards performance on my suggestion that I could make a Dem electable in 1992 that I did offer any lies while about such.  That this was used as originally just my first step in a process to fig’n what WJC should say and as my answer truthful of my own story is much of my knowing Clintons diff than there “public” appearances.“*

Yes, Americans, it might be better to tag it mashable as a the “The Russian Invasion”!  How “cultural” or new “pop” these days are some of a “Revolution” - a revolutionary beating.  Who is President Putin?  Is he a John “V” Lennon newly?  Is he a leader of a merry band?  Is he a new “HOPE” transfiguring lyricist bringing redistribution to just the east and south of once more Ukranian, and, or is he a tonalist for all of now more properly of a Moscow Ortho “CHANGE” measuring?  President Putin is however the “patriarch” yet of the Power over Moscow where resides so much wealth that such region has been hashed out as a city home to more billionaires than any other city of the known world.  The perilous state of the regions of Ukraine yet seem inescapably of an offer of some redistribution at least;  The perilous state of any “The Russian Invasion” implicates President V. Putin at least as at a cultural and class exercised resettling of whose is whose and how.  The President of Russia has to be, due to the pre “The Ukranian Invasion” state of parity, must be now a discussant as charitable and at least some of redistribution.

Yes, Americans, it might be that the suit of the President is more telling of a lack of strategy - a lack of strategies - endemic.

President Obama stepped out in the midst of so many so long suffering newly and of old global unsettled lots yet as if newly and oddly in summer poplin cover-all with too many off the cuffs remarks.  The President’s seeming new suit spoke loudest and not well of the state of the nation of the Republic of North Americans in the The United States so Constituted Christian and in of the calendar of the New Testament.  It may have been better yet if the President otherwise stepped out in the colors of the Pontifical guards as wholly colorful as Swiss Guards of bi-colored standards.

President Obama and his seeming new suit as adorned about so much so revolutionary by others, otherwise more/also cultural, begot/begets him still too behooved of his New Deal Austerity - Global Warming Alarmism - too newly of New Nationalism establishmentarisms.  Summer poplin cover-alls did dress down the economies globally as the image seemed for leadership by example for further austerity as necessary and prudent by being so dressed for summer but near the end of unofficial summertime as if the message was “austerity” and “new thrift” for it so seemed to be considered that he like went to a “BROTHERS’ COVERS OUTLET MART” and bought a two-fer B.O.G.O. (not of the lines of the either Clintons’ suits) as last years model sold this year but bought mostly for next years “politics.”  I don’t know if President Vladimir Putin can himself do Seersucker.

I do hope his new suit(s) are American made - they looked, however, economical and too thrifty, as if they were made most well.  In our oval office concurrently its proper named occupant/holder yet would blend in in such kacki/sand tone as if of wearing green in front of a green screen.  However oddly suited the President yet spoke loudly sadly of the economics generally by wearing summer poplin as if “new” while so near the start of new school year fashions embattled pressures.  I do not speak culturally to the “fashion” challenge(s) of the President firstly as it is I know such tones for having myself rebuilt and restored a 1968 Cal 25** cruiser/racer sailboat and to his shades of kacki yet as the original gelcoats, and yet as reproduced by automotive paint in a 60’s colors one of GM’s line and another I think of Ford’s lines.  The vertical stripes of the Obama Ovalularity are yet very similar to the bi-tones of beige or kacki of the boat I rebuilt and then sold at a big loss to yet afford my personal and independent efforts to defeat the Clintons’ “machine” about 2008.

The attention to detail and the levels at which I was cross-disciplined, however much self-taught in many trades, was, to the rebuilding of boats also then preparatory in method to the disciplined I exercised to such greater attention to details when at working so to defeat the Clintons and the Clintons’ “machine” towards 2008 and beyond and now still forward.

These are odd times but for - or especially because of - facts in it yet historical that such of today is much as I was concerned and to figuring when developing my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM philosophy of governance yet as it was of a complicated integratedness and still smarting for it that President Clinton did so govern away from the prudent balanced think that was so shared and effected of an understanding or gut supposing that accounted for much of today yet when then of consideration firstly around my personal and independent queriousness as to how Saddam Hussein must have thought he had a way to keep Kuwait.  It is that I press out conundrums as if a Putin paradigm now is extant of he now a liberator actually more Christian than Communist and to HOPE and CHANGE that necessarily to some extent will be “redistribution” from Moscow to enduring areas yet of a general religiosity also of the Russian Christian Ortho of Moscow - of rebuilt post-Stalin Moscow.

*(The above quote is a re-post of a Facebook morning status update mine original to my wall this same morning.)

**(One can visit and click on tab for “Restoration” and find before and after pictures of my so mentioned on boat restoration project that now is historical as part of my restoring my own discipline and vast cross industries dexterous skill in professional attention to detail that is endearing in an enduring of my general story of writing to help “remodel” in a “restorative” the original constructs of the Founding Fathers.  My story as an adviser and writer is yet of my decades of wondering how better I might understand the Constitution as the product of many handy founding fathers and by seeing how it might be interpretable while practically pragmatic myself industriously about as many different codes and standards and even nearly uniforms of the various standards.)

Again:  It seems my best advise to future leaders however now also smartly of the prudence worked a more perfect Union by the spectacle of founders as if apostolic in Christianity is beyond any “dressing the part” and to it also measurable that any “strategy” for ISIL must consider that the Christian and American Constituted around an affectual @ “Love thy enemy” is likely a critical and unavoidable keyed still forward.

Politically it seems however off the cuff President Obama was without strategy and oddly suited for the days challenges it is begotten he is abroad and at home with a new HOPE for everyone more in post-Clinton GOPers and Democrats.

Future leaders of the known world, however, actually now in crisi, convenient or otherwise, are of each crisis better now like the GOPers as of a freshened harvest of newer seeded now more than gone to pot of stalkings political of new highs possible in any partisan as newbies not also co-opted by the Clintons and the Clintons’ “machine” and especially of the still too effecting more restrained that dates them, however as of or by carbons, to errs from near day one in 1993.

Future leaders is it historical that such of the encapsulated as per my abstentions from altered states is not informed to how President Clintons actual history is more of he of troubles (like President Obama) of being too altered in think by having to often become twisted in “altered states.”

Many now are of labors (of love?) to effecting altered states;  For now let me share that what I however proffered as of a performance towards 1992 decidings of my suggested sharing that I could make Democrats electable despite President George H. W. Bush, then a war hero President, like of keeping a world united, as President Abraham Lincoln had kept a Nation United, as then too formidable for Senator Al Gore’s interests while of his near 87% popularity, has yet stayed the test of times as proofed that the prudent and balanced think I affected was effectual to the electability of Governor Clinton, and that I know he put too many in peril by willy nilly governing away from the more disciplined think that worked to make him elected.

Future leaders of these united of the northern America continental and beyond it is that it seems President Putin has a “cultural” significance yet to prove and that it is wonderfully seemingly true that there are new “GOOD” Democrats to now rise like the blossoming so budded as Post-Clinton cleaner GOPers - if that is that these however stuck under or behind the Clintons’ “machine” can become also free and clear of old party - bi-party - corruptions as if actually newly unshackled and free at last!

Again:  Right I live with it proofed that what I thought as risks of and from the Middle East while of considering how I could advise Democrats to defeating an 87% popular like war hero Republican President is now still working as think better than much ever offered by either Clinton however themselves cheaply sold as a two-fer B.O.G.O..  The Clintons are intimate in their now two decades of erring and yet it is hardly known that the think they governed away from that was fundamental to the 1992  unexpected and accidental victorious is actually a think now working well, and too of an still untold, mostly, story of it yet of having been shared and to seemingly benefit to President George W. Bush with his political struggles ours since after the attacks of the first 9/11.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:34 pm

Liberty of leverage isn’t a poor man’s tyranny:  It dictates loss of liberty liberally when chits can be called however named.

Is President Vladimir Putin schooling President Barack Obama on capitalism, and not in a tyrannical geographical?

I do not know the answer to:  Is it that President Putin is offering a patriarchal Moscow Ortho for those familiar to the Moscow Russian Christian Orthodoxy of more freedom in Ukraine than they have had, or less than they were thinking they soon could have?  A Stalinistic loss of liberty really was the Socialistic too Nationalistic President Obama led T.A.R.P. and industries take overs.  President Barack Hussein Obama is once again in a pickle globally and locally for of the old tag that he lacks a philosophy of governance.  Is President Putin now being of a Russian REDISTRIBUTION as a bail out for too leveraged old Soviet peopled?

Can we blame the claims up in arms in the nether regions of Ukraine on the economics of U.S. of A. Democrat economic experts of the hand of fate of President Obama’s too visible “touch”?  What loss of liberty is at stake for those if Ukrainian or if Russian?

The economics angle can bury the Democrats now by November 2014 as it their “economics” proofed Socialistic were at least too Nationalistic in a NEW NATIONALISM to have allowed “capitalism” as instead of “choices” there were now so many dictates and czars such that assimilation and obedience were planned as if “economics.”  The fall of a Ukraine wholly may be to blame on too risen also too irreligious Democrats at a Socialist new NEW DEAL AUSTERITY EXPERIMENT;  It may be both Clinton Democrats and Obama Democrats are to be mostly and firstly blame or one before the other and one more severely than they other.

By the pride of the Democrats emergent since 2007 there have been too many things planned as revolutionary and disruptive to old “property” for any old song of America to ring out a selling of free market economic growth copacetic harmony newly.  What the pride of the Democrats at Socialism more than a free will of free markets in choices of Capitalism were of stands now as taggable and hashable as mashable as causal to even the default of some of Ukrainian to Russian.

The economics of such as “history” so modern of just one Presidential term concurrent is that the numbers likely can show that it was in America as a “recovery” convenient of crisis that more people so loss of land and forfeiture of property due to a government over marching a “politics.”  President George W. Bush did not cause the new depression and as it was so convenient to a gaggle of leftists wanting of a new NEW DEAL grand scheme for centralization of new entitlements he isn’t even one any should look at firstly when looking for whom had means, motive and opportunity.

Liberty of leverage may not be the end game or “poker” or “chess” of President Putin nor of a meant tyrannical.  Did President Putin find Russia like with her pants down when allied Syria of Bashar al-Assad crossed President Obama’s “red line”?  Though the regions of Ukraine may now be more forfeit as a nation slid along to long too irreligious and open some to a kindness from “father” Putin of the Moscow Ortho of Russian Christian Orthodoxy recovered from the reign of Stalin it yet is comparable that President Obama and his pride primed even such region to such loss of lands. Has Russia been out of position to be whom it was being asked to be and expected to be on a more global stage - and as per Syria and a fixer or peace keeper for Syrians?

It is to be disserned yet whom more abuse Nation powers with pushes to relieve peoples from their assets - from their property - from their land.  President Obama with the pride of Democrats at centralized market dictatorial resets like can be said for having worked a march to more people unsettled and de-propertied.  It is that President Putin can be said to be more Capitalistic of a market savy than President Obama;  It is that President Obama marched a “you didn’t build it” also while claiming Power to remove companies from their business and a world from a heart beat of freedom that needs choice not assimilated obedience to czars to harmonize.

I do not support an invasion of the regions of Ukraine but then after President Assad crossed President Obama’s “red line” and with “morals” raised it is that President Putin was of a nation being blamed and called out as if more of its former girth and landed.  Russia essentially was with her pants down and as a nation out of position when long allied President Assad fouled the geopolitics and “morals” of the still developing post-Cold War clean ups.  I do not condone “invasion” but yet by the example of the Socialism of President Obama there is that there is hardly a difference between TROUBLE ASSET RECOVERY PLANS and Russia now if mobilized into too leveraged lands as if debt collectors.

I do not know if President Putin has a philosophy of governance where President Obama has been lacking.

I do not know if there can be at least an increase in press freedom and free speech for peoples of a reported 60% plus national irreligiousness where west are like a third to being Greek Orthodox, the middle third something(s), and the east Russian Christian Orthodox of the Moscow collared.  But, to this there is the problem of if President Putin is finding his peace keeping pants to be whom old of the U.S.S.R. were called to be and yet as so of a Ukrainian calling.  To walk a peace keeping globalism forward Russia as per Syria at least was to be expected to show up with Ukrainians of shared humanity of U.S.S.R. culpability for Cold War clean-up.

President Obama, when the dust settles however, is likely still to be triumphant in his Socialism to more people unsettled and unfairly of repossessions.  President Putin though may be a paternal patriarchal of a Ukrainian bailout by collections and as if for those of the east as Ortho of Moscow Orthodoxy.  President Putin though to walk in peace keeper pants to a more global national relevance can hardly be with President Assad as if “old school” and yet there with the Ba’athist Socialist Assad more present as a friendly Communist.

It wasn’t a laughing matter - a laughing out loud matter - how the Democrat pride of experts and czars so marched over as if of lots of love - LOL with their loss of liberty and property for so many so boldly.  It was near tyrannical how the Democrats paraded a politics for assimilation and obedience in market choices, and abhorrent how they proceeded under false flags of unreasonable blame upon President Bush and Republicans for that which they wanted and were so coyly exercising many positions pathologically of a means, motive and opportunity squashing of global economics.

President Putin if of Russia called out to be a peace keeper of fixer in Syria is yet now maybe busy at “home” like so that he and Ukraine need not be busy abroad.  It may be Russia at a REDISTRIBUTION to work a bail-out for too leveraged of Ukraine at least of Crimea and as of the east of Moscow Ortho but yet if so there should be troubles more in loss of land of liberty o’ leveraged if she as Russia to be forward is yet two-faced about Syria and as if still just “old school” Communist.

Is President Vladimir Putin schooling President Barack Obama on capitalism, and not in a tyrannical geographical?

Liberty of leverage isn’t a poor man’s tyranny:  It dictates loss of liberty liberally when chits can be called however named.

Is it President Obama has been more a tyrant of disregarding personal and business property, and is it that President Putin may have it still that President Obama has been intentionally more Stalinistic?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:57 am

In his letter to the Jews tolerance was off the tables of America - Washington pressed the Jews into the civil service of a new nation with a parity liberal of a hope for all times forward in a humanity of mankind.  In his letter to the Jews he was at to bigotry and from tolerance as too when liberally also of national guidance of Catholics - Washington wrapped his fresh words in sanction of Jews here how:

“May the Children of the Stock of Abraham, who dwell in this land, continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other Inhabitants; while every one shall sit under his own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid.”

In his letter to the Jews his words punctuated the first days of a new nation with tolerance as if a lingua of malice too like apartheid years later.  The job of corporations is not to make money.  The liberals of today have taken too much liberty with even Washington’s coinage of verbiage of guidance for all in the new experiment in civil governance.  The liberals of today, irregardless of faith, have at least forgotten their Constitution and Bible at least as per ‘profits’ and ‘prophecy.’  The liberals are tarnished by the figured bigotry of the Administration of the Clintons if not more as eroded from corrosive oxidation.  The Administration of the Clintons was full of bigotry in their “political” of the Middle East so as now as religiously and civilly disturbed so greatly.

The Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton, while too to totalitarianism and autocratic wants anew of a Southerner, was yet for more acceptance of Blacks as also free in the South as though a historical otherwise irrelevant to a pride like of the South to be somehow back to some kind of rule more monarchical.  Seems!  The Presidency of the Clintons did not parse or parry Iraq and Saddam Hussein and his times well - or much in keeping with Washington or Jefferson.  Words of Thomas Jefferson do wrap the dome facia interior of his due memorial in Washington on the People’d peoples public Mall.  These words of Jefferson too have been too as if of Clinton Democrats too liberally in a violate less civil:

“…I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” {Jefferson to Dr. Benjamin Rush, September 23, 1800}

As the ten of the Bill of Rights seems set to reaffirm the ten of the TEN COMMANDMENTS the Jews guidance mustn’t have been a tyranny over minds to Washington, Adams and Jefferson, for starters.  It seems that the establishment and ordaining of the People’s Order done as the Constitution of a new nation under the God of the New Testament as “a more perfect Union” has it that the Bill of Rights seems set as ten to reaffirm that in America the idea is that all are born equal to rights so set out to defend themselves from any government, group or individual when such is at being violate of the Jewish Commandments.

It is always a good day to read President George Washington by his words of his first inaugural address.  Here linked:

It too is always a good day to read President Abraham Lincoln by his words yet of his Cooper Union speech, and for how it like words initializing the Union is of words speaking to a People’d people whom shouldn’t be to expecting or working to a nationalized healthcare dependence.  Here linked:

For Posterity and convenience of the more perfect Union set for Tranquility away from “tolerance” as like a linqua of malice like “aparteid” and how established apart from bigotry in its civility it may have been necessary - really necessary - that President George Washington so stressed religiosity and freedoms at least in these words to the Jews in this link to his letter to the Jews in 1790:  Here linked:

Personally in these times newly concurrent of such issues smarting I yet cannot find ways to harbor a sanction for mostly liberal opinions that the Union of America, unless Constitutionally befelled to fallen, can anyhow still abide that Saddam Hussein didn’t need prosecution and that his government too had to be rendered too sunken to yet float anew, however for a post-Saddam civility.  The Administration of the Clintons vastly corrupted the plane of level discourse away from civility, however of the liberal governance precedence, pertaining to religiosity and the The United States of America as consecrated long to be away from their expressed and official bigotry of tolerance for Sunni, and Ba’athists even, firstly and over at least the majority voiced tongues - over at least the Iraqi populace as a majority peoples of Shiite sectarian practices.

We, peoples of every where in the known world are still suffering for the bigotry and intolerant risen tolerance parlance of the too selfish and partisan politics of avoidance and inaction, at least, of the Administration of the Clintons.  We are all so suffering pertaining to their culpability that we are likely to be long of probatives deep into all things wrought Clinton and however of post-office global meddling initiatives.  The Clintons have been long on defense and needing of cover-ups of their culpability at least as where tantamount and gross to the “American” in a negligence and impropriety.  To tag the rap Clinton per impropriety in a “tolerance” an “aparteid” we need just look at the “official” Clinton pertaining to politics of Iraq.

Really we have the Clintons so compromised that there are few words to quote to clean them up, and still.  Good stories of the Clintons do not easily fall upon any as easy to write.  Seems.  I remember the Clinton speak to diabolical and quite un-American (at least for a post Cold War geopolitics potential in the Middle East also of a new world order) as recalled as like Iraq was of a majority incapable of governing itself because of its sectarian religiosity as Iraqi Shia Muslims.  President William Jefferson Clinton broke from the above American precedent established traditions away from sanction for bigotry and a toleration of tolerance as if an apartheid before apartheid by being officially un-diplomatic of speak “official” and “State” specifically patronizing in that bigotry against the Shiite of Islam generally.

Before the Administration of the Clintons it had yet been of a war parlance of Cold War geopolitics and oil economics, not sectarian bigotry so firstly and primarily.

But the economics of so much now is too of Ukraine and Russia as such strife and unsettled civility has its roots in how the too liberal governance newly of the Obama Democrats in collusion with the Clinton Democrats did whip and whip their green agenda until economies everywhere were upturned and peoples left unsettled.  The liberals of the American example and experiment of the Order a constitution of a People’d peoples are to be categorically and forensically, in a political and historical pathological, necessarily separated from these now too liberal for the Constitutional.

Of the industrious and idea of the workable more perfect Union there is Ruth 1:1 warning from socialism as too oft any ideal is perverted for Power firstly as Saddam Hussein (and Bashar al-Assad) did corrupt the ideology of Ba’athism from it firstly as a path or way to a UNITED ARAB SOCIALIST STATE. (I have this bit from reading Alan Hart’s “ARAFAT - TERRORIST OR PEACEMAKER)  Ruth 1:1 so speaks to warn forward from socialisms as socialists too like those of judges who sought power wanting to be superior at judging others and to dictates to those below them however sold as if more equal.

“Now there came a time of famine while judges were ruling in the land of Israel.  A man from Bethlehem of Judah, his wife, and his two sons left to live in the country of Moab.” (Ruth 1:1,  International Standard Version - The Bible)

The too liberal Obama and Clinton Democrats have wrought ruinous across most economies.  The have been to a violate of the Bill of Rights generally and to much of the imports for commerce and profits of the Jewish commandments and too Corinthians - at least the tonalistic of 1 Corinthians 14 - by at least the Bible App keyed edition I read it most recently set by.  Some of the Supreme Court of The United States of America is afoul of commerce Constitutionality when of articulations regarding “for profit incorporated” as if their only purpose on earth is to make money for the Federal Government to tax.  It is too liberal for the conceived and consecrated liberal American that a corporation is firstly in the business of making money.

Befelled has been the common sense also celebrated by Adam Smith of God’s hand or the humanity of “invisible hand” of providence involved in the finer working of civilizations in commerce - in economics.  An economic recovery can hardly be organized or tuned up generally, let alone globally, if it isn’t anewly of the prudence of the founders and especially the parity of President George Washington’s “no sanction” for bigotry establishment.  By 1 Corinthians 14 we are preset as organized to be of the Constitutional and Amended to be even and especially of corporations of the rights of assembly and expression.  I behoove any and all of commerce wants to be learned of the USA USC as an accompaniment to the New Testament and necessarily the Jewish commandments.

As were are quite newly passing the affirmating decades for corrective affirmative actions to remind the People’d peoples, at least, that there is no tolerance for Constitutional and American of the The United States of America as there should be no sanction for bigotry we so are back to the prudence of all born equal and that commerce especially by corporations is of Corinthians established directives that profits are for those, however organized, if they yet are successfully provable as organized and industrious in prophecy.  However one banks, all are supposed to bank in such an accounting as too of the “invisible hand” shared humanity at prophecying reaping of sown for future goods.  Even as Wall Street persists it yet is to a Holy as a venue now so net netted too but established to let more people more generally in on the prophecy of others organized industriously in service to humanity as the best work of any and all of chambers of commerce - even junior ranks.

Decidedly it is smarting and ranking how Clinton Democrats and Obama Democrats have been disastrous while too judging and of posturing for tolerance that has given rise to unsettled in a new bigotry of roots to how so much is befallen by too liberal for even the liberal American civility economics.  Corporations must be “people” as persons so engaged as equals but by how grand eachs relevant power of prophecy establishes a higher more holy generally are each of the right of assembly and expression in the subscribed under God People’d peoples Order for freedoms of religion and expression.  Wall Street firstly is a sanctuary for a more general prophecy potential for those proven so public in profitability for their success to reaping their sown in prophecy that should glow with HOPE.

If corporations are not people they cannot be of the good establishments for civility and humanity in economics.

If corporations are not people then Wall Street otherwise so but just an OTB - of a rat race of at the dog races.  Seems!

Wall Street is of the Washington prudence as set common by:

“Among the vicissitudes incident to life…”

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:27 am

Mediocrity is not an option - it is no longer a Democrat option!  These times are of so many whipped and needing a beating to step above - to high step it for a realm greater than mediocre.  The skulduggery of the hands Clintons has no mulligans left.

A color of such times must be purple for any beating harmonic and discordant for a melodic new freedom marching civil. Purple is a color so woven long for a behooved in Justice.  The color purple is hardly fitting or flattering however strung up Clintons - The color green is more the issue of a feud of monied partisan GREEN betrayals of “rivals.”

President Obama now too is so GREEN we must look at past masters and how monied green in a intra-party rival partisan they have been, and to a mediocre to PURPLE standards. President Obama as a boy has roots yet that may suggest carrots were only needed to coerce, and little a whip yet for such to bear out as his too; President Obama seems to have roots more in such GREEN than in a higher old standard of PURPLE.

There is a fog about much of this - there is contrast - there is black & white contrasting - there yet is mostly fog hiding how his house is divided - there is a “his fog” and “her fog” about any parading for valuation in lieu of how long their house has been so divided.  President Obama value has long been diminished for how many whippings he has taken much just because his Secretary of State was white and too mediocre.  It is yet clear as green backs she has bucked up to it of her fog of his seat and servitude really that of he a black man most at fault for of the expectation that the buck stops with him or hangs him, at least first.

President Obama seems to be of no soul - of sufficient soul - for his first Secretary of State wasn’t black enough, wasn’t even black and of common melodic rise above mediocrity beatings.  A color of purple for Barack Hussein Obama as yet so caged and subjugated in the “The Clintons” isn’t too far from the truths of these struggles and out of reach - - - President Obama can yet defend himself justly to some Justice yet in a freeing from the Clintons by whipping as many as possible to an exodus from the “House of Clintons” to freedoms greater in truth by finally getting to a late litigation of Mrs. Clinton, however, yet of the days of the Clintons the POTUS’D & FLOTUS’D of the BIG (WHITE) HOUSE.

President Obama can yet hardly become unchained to a FREE AND INDEPENDENT but he needn’t take even just all black Americans down with himself as the Clintons too are seemingly fated and falling.  President Obama is of his own roots of having whipped indiscrimately the idea the the The United States of America on his first day as its master would be better off without the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and beset anewly differently more with a DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE.  President Obama is now generally of a leaving of himself hanging;  President Obama is now also as the color of purple and beats of Justice portend as one also known to be a liar - a big liar - a Big Liar - a BIG LIAR - LIKE THE CLINTONS, ALSO A BIG LIAR.  He has lashed himself for the history books as too willing or coerced to a willful and yes free walking to such now clear of the past fogs of mediocrity.  We much shed the chains of mediocrity and find new beats for a melody harmonic of less discord to a governance of and by all the People’d peoples where truth can help see us clear to Justice still yet waving for all.

The United States of America is at a crossroads where a nation needs a majority to choose a forward away from lies and towards as restoration of essential freedoms bosoming as necessarily best as bosomed in truth - in truths, firstly.  President Obama valuation as a black man has been greatly diminished much for that of his seeming own free will choosing whence to accommodate the less than stellar Clintons already so publicly paraded as compromised as people too much of lies - much just self serving lies.  Forward now it behoove all to like tag all things Presidential of this free black man as if posted for Justice and ear marked with a Surgeon General WARNING prudent for the rearing of all youths.

Forward now it behoove all to tag President Barack Hussein Obama, irregardless yet of his roots, of the here and now that each remark, however of an attempt to clean himself by heralding himself as wrapped in RED, WHITE and BLUE, as yet beyond a pale, and of the legend waving standard for high stepping above mediocrity, as the man of the BIG HOUSE now irreconcilably of too many known and unknown lies.  Truth cannot now rise from this administration to a restoration of a good or better USA without separating the weakened from the strong - the compromised from the moral.

What has been so to such depreciated public valuation for the The United States of America FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT but that firstly of his roots of he less whipped to mediocrity than so here and there long by free will?  Forward with every “Presidential” remark it now behoove a Constituted republic to be of SAFETY public service announcement reminders that such is from one known already of also of known lying, and of known lies to help sustain and defend the too self serving lies long of the Clintons necessary for any defense of their years as masters supposedly as POTUS’D & FLOTUS’D.

In his defense however now it likely to still leave him in chains per any color purple reset for Justice above mediocre it is that he erred in not having his first Secretary of State as also black.  For that Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton wasn’t black though is now likely more liberating to blacks everywhere - - - it is reasonable to rap her as one of the worst as Secretary of State in the history of the USA.  For whom much is given… “…” it seems recalled there is supposed to be a much given in return.  For the skulduggery of Mrs. Clinton, however, she is not to be reasoned for mulligans - Mrs. Clinton, however, now is so GREEN she disregards a general purple as per her emoluments and personal pecuniaries in outrageous fees for mere dints of pontificating.

It is dangerous - DANGEROUS - D*A*N*G*E*R*O*U*S - and a clear and present threat to the Republic as conceived and consecrated long how she sees her GREEN as if of a PURPLE’D in “CHARITY.”  It is shocking and yes DANGEROUS that she, while of her roots so long caressed as if bosomed only in a purity by spun yarns, can be so daft and punking of President Barack Hussein Obama as per CGI as of CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVES as anything “charitable” while so CLINTONESQUE as seemly firstly political in a polarizing partisan (yes of even intra-party rivaling) as bank and coin for globe trotting a new too one sided devilish biased patronage. 

The roots of the Clintons do most clearly, and through any fog about them, hold up and sustain such PURPLE’D as TRUTH and so much so it likely should have President Obama too much still, however whipped, and however of popular beatings new, stuck now as too due to be in chains.  The roots of the Clintons are due to be whipped and for a litigation now beyond the too proffered known lies of President Barack Hussein Obama by his mischief in dictating the Clintons were not those we should be looking at - looking for - that we should not relitigate the “The Clinton” or any of the mastery, however mediocre, of the POTUS’D & FLOTUS’D CLINTON.

It is hard to say what the Clintons CGI - CLINTONS GLOBAL INITIATIVES - is;  The Clintons CGI seems fronted more as an is not an is than an is PURPLE’D as woven and waving to be clearly what it is.  The roots of the Clintons however now some seen as of an obvious undermining of the first black President do stand up and sustain how it fits them like a glove of guilt or shoes of trespass that “charity” is a misnomer and “patronage” - bank and coin of political patronage - really mediocre of a mediocrity too much of GREEN devoid of bulwarks buttressed in Posterity as bosomed in PURPLE.

We can yet praise a Georgian - yes we can raise Georgian President Jimmy Carter, yet of this party of a peanut gallery shades of grays, historically and now - we can yet raise a beating for a new harmonic less in such partisan discord to a new bipartisan Republic melodic.  Former President Jimmy Carter does charity - Jimmy Carter knows charity.  As the Clinton have tried to so obscure President Obama in their fogs so of unbecoming shades of grays, and been to nearly blacking out the black President it now behoove use to see him as if them for he is of them too much of too many self serving and very selfish lies.

Back to President Jimmy Carter and the roots to this peanut gallery of the Clintons too much of a pathological forensics of them at global patronage dispensing even when for all appearances supposedly parading as if masters for/of charity.  If we now do not go so hard at the Clintons aren’t we then necessarily to being to going to hard at the first black President?  President Jimmy Carter bares witness to how the Clintons aren’t as charitable as they self promote;  President Jimmy Carter, for the record, did specially punctuate to such when inaugurally helping open that new Presidential Library as it for President George W. Bush.  President Jimmy Carter did tag the Clintons by raising and praising President George W. Bush as for his having been willing to like: DO MORE FOR AFRICA IN HIS FIRST DAYS IN OFFICE THAN THE CLINTONS HAD BEEN YET WILLING IN ALL OF THEIR EIGHT YEARS POTUS’D & FLOTUS’D.

What is the freedom to beat to a new rooting for a People’d people above mediocrity again and more truthfully grounded in the color of purple?  President Barack Obama is now tagged for history as so much of lies he must walk daily as depreciated forward always.  It seems his roots and his story of his becoming so of these days too set in mediocrity by free will;  It seems though however of free will to lying to sustain the selfish lies of the Clinton global political machinations he may be the fool of naivete to a too real diabolical political covered cleverly in a homespun as if charitable.  The roots of the Clintons have however whipped the first black President to a legacy to much never to be set above that now lately being exposed as long of them of and set in rotting mediocrity.  We don’t need President Carter, alone in a defense of President Bush, to be one solely to the flag waving to fend off striking at President Bush while more falsely accused and an innocent - we need more flag wavers of the PURPLE for Justice in Truth for Posterity in Republic as the Union for Tranquility.

President Barack Hussein Obama was hardly proper to wrapping himself in the THE RED, WHITE, AND BLUE of Independence Day for it is his roots are still parading as of his too proffered pontificating that we’ld be like better without the THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and so as punctuated to exclamatory by it of his first day as the new master - the new President to the office so of service.

But he may though, so tagged as due too to be in chains, for known and yet unknown lies, his rap pops as also a BIG LIAR, whom yet still, maybe, maybe, might have him too much an innocent to that less “charity” and more “global patronage” of the Clintons, and even as obvious it seems that it cannot now be of “charity” while so rapped and tagged by President Jimmy Carter.

President Jimmy Carter while illuminating a goodness a better of President George W. Bush and for there is an obvious otherwise all just POTUS’D & FLOTUS’D CLINTON for how they cut two trillion dollars and one extra trillion just to be able to parade in pomp and ceremonies of devilish short term politics for surpluses from cuts from so much so many have long proclaimed was either from necessary or at least just budgeted line items - items otherwise of cuts that negate a claim to “charitable” now.  The roots so of the Clintons now show them of their GREEN to use to behooved to be wiser and now finally some how yet to a more color of PURPLE higher democratic and diplomatic standards - new new flag waving in & for JUSTICE in TRUTHS for the preservation of the FREEDOMS in the hope of TRANQUILITY in republicanism.

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What are the obvious economics and politics of any IF AND HOW CLINTONS WERE DEAD BROKE?  As the American Forth of July approaches to refresh INDEPENDENCE and the sacrificed in struggles for freedoms where do the Clintons rank their standards with OLD GLORY’S?  It must be that the Clintons have the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) as COOKED - as IN A PICKLE.

As the AMERICAN has been now too long rendered of a Les Miserables from North to South and East to West - to the islands and to Alaska - we have that Hillary Rodham Clinton is of a convincing Marie Antoinette - and even without the hats.  There are at least two HOUSES OF CLINTONS to dramatize, at least politically.  As HRC tries to keep her head about her we must consider her storied “careening” - The Clinton impeachment is like the beheading of Marie Antoinette to that of Les Miserables - And yet it may not be confusing how Ruth 1:1 speaks to her convincing MA as too of a WHEN THE JUDGES CAME TO POWER YEARS OF FAMINE FOLLOWED.

I keep thinking this all is like an UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS farcical maybe like by Neil Simon as like RUMORS.  Again, Bill & Hillary are so each other’s character reference it too they seem like a two-headed BAGHDAD BOB.  It is that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is COOKED and IN A PICKLE for baked by the Clintons earlier farces.  It seems impossible that the INTELLIGENCE can be confirmed now that it was ever INTELLIGENT when the CLINTON INTELLIGENCE was served as dished for PATRIOTISM around tables set for PEACE DIVIDENDS as if PEACE was any where at least in Middle Eastern markets.

First let us see if her standard(s) are flying above one of her manses.  Is it that that most irregular too imperial standard of the Clintons of having a flag and of having one that seems an UP YOURS to the European Union is too imperial any hows as it seems rank and riling as if it is at least supposed to be risen above their CGI AMERICAN one as it as a lesser standard and yet to above OLD GLORY to keep with their posturing as if WJC is a former and now indispensable former President whom since the era is now of their dictates as if Post-Constitutional is of a right mind in posturing such and as if he was necessarily promoted from the lesser office of the Office of the President of The United States of America?  Whom isn’t a domestic to the Clintons?

Oddly these days of Constitutional assaults and so on the bulwarks and buttressed of democracy by governance by Laws it is we have it to that there is supposedly a rival HOUSE OF OBAMA also peculiarly of the OLD GLORY American colors its set and raised standard also beset by a politician with a rivaling flag their own.  It seems we can set the stage for all future proffering of these days as like those of the French Revolution and post MA beheading days as yet capped like how robbed in masse of the imports of Ruth 1:1 at WHEN THE JUDGES CAME TO POWER YEARS OF FAMINE FOLLOWED.

It is troubling the Clintons so hoist and have hoisted so many so miserably in more than a metaphor of posturing a Posterity as if their standard and colors, however, are to be respected as of a global autocratic and too as if to be flown above OLD GLORY’S colors and traditions.  The Obama “O” as too imperial - and too imperial - as if he is the leader of the known world of the global round that is round about radiused and circumferenced for all the yarns of blue, white and red - is also a worrisome new American standard as it seems evidenced as lower while raised as if higher.

How rich it is that the Clintons were supposedly so broke while yet of a political arrangement while in the White House as if to commoners as if nepotism while of those days of seeming HOUSE OF CLINTONS deals from the many rooms of The White House, however compromised in plots, and by accomplice(s), such as seems of the storied of a buying of a New York Senate seat for HRC with arrangements tabled and colluded in plans for a succession to Senator Patrick Moynihan.

To see the American Les Miserables perchance imagine the Washington Monument with all the suffering faces of Obama’s unemployed gather around in black and white of all the grays and fog of these still unrecovered troubled times with a sky of doom dark and looming and it yet that the Obama “O” is the flag yet waving in a keenly kept lit pride about on all the flag poles previously kept bright and proud with OLD GLORY.  Again, it seems the drama is timed such that the American Les Miserables of the Obama hands, however mostly of those hands experts otherwise as the Clintons’ economic experts, such as it that the Clintons’ impeachment is enough like the beheading of Marie Antoinette circumspect the French Revolution.

What can the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) yet produce, however properly or improperly served whence of the HOUSE OF THE CLINTONS as when only the People’d peoples’ public housing of accommodations, domestics, and even a grand home office was their only home of record to now intelligently defend that it ever was intelligent when the Clintons’ intelligence bedded a PEACE in the world that couldn’t and wasn’t really anywhere there at least in the Middle East?

It seems we must suspect either WJC or HRC - William J. Clinton or Hillary R. Clinton - firstly.  But whom to suspect first?  Do we suspect first a woman of leading from behind as dominatrix yet of the adage BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN IS A GREAT WOMAN?  Is it now even wrong to dress William J. Clinton born to his Christian name as William Jefferson Blythe III as if royally ever fitting tags of a GREAT MAN?  Isn’t it troubling for more than their CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) how he himself as lived so long as if always of personal CLOAK & DAGGERS and SMOKE & MIRRORS as if yet always more truly living out lives as if a British General Clinton or British Captain Blygh?

He may maintain a dramatic yet as his own mutinous as if he is his own Christian Fletcher so to cloak himself as if more at least Governor George Clinton and of a Jefferson less Jefferson Davis and so to all appearances as if he isn’t one today whom THE FEDERALIST PAPERS yet too would have been needed to be written to oppose.  Who is the real William Jefferson Clinton?  How can he think himself an indispensable former President of The United States of America and yet live as if promoted from such office to now being more global and autocratic in a too imperial at least in how the HOUSE OF CLINTONS have their own colors to rival the European Union’s and OLD GLORY and too so as it seems their CGI AMERICA standard is flighted as if a lesser rank.

Hillary R. Clinton with her HARD CHOICES has set the farce up and staged the dramatic for general and very public consumption, however now with diminishing book sales and fading accolade.  We have learned what she deems as DEAD BROKE translates in a new MARIE ANTOINETTE convincingly.  We have learned what she deems PROPER TAXES yet for taking colleges and universities to the cleaners.  We have learned at least that there is an air to her sense of self worth by monetary emoluments that she is contrary in more than a few ways to George and Martha - To President and Mrs. George Washington at least by the first words so orated as the First Inaugural Address. 

Hillary R. Clinton is otherwise of personal emoluments in seeking pecuniary material monetary accolades by vast fees.  But how as the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) must accord can their servings to PEACE DIVIDENDS sweats be now reconciled with it for evidence based deciding that their PEACE so packaged has so many, and so many just of the Obama’s unemployed, to IN A PICKLE with their intelligence so lacking of intelligence?  But really what aren’t the clues at but beyond her of a convincingly bad Marie Antoinette separation from reality as yet confirmatory to it that she has given bad resurgence to old tags of stereotypes to a WHITE TRASH concern for any so risen as NOUVEAU RICHE?

How must though it all be firstly and predominantly of the Mr. to her Mrs. - of the male to her female - of he that seems to insist he was alone more responsible than any he with her behind him?  What is CGI but imperial and too autocratic - at least to the keep of OLD GLORY and the AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY?  Aren’t we of the “THE CLINTON” of their HOUSE the HOUSES OF CGI of them pledged familial in a patriarchal as ALL IN IT TOGETHER and to such vast emoluments for speechifying as due in a monetary pecuniary more for them of a global shadow governance than for having any lingering significance since being  removed from the People’s HOUSE?

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I have read Stephen Crane’s THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE so I am qualified to criticize Commander in Chief President Barack Hussein Obama on Foreign Policy.

I have read Esther Forbes’ JOHNNY TREMAIN from my “A BICENTENNIAL TREASURY” box set of the Dell Laurel-Leaf Library so I am qualified to criticize Commander in Chief President Barack Hussein Obama on Foreign Policy.

I have read Ayn Rand’s ATLAS SHRUGGED so I am versed in reasoning objective set to when a Commander in Chief President, however Barack Hussein Obama, could be right to cut an run.

Where is Xerxes to Obama - what is Persian to Aryan as Irani - where are the poets of poets’ civilizations?  Where is Dennis Rodman as a globe trotter “Xerxes” as if of  Obama contingencies - overseas contingencies?  Where are the missing emails; any lost chapters; the missing years 1993-2001; the rap of tags for cowards of past cutting and running isolationism of Democrats?

Readers of THE FOUNTAINHEAD may not unanimously agree that Soviet born emigrant American thinker/writer Rand is to be considered relevant now regarding any findings, if ever found, of a “GRAND STRATEGY” or a “PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNANCE” belonging to President of The United States of America Barack Hussein Obama.  It is, however up for debate, still critical in a proper objectivity to discern that Rand did ask all readers, by raising the purview of architecture of house of worship, to become engaged in an intellectual honesty towards personally struggling with all raised considerations as to how to design and build better Holy places however specifically or particularly a Church or of a Church.

Iran is now a very young nation.  Iran is of a pride of Aryan of Persia of a poetic tradition.  Iran is so young a nation it now is primarily populaced per poetry pride predominantly patriotically particularly per peopled persons precisely young and largely under the age of 35.  Iran may be able to take care of itself - Iran now may be a more natural ally to the USA just because we policed our own past compromised morality by prosecuting Saddam Hussein  for his carrion calls to set asunder others while his Iraq was too much as if under the USA standard.

It is self evident that by Commander in Chief President Barack Hussein Obama’s political military leadership of a new posturing by 300 advisers that he must be devoid (still) of any “GRAND STRATEGY.”  By the inconvenient of “300″ befitting OVERSEAS CONTINGENCIES we have to wonder if Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton was ever booted enough from yellow or green too.  By the inconvenient of “300″ befitting as if of OVERSEAS CONTINGENCIES it is now a little late to ask, though now necessary, what is the supposed benefits from “message” and “imagery” of “300″ - if we are to envisage a beachhead sea wall rebuilt with the blood and bones of Persians as its mortar?  A: Where is the “Butler” when one too wanton a “King” flexes an ineffectual intelligence/philosophy?

Commander in Chief President Obama is speaking in a times too anew of a Greek stereotypical to beget the queriousness to if ever Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson (Davis) Clinton could ever have been or yet be a “crowbar” to separate Greek men from Greek boys.  His “300″ is so compromised a philosophical sophists can take a nap — His “300″ is of reckless disregard towards perils of ambush, anew in Baghdad.  President George H. W. Bush while effective with the Persian Gulf War was right to not rush to Baghdad - his early exit without also taking Baghdad was not classic cutting and running - it was prudent to a regrouping to reconsider the terrain of the bodies and the minds to assure any USA led coalition wasn’t walking into a trap as an ambush set up as seemingly plausible by Saddam Hussein.

To send or not send advisers is now more a “fog of war” in the realm of OVERSEAS CONTINGENCIES than when his S.o.S. is self described as “careening” all across the seventh floor back and forth with clearly “hard choices” for her extant capacity.  If we don’t like find 1993-2001 as said “missing years” we may not see in time how her “hard choices” were harder for she had and has a conflict of interest in any duty or charge to “govern” as it is real work in real time of the real world for her to choose between an honest answer and honestly incriminating herself and the Administration of the Clintons for at least a gross negligence still of the fault lines around any battles for justice.

Is Commander in Chief President Obama now with his “300″ the necessary (stereotypical) “Greek crowbar” to bring peace by reasoning with foreign advisers to a prudent separation of the boys from the men - a leadership from a rabble too easily roused?

The point to stand for sufficient leverage for any peace now is where ever it may be to stand up in a ready to posture wholly that when the too missing years 1993-2001 are rediscoverd they will be found to not yet have been litigated by any “advisers” even though as a president Barack Obama asked the world to have no “advisers” “relitigate” so much not actually yet litigated.  The point, if and when it is found, for sufficient leverage to move mountains or the world, however relevant, towards a peace in their own back yards, is where ever it is to be while there as the place all can bear witness to it a greater truth in a Randian intellectual honesty and objectivity more to a LET’S ROLL of an:  IT IS ALL THE CLINTONS’ FAULT - IT IS AT LEAST MORE ALL THE CLINTONS’ FAULT.

At the times of the PERSIAN GULF WAR and too of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM Iraq was quite still too much of an “American” compromised as Saddam Hussein played his diabolical infernos out as if his Iraq was also much an “American” back yard.

From what I read by necessity for education by instituted learning or by extra-curricular independent initiatives by my Fifth Grade years may have be qualified at least by the USA USC Bill of Rights First Amending of rights to criticize Commander in Chief President Barack Hussein Obama whom I yet have known since I was in Seventh Grade, and so as he fig’d as of Hawaii and four years older than myself.  It was because I was to competing in my middle school oratory contest as a seventh grader and with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST JAPAN “DAY OF INFAMY” SPEECH that we became aware of each other though separated by a country’s continental and an ocean.



Right!  I am the “uc” of 2006 public commentary while living on Capitol Hill in Washington DC across from Eastern Market and Independence Ave S.E. whom turned down the waking disturbance of TIME Mag editors asking if they could have a picture of me for their POY cover.  It is to be still retold how as “uc” I was at times daily to commenting first to argue that so many were wrong per IRAQ and OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM and to it that we were best to effect a SURGE, and too so then daily too at times regularly towards standing up publicly again and again to defend such “strategy” and “philosophizing”.  I too TIME said no for I wasn’t half done with the gestalt of my restoratives and they wouldn’t or couldn’t have the space to tell the whole story midstream — it is that I offered an idea that if they could put a mirror on their cover in lieu of a specific photo of “uc” I could and would work with their intents as that their TOP for 2006.  [This now flows well into GHOSTS OF CALAIS and how “uc” is of same media strategic as “Citizen Rosebud.”]  [I may have asked for the movie “300″ to be made and some to celebrate and cross market Chryslers’ 300s and while yet of Daimler Benz as of a “mere say’s d” poetic fitting how I then was of DC area sub-contracting for a family respectable as of Persian legends.]

I have history with Detroit and “American Made” automotives in the politics and marketing apropos greener cars and better selling of smaller cars.  After the too missing years 1993-2001 are found and the now very long over-due litigation (of vast left wing cover-ups commence regarding) we can together get musical in Climate Change bipartisan harmonics of the roads yet filled with smaller cars that actually sold and kept selling.  I am not here to tooting my own horn (I actually haven’t had an automobile since I left DC in late 2007) — I am though in the know of a few that after I helped make the Clintons too electable in 1992 “Detroit” could feel the vacuous and just voids in their “leadership” of a deficiency in marketing and character timing and yet found that I had a guidance/direction for them to blend and yet merge for the times as if a grand strategy was yet possible despite them - despite the Clinton Democrats.  I am he who offered a filling fix to this economic and political vacuum to the “American Made” automotive industrial complexes by offering, and with a commitment to cross market a standing with for it, that they should design and produce models as smaller cars yet designed to look like the bigger open road Americana of the 50s and 60s.  I was to such with caveats shared to be to a musical set - the musical demographics.

Yes, when you start to uncover the vast left wing cover-ups by ways of levering to a finding of the too missing years 1993-2001 you can at least have a light heart for those years thought of successes as if “Clintons’ successes” as actually otherwise and of, for example, how such guidance for the American Automotive industrial complexes was to suggesting they design and build what was like anathema to “William Jefferson (Davis?) Clinton” — a contrary a conundrum for the ages for as green as Commander in Chief President Clintons talked they yet walked a gross and much negligent slashing and ruinous defunding by SUPRLUS politics of short term convenience.

It is for all ages that the success of so many new and fun smaller “American” autos didn’t undermine how the low gas prices was yet of Republicans as too socialistic of planned economics while such, however, was the long and proven “American” Jobs Program.  It is for all ages when any becomes no more knowing how at least Clinton Democrats can be down-graded and denegrated even more than even this of a reckless “300″ chiefing.  Ukraine too now may be falling only because of Democrats effected politics and remaking the economics of the known world as if all of it was their own back yard.

I really don’t know what to say or conclude about what seems a ridiculous posture as that of the “300″ as “advisers” and to how any “poetry” of “war” or “peace” seems readable on or between “the lines.”  To the story, as of my knowing and mind, to what you were not likely to ever see in “Bill Clinton’s” “backyard” or “driveway” - Yes I offered guidance and direction to the American big three after having accidentally made Governor William Jefferson (Davis?) Clinton more electable in 1992 than I had fig’d.  Yes, I offered guidance and direction so with caveats to a musical and fusion for youth - but not just young - by offering that we could all hit the road in smaller cars if they were carrying the mantle of the “open road” of the styling of the 50s and 60s stylings.  Such is only one of the ways the Clintons likely hope few find their too missing years for so much of their actually BAD is of regularly of being hidden by so much GOOD of which I was otherwise in real time able to be a part - party to.

Really to find any common ground for Iraq, however now, Americans must find and finally litigate the still too missing years 1993-2001 and for that of Commander in Chief President Barack Hussein Obama’s cover-up attempts via his “strategery” of legal double speak of asking the world not to “relitigate” what yet has actually not been litigated once.  The 9/11 COMMISSION wasn’t litigious and was too “white washingesque” — The 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT remains flawed and dangerously so regarding modern day real time of the entire regions of the Arab world.

Yes, really, Ayn Rand must have, by introducing the subject in her THE FOUNTAINHEAD of architecture of spaces of worship and/or sanctuary, been intentionally to asking her readers to think and think to how better “Holy” structures could and should be designed.

Yes the appropriate imagery to how so many smaller American autos were wrong for “Bill Clinton’s” “backyard” is it is generally accepted that he celebrated his “Bill” as one of big back seats, or no back seats.  Oh, my if you only were aware of how much GOOD the Clintons really are not responsible for though of their times, and, really, if you only already had figured how much BAD is now of and from when it was unavoidably predominantly just their hands on the wheel!

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Today is no day to brush off former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s post Benghazi public comments to a that:  Well they knew they might have to die for me.  An anniversary, and one so at near the age as Mrs. Clinton, is yet time to be a catalyst for truth and to how World War II is about Teddy & Franklin Roosevelt.  Mrs. Clinton, like President Obama was, is at appearing to be one to repeat the mistakes at least of the Theodore Roosevelt of 1910.

It has been long postured of when herds are seen hoofing it, however, across battlefields of yesterdays they are like holier than ghosts as of the spirits of the fallen of those hallowed grounds.  I have always been a private citizen of no official service — I am not the son of a veteran nor a grandson of one.  I, John Peter Hogan, was a pall-bearer for my great uncle Clarence who was a veteran - he had a special heart.  Clarence Leahy, as I recall, was not of the Atlantic side of World War II and to my recollection of war stories was somehow supposedly to have been, if not for the Atomic Bombs, slated to be in the first waves of any to be parachuted into Japan.  More recently I was proud to know of a member of the D Day invasion and as a next door neighbor to my parents. R.I.P. Mr. Cleary.  In the 1980s I knew some of the Ghost Army of Patton’s in their 70s. R.I.P. John Hapgood professional artist & illustrator of New York City and Block Island, and now as I just learned from Google of links for having been so of the Ghost Army and as of The NewYorker.  He had war bud(s) of the inflatable ploy also among his Block Island circles.  While on BI in my teens in the 1980s I was of press exposure in the Block Island Times on occasion as a “summer son” of Joseph V. Connolly Jr. a columnist, at least. As it was I so was by such by JVC Jr. he prided it as if I tied to JVC Sr., his late father of an early death, whom both ran much of Hearst in the years of the dramatization by CITIZEN KANE and so had a Liberty ship named and Christened in his honor.  I for such slept away many summer nights under a picture of such liberty ship and too a photo of Mussolini autographed to JVC. Sr by Benito Mussolini. There are ghosts of war and too of Ghost Armies - I knew some as they lived and breathed.  John Hapgood didn’t mind honey bees living also in his house and as his house was just under the Island’s fog horn and the nearest structure to it - well until that hot summer day he asked to be look at what it turned out was lots and lots of honey dripping through his ceiling.

President Barack Hussein Obama is technically and literally also a man from a Hyde Park.  President Obama did also want to be Rooseveltean and, however so, with a new New Deal now also known for a necessary austerity.  There has been no Calais of a deception of a Fortitude North or Fortitude South in the failures at “economic recovery” by the “governance” of the Democrats of the years of the Obama Administration.  There has been a ton of deception though in Democrat politics at least since 2007.

We can discern a separation from the inflated pretending of the Clintons and of President Obama some by juxtaposing that the Clintons are like the Theodore Roosevelt of 1910 whom seemed willing to bring the pre-Nazi European New Fascism to The United States if that was what it would take to get him a third term, and, that President Obama did try to be like President Franklin Roosevelt, even if only towards the idea that it would be better to pack the Supreme Court with New Dealers for socialism at home.

What is capitalism?  What is capitalism but that civility of tipping caps and standing tall in a societal of agreements in trade in lieu of looting of conquest more of “rape & pillage”?  “Moral Capitalism” isn’t oxymoronic but is redundant — “capitalism” is supposed to be the “moral” way in societal practices in copacetic trading of one willing to part with their “capital” for a good or a “capital idea” like of another’s.  You needn’t a Platonic “utopian” society for wealth to grow and seed generally, and really a “community” needn’t outside money to become richer.  Society by communities needs most just a self valuation for that they can trade for general betterment of a shared space and too for that which they value worth earning for towards agreeing to possess.

Workers in capitalism work at wages of the value the consumers see in their output far more than as of wages to support any profits to he/she/those who organized the idea and potential.  The products are best priced at a value that has wages seeming appropriate to the perceived value (if in materialism) of parting with something of ones for something else that may yet not be essential - essential especially when called in a patriotism to a new NEW DEAL AUSTERITY.  It can be said to be more “socialism” than “capitalism” if a wage is supposed to be of consumers buying something/anythings as at prices so that “workers” just have “jobs.”  Generally speaking, at least for citizens of the The United States of America, any thinking it worth “working” in “socialism” of “jobs” of “wages” set as it the “good” that they are serf to slave for another is still of a potential to have that much work yield more to themselves if spent in growing their own foods and making their own basics - seems.

This June 5, 2014 I awoke and stirred to find an over-cast and rainy morning.  Today I woke to fuller breaths and steps on the 70th Anniversary of the D Day Invasion of World War II. R.I.P. and thanks to the passed and living so endured and enduring.  This a day to more than presume most have been of special hearts however if ever pall-bearers of veterans of special hearts.  I do not know if the story of my great uncle Clarence Leahy is accurate to the if not for the Atom Bomb he was expected to be in a first wave of American to parachute - but I have always appreciated the moral lesson in the story so remembered.

While in middle school in the seventies in New Haven, Connecticut at the East Rock Community School I did enter the school wide oratory contest and with prodding from my father, as I recall, to be an orator of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt by words and the emphasis of his infamous DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST JAPAN “DAY OF INFAMY” speech.  I have been aware of President Barack Hussein Obama as a B.O. of Hawaii himself of Presidential oratory interests since just days before I competed and took second place.  I learned I had to learn to live with and up to being a classmate whom was of speaking in a President’s tongue.  I did though take first place in the science fair in a green energy hydro-electric project I of a team of two was of constructing and presenting.

Again, it is June 5, 2014, an it should live in infamy that it is more that the Democrats rained destruction with their “RECOVERY” before if even it more posited that just President Barack Hussein Obama rained destruction with his recovery.

Again, it is June 5, 2014, and We the People… peopled of The United States of America must bear witness that we have a Senate, at least, with a new committee as a seated of a body of a “… and the New Economy” - OH MY!!!

John Hapgood and my maternal grandfather Arthur M. Menadier did meet through me as of my co-hosting my grandfather’s visit to the house of Joseph and Violette Connolly on Block Island - as the Town of New Shoreham.  John & Arthur were peers who got along fabulously and as my grandfather was a top ad man (Mad Man) of New York of the Hapgoods commercial art years.  But really these too really got along after my grandfather who had started as a Boston area sports writer asked in a perchance if “Hapgood” was of the “Hapgood” that owned the Braves — like to a:  ‘YOU MEAN MY FATHER?’

Neither of my grandfathers were in the services.  I understand that I am of an Otto, Fritz, & Rudolph in Menadiers that came to America and did serve in the Civil War.  I am of uncles that were in armed service - yet maybe without being in “conflict” or “battle” - best I know/recall.  As if the Clintons had in 2008 defeated my attempts to defeat them and had gotten the third term “Teddy” wanted it seems we would have had a more controversial and devastating recovery as them like too as willing to be too as if new fascists (in compromise) than President Obama with their economic team was to attempts to just be too a socialist New Dealer like President Franklin Roosevelt at least by his third term.  It is wise to remember adage ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY despite whomever firstly or most strongly orated such.

My say “summer day” Joseph V. Connolly Jr. had done some piloting in WWII but I know not nor recall not any details or specifics - except that he may have sustained a shrapnel injury when his plane was shot at once.  He was a big band drummer of his youth and as one taught and trained by some of the best of those days — JVC Jr. did for a while front his own big band as BUD CONNOLLY AND HIS BAND.  I think his “bride” Violette did know him since whence then he was a live musician/drummer/performer.

I mean the Democrats more than fairly any “President Obama…” did a disastrous job at “RECOVERY”!  It will live in infamy how bad they got the economics and the necessary “capitalisms”.  The fastest way to have worked a fix of the housing collapsing and the bank scandalous was to work to get the price of gas and energy lower - low again.  Besides that there never should have been in unfairness of bailing out banks without provisional C.O.L.A.s as cost of living stipends yet as part of a green energy climate change politics wanting of higher gas and energy prices.  The Democrats basically tossed much of the middle class and lower more basic extant consumers under the “tanks” of their green revolution — by the “governance” of the Clintons such classes had been motivated in a deceptive patriotism to be of a hyper-consumerism even though on fixed incomes set at lower energy cost valuations.

There was a crisis of valuation by the bad politics at political economics that took capitalism too far to socialism and much because it was written and too far done that most Democrats were on fixed incomes and not set up to be able to afford the cost of living when the Democrats force the energy inflation to it that they couldn’t afford gas and their mortgages, firstly.  To be brief, and at honoring all who sacrificed and sacrifice, it must also be that the Climate Change Global Warming Green Agenda in New Deal Austerity “patriotism” must also be too considered as if of a “green fascism”!  When the Democrats fired their first shots with Al Gore as a global trollopper as a Mr. Science of INCONVENIENT TRUTHS and Mrs. Clinton firstly so boldly for infamy with a front for a third Clinton term the middle class and more deposits and subsistence based had no where to go - had no escape possible.

There never should have been any such assault on the capitalism so by their, at best, “socialism” for it was in the works and probable that had Senator Veteran John McCain had won and been free to proceed a FULL RECOVERY was possible within just a few years.  I was ready and willing to make it be so written and done - I still stand up so in strong belief such was a winning strategy or real potential.

Despite the pressing of sacrifice and available alternatives it still is that for the economy to have so otherwise actually rapidly recovered President Veteran John McCain would have had to take on the banks - the Big Banks however thought still protected by the Clintons, at least.  There never should have been President Barack Hussein Obama’s new New Deal Austerity and wants of a packed Supreme Court of Franklin Roosevelt New Dealers without it that at least while there was a bank bailout there were capitalist stipends in cash or credit COST OF LIVING ADJUSTMENTS so that at least those in the middle class of stretched fixed incomes could then afford the forced inflation by the otherwise Rooseveltean inflated deceptions of President Obama of the guidance by the Clintons’ economic team.

And again, of capitalism, and of moral capitalism a redundant not an oxymoronic, wages in “capitalism” are set to the stand the valuation of selective materialism to consumers by consumers “values” in “materialism” and yet there are perils in “socialism” as when “wages” are seen for “pricing” and “valuation” not in “materialism” but in/for “vanity.”

                                             *       *       *

Note: What follows here in this collection of treatments in economics and politics per John “Peter” Hogan to the first posted here as WHITE COLLARED POSSE as linked also via is but a sampler organized site separate from its brothers and sisters in earlier pressing still available on or otherwise also off of  Thank you all for your service this D Day 70th Anniversary - and too a thanks for all that have fallen yet as though when fighting to keep capitalism at least more dominant than socialism.

Note:  The history of myself as a Citizen Rosebud actually started a year or two before I befriended coincidentally Joseph V. Connolly Jr. on Block Island.  It became more coincidental that I was to myself as more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane before such and yet as it whence then became firstly discovered that Joseph V. Connolly Sr. had been of the first graduating class in 1906 of the Worthington Hooker School I grew up across the street from in New Haven, Connecticut and matriculated through its highest then of forth grade while in 1906 it had opened as a new K-12 public school.

Note:  I did live in Washington DC for nearly a full 10 years - on Capitol Hill in an apartment 7 blocks from the capital - across from Eastern Market and so near about eight blocks from the Marine Barracks on Eight St SE.  I was of a passing of available National Memorial Day Concert tickets from a building neighbor to seating in 1998 or 1999 among the first rows on the house side and so that I could nearly avoid counting stars on the many uniforms around me that night.  I have met and friended many in uniform or of leadership over my years so always a civilian - I even installed new closet doors for NSA Rice before 9/11 and later in the years Iraq was going horribly was of also a door job for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Di Rita’s home - and to a custom doll shelf and some cabinet doors I custom fabricated.

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The stain on the hands of Clinton is the blood on the hands of Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton.  To dramatize a gestalt over the history and periods of Mrs. Clinton we should unsheath a waxing of the spots too stains upon her spouse, and her former boss.  The line of ascension is likewise Shakespearean as a candidacy of Mrs. Clinton needs a duel about the “Bill Clinton” and the “Barack Obama” if only on the battlefield of climate change.

However 2016 may be now staged to be as if a comical round robin of prescribed, and cast talking points scripts, as if of Mrs. Clinton as ofthe next battle for the Presidency so fated to be a battle to discern the differences between the “Bill Clinton” and the “Barack Obama.”  However 2016 may supposedly supposed to be written for Mrs. Clinton it firstly has to be gestaltean in an American fullness as a battle between her spouse and her former boss, and not just when jousting at “Climate Change.”

BARACK OBAMA — President, Former Mrs. Clinton boss, black male, former Constitution Law Professor, Hawaiian…

To cast Barack Obama in a full staging for the political gestalt let us look closely at him for his politics and “economics” of “Climate Change.”  [Climate Change seems to mean different things to the different parties so “Climate Change” is parenthetically used to divine how Mrs. Clinton spouse and former boss are maybe of a common “gang” slang.]  Yesterday he refreshed his character of a shade of green as if he is cast as his “messianic” to be a “hero” that saves the entire world.

{Enter Janet Yellen with her monologue in “economic report” as balanced to accompany, with her suggestions of a “evolution” in the economy, the orated monologue so preachy as if professorial of the “Barack Obama” yesterday with all the weather peeps.}

It is already so written that as per “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” that the “Barack Obama” is here now on Earth as a “Messiah” so to accentuate his positive needn’t we consider that the “Bill Clinton” is an “in the house” rival as an antagonist say to as if he is the “Anti-Christ” to the “Barack Obama” “messianic”?  The “Clinton” in the “Bill Clinton” is plural for the eight years of the priory of the Administration of the Clintons;  To dramatize the “Bill Clinton” as antagonistic to the “Barack Obama” does implicate the “Mrs. Clinton” even too as we now read through as if of their acts as this of their acts just as per their environment first austerity New Deal politics.

The “Barack Obama” as just retaken the stage as if he is pure and righteous at being messianic to being a recognized hero of saving the entire world/planet.  His compatriot head at economic guidance by the Fed Janet Yellen has echoed a fated political economics as if what has been seeming to work in a devolution nearer lay as “failing” is yet to their “gang” self proclaimed as of evolving economics.  Let us herald him in a discerned positive! 

The idealism of the “Barack Obama” now again so center stage and echoing has the gestalt to itself as so his standard and too the standard of the Clitnons Global Initiatives — it is looming large as if doom is pre-fated how the “Obama” “O” flag and the “CGI” prostrated “c’d” stars are of a wholeness empirical in an imperialistic like too the “art” of the Third Riech “Nazi” standard/flag.  There is a sense of doom in such “art” of the “global” as of these three standards even as it it the “Barack Obama” ensign has the happiest global domination graphic of the three.  But what of the here and now of his idealism as by a treatment in the political economics as if “Climate Change” “evolving” “economics” is enough of a “greater good” for all those so long trampled and put out?

The “Barack Obama” economics head now has followed his orated monologue with her own monologue as if an exclamating punctuation to his “Messianic” as if such is acceptable as “evolutionary.”  [The “Anti-Christ” of the “Bill Clinton” is real as the Clinton in the “Bill Clinton” plural of the “Mrs. Clinton” and of their tale of two trillion rashly slashed/cut and so that at least their one trillion extra to be heroes together of an unexpected and thought impossible surplus is haunting now long as having been of them of slashing too many from the lines of budgeted. Just the hyper-consumerism of the Clinton 8 suffices a tag of their economics so haunting as if truly evil as an “Anti-Christ” - however plural’d.]

So the world must really be in danger — the The United States must really be in dire danger due to “climate change” changes.

To cast the “Barack Obama” in a gestalt wholeness as of he at a “messianic” it behoove us to try to look deeply at his character and to firstly try to cast the most positive light on his proclamation from such “heights.”  [Just the extra trillion slashed by the plural’d Clinton of the unnecessary surpluses is enough as of a trillion units per dollar to accumulate a whole lot of “truth” in a “tag” of “Anti-Christ” to the “Barack Obama” “Messiah.”  And, again there is the devilish and irresponsible guidance whence to the teasing and affecting for the unwise hyper-consumerism.]




Echoes of “the end of the world as we know it” reverberate as over-laid as refreshed and buttressed.  The “Messiah” knows the way - he has evolved economics and treasure troves of austerity of his new “New Deal” politics chesty.  Though problems amass around the world and in odd places like Crimea due to what here to fore has seemed a long slog of economic failures too devolutionary we are to persist in his ideological at “evolved” economics as if he and we are “WTF” - as if we are actually “winning the future.”

How are we though to prove our loyalty?  How are all now to better assimilate themselves in a gone “green” partisan that has only those supposed as “Obama Democrats” as in the right?  How are we all now to assimilate while there is yet a suggestion that there is a rival camped “Clinton Democrats”?  How are any to get past the partisan politics where the “Messiah” is right - right to have covered up how wrong the Clintons were/are, and to get past how the whole shebang is posited on the lies and Big Lies that there is a story that “it” was/is an “it” all now necessary for “it all Bush’s fault”?

To now be a “Clinton Democrat” and not yet of a castration or mutilation of the “Barack Obama” as his “Messiah” we need to suppose or presuppose something too assumptive that there can be an “inevitable” “Mrs. Clinton” without her former boss clipped summarily as if a eunuch to her “Patriarchal Clinton” from any moment forward if so whence the “Clinton” anew as officially beset to a “Presidential” proving ground.  {For the sake of “space” we can expose the negative as antagonizing of the “Bill Clinton” now by seeing how the “Barack Obama” “Messiah” is supposedly to ‘GLOW’ in “evolution.”}

“Climate Change” is real and President Barack Hussein Obama is the hero of the times boldly willing to evolve the whole world to save it from killing itself with its climate/environmental/political ignorance.  We have the Messiah to save us and our world.  We have the “Barack Obama” as the nick of time protagonist.  “Climate Change” is a call for us all every where in our known world to be assimilated and to a loyalty with this gift of a leader - the self proclaimed partisan Democrat “Messiah.”

Sounds good to me!!!  So we just need to get with the programming!!!  “Climate Change” is our “march” - our common “purpose”!!!  “Climate Change” is so so so dire and looming that we are actually now of times where the economics are being called “evolutionary”!!!  What is this “Climate Change” - what is the “compliance” needed now for the full and so partisan “assimilation”?  What is the “gestalt” of the graphic art of the standard/flag of the “Barack Obama” “global” imperials?

{PLOT TWISTS:  Right!!! Supposedly the “Bill Clinton” and the “Barack Obama” can both be the heirs of “Jack Kennedy” “Camelot” totalitarian monarchical scheming.  And, yet for these of  “evolution” synopsis it seems one must be “messianic” and the other more an antagonist as an “Anti-Christ.”}

The real “Climate Change” of the “Barack Obama” calls us now to “evolve” with him as loyal subjects in an assimilated compliance.  To be such to the fullest we have to now accept that with his renewal of purpose of his imperial message of dire alarmism his New Deal Austerity must be our new march;  we are all together and called to accept his partisan dire alarmism as our call to obedience and in the “evolved” economics.  Those who have already some complied now too much consider how they can now (prostrate) their household further.









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Da words? Da facts? Da community? An: At whom da Problem da problem? Da Word o’ da Vinci in da Art? Da Problem?

New York City is too global a community and the Ground Zero of The World Trade Towers is too international a meeting place for the new museum of the attacks of 9/11/01 to live as of truth if such still of the lies of the Clintons as truth - at least.

What d’ heck?  Da!  Yes!  The facts jack!  We cannot still endure a false truths of the lies known and unknown of the Democrats polarized partisan politics of the Clintons’ machinations.

New York City is too global a community for any local, of the international, of a mission in curatory, to endear a parity in any interfaith internationality with any such as the soon to open W.T.C. September 11 Memorial 911 Museum to endure as operational.

As world trade is still stifled and suppressed by the economics of politics so gone Green and the politics of partisan cover-ups for the politics of the Clintons these are days forward of a need to expose a party at war with itself — These are days of a civil war afoot in intra-party Democrat vs. Democrat propositions that two contrary histories can yet coexist.

It is important for this discussion to a default Federalism that we express a positive in an affirmative even of a “Da!” to a: Yes! We can, for the sake of digging down to the truths, find a way not to be distracted by Russia and its Putin and to stay a prudent course to fixing the “community” across The United States of the northern continent of the Americas.

It d’ fact o’ Presidency of Obama that he has compromised his own leadership potential from the start by his selfish desire, so expressed, to be particularly to a politics too self centered as a Politics in a personality based presidency.  While ignoring President Putin, as necessary, while digging to truths for a default federalism, we yet can posit that maybe now he is making the same mistake that the first black President of The United States of the northern continent of the Americas did himself make while working to make it all about himself.

President Obama has gotten “community” so wrong!  President Obama worked a “community” so incompatible with his assertions that all change had to be about his he as about himself and always attributable to his “personality”!  Yet, ’tis the “community” so global & international of an operational for a museum at the new W.T.C., forward, that must curate the intra-party strife between words of the Clintons and words of current and future executives.

A d’ problema in the affecting of office of presidency by Barack Hussein Obama is much as how he has been tagged of lacking a philosophy of governance.  In some ways it isn’t too simple to say it ain’t for it ain’t as it a d’ truth it ’tis that like his right hand hasn’t known what his left has been gesticulating.  He may be more of a tenor to contralto base than the Clintons as of a Sopranos basis and while it resonates that federalism is enduring as of a basis in bass & baritones.

A prolegomena to an understanding of the “politics” of the presidential affectings should soundly preface a predicating tonage that though he may have carried some high notes, and even with a mezzo-soprano limited range of Mrs. Clinton (perhaps), that his tune has been flighty and unstable for lacking a foundation in a “community” bass tunage.  He has some been undermined by his said kept “rivals” — yet firstly he is he that though his personality sufficient to “POP” a new messianic beat/word.

As we now try to ignore President Putin it may be best we here too postpone a consideration that it may be for the record of the history of the first black President of The United States of the northern continent of the Americas that he philosophically and religiously lacked a soul - that he Barack Hussein Obama didn’t have “Soul”!

How bad is it that President Obama has gotten “community” so wrong?  As he is of the tail of Baby Boomers and now of the tale of his Presidency is d’ problem he or his times? is d’ problem he did keep his rivals too close and too instrumental in a discord partisan and cacophony of d’ general politics? is a d’ problem for curations that these times are now even more appropriate for a reset (otherwise) to a default federalism?

Da words? Da facts? Da community? An: At whom da Problem da problem? Da Word o’ da Vinci in da Art? Da Problem?

It must endure with any prudent curatory that there is a high justice to consider about the attacks of 9/11 I & 9/11 II and how the Clintons should be tagged.  It must endure that since the attacks of September 11, 2001 did occur after the eight years of the affectings in presidency of the Clintons by their “executive powers” that the “community” so international need field the keyed in the legends of the before even as a gross negligence culpability for the The Clintons may resonate and carry true globally.

It must endure, however, and however unsettling, as even though of intra-party strife to dividing the Democrats as if in civil war, politically, that the “community” need be united to the known and should be known of the The Clintons as of a implication of themselves respecting the attacks of 9/11 specifically because the attacks didn’t happen during their years as Constituted executive Power.

It must endure that the “community” of the W.T.C. and its museum, and all about the other venues of the historical cacophony from Al Qaeda attacks, however successful in brutality albeit yet unsuccessful in Jihad, are of facts of words of the Clintons, and as some such contrary to the code of the Word of the founders as words the Word too of Leonardo da Vinci, that are not endearing as it holds true that that these attacks after their years do implicate them of a culpability, and, too implicate Middle East leaders of the whence when of a shared conscience in their faith they too acquiesced to a imprudent postponement of a rendering of a thought “Justice”!

We are of days now where there seem to be metered a “New Republicans” ready and already of a needed reset otherwise to a default Federalism, and yet still an entrenched “Old Democrats” yet of some new faces stuck when of times too needing a new harmonic more truthful and innocent than that of these not now taggable as “New Democrats”!  President Obama has hung with the Baby Boomer politics of his era!  That President Obama has been as a tail of the Baby Boomer tale in his politics can only some explain he otherwise of seeming lacking “Soul” in his counter productive new nationalisms.

It should endure that the Democrats since 2007, at least, have led either as Clinton Democrats or Obamacrats to far in a bad economic direction and one that has rendered to much suffering by those of its suffrage exercised while marching the beat of a New Deal Austerity in New Nationalism when the times globally were keyed already for a booming otherwise if to a default Federalism renaissance (also in The United States of the northern continent of the Americas.)!

These now are times, so lately, yet of New Republicans already harmonic of a new beat to “POP” a resilient soul of the Soul of the Constitution.  A d’ fence of d’ fault is that we already are ready for an emergent post-Obama reset to default Federalisms.  These are times of the Governors more than the of the The Washington too Nationalistic discordant trenchant — These are times still since a “New Republicans” like dumped the teas where recovery by Republican endearing truths can keep enduring forward in these years of recovery so now long so more accurately told in tales as by the think and work of Republicans as Governors.

But yet where are a “New Democrats”?  A new bi-partisanship will be needed and yet the “Old Democrats” however “Clinton Democrats” or “Obamacrats” have too long persisted in falsities and of a politics so partisan and stinging as if regular only when regular at throwing salt in those wounds they inflicted upon the “Old Republicans” - of those wounds still so much as by lashings and beatings by Democrats at wielding lies, and lies, and more lies?

Da words? Da facts? Da community? An: At whom da Problem da problem? Da Word o’ da Vinci in da Art? Da Problem?

Da!  Yes!  Qui!  It endures however, unknown so broadly, and now as it need be prudently curated that DA FAULT is D’ Democrats’ as devilish in their lies and to their imprudent New Nationalism and Green Agenda in alarmist scares of GLOBAL WARMING - The fault mostly should be to public stocks for d’ Democrats at least for having gone away from default Federalism when such was the RESET that was needed in the economy of the The United States of the northern continent of the Americas, and, and since 2007.

Yes!  Yes, it is too true that the attacks of 9/11, for having occurred after the years the Clintons were the Executive Powers couple’d, endure in ways that shouldn’t endear any to them as such as having happened afterwards does so implicate both them, and some of Islam, whence then of those Clintons’ years, as Middle East leaders.  It is measurable for curation for even the global community of New York City so international at the W.T.C. that the Middle East has been evolving yet in a default Federalism made their own.

Qui!  The economics forward if to un-stifling the Obamanomics, so of economic suppression for the Green Agenda, as too a New Deal Austerity worked in an also unnecessary New Nationalism, that has been in the wrong direction, too for the The United States, and so all these years while so many elsewhere were already harmonic in a renaissance, yet in the other direction to such more as a New Federalism charge/march, now is behooved if to digging deep enough around 9/11 I & 9/11 II to understand the truth that Al Qaeda seems to have succeeded in attacks yet failed in their JIHAD attempts, and maybe because they were of the waiting (to be explained) in the waiting until after the Clintons were no longer in office!

New York City is too global a community and the Ground Zero of The World Trade Towers is too international a meeting place for the new museum of the attacks of 9/11/01 to live as of truth if such still of the lies of the Clintons as truth - at least.

Da words?  Da facts?  Da community?  An: At whom da Problem da problem?  D’ Problem?  D’ Clintons?  D’ Clintons together? R u of d’ problem if u don’t rise as a citizen to ask too of what President William Jefferson Clinton was of thinking and doing (deciding not to do) in 1993 that like so ticked off Osama Bin Laden of a young Al Qaeda

R u of d’ problem if u don’t rise as a citizen to ask too what President Clinton thought would happen following his seemingly having asked Middle East leaders to like: Please do not blame me and just blame Republicans, and, please do not like attack the United States until after I am no longer in office?

Really! Da words? Da facts? Da community? An: At whom da Problem da problem? Da Word o’ da Vinci in da Art?

Da Problem? D’ fault is that we of the U.S.A. haven’t too already been of march of a charge in NEW FEDERALISM?

DA!  TOO?  DA?  President Vladimir Putin of the The Russian Federation whom years ago countered President Barack Hussein Obama’s seeming wrong direction to “socialism” with an admonition even patriarchal that if he did persist the The United States of the northern continent of the Americas could well fall apart into six separate more regional due to resurgent Federalism?

The fault seems now to be parsed between whom is more to blame the Clinton Democrats or the Obamacrats however of the embrace of the Clintons and as said “rivals” and as so as if independent of the Clintons while of their economic team of said experts and so too much of a politics that was limited by a need to cover-up for the Clintons and too somehow persist as if a success only as made possible by the personality of President Obama!

The fault tags seems so true!  And dangerously as too unknown - not broadly known enough!

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It is a beautiful the irrational rationality of the Clinton Democrats tree’d; it is a beautiful irrationally to reconstruct, it, as an objective case study, not a specific subjective study of a case, or cases, of how there are flawed new feminisms in the bark’d vessel Clinton.  A study of an electablility of Hillary Clinton is of a time for feminism where case studies need blossom for any progressive if to be for working girls progress.  As beautiful as an objectivism may now be endowed forward we must set it up, and specifically regarding feminisms - feminisms of the past at least to 1991, so to avoid contaminations from a too personal.

To make a robust and due intellectual making an example of Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton as per any feminism and all feminism of a judicial parity for civil discourse there are elements of modernity of her as at a political vessel of at least the past twenty years of things that have proceeded yet without yet being sufficiently deconstructed as if possibly actually “progressive” and if prudent of a yet (moral) “workability.”

What we’ld be behoven and prudent to put to ourselves if to be objective and intellectual to a predicating of the many issues of Mrs. Clinton, however, is now how to separate the women from the women and the women from too yet past invisible hands in guidance and posturing of women - at least.  We need to make examples for a case study of real issues of these past years at political attempts to be more equal in a progressive feminism without yet making a specific example with actually more confusing subjective viscerals embedded.

Men and women - for boys & girls, at least - must now see their times as times to learn how to talk about women - to talk about women as about Mrs. Clinton, however, and too as women: as grandmothers as single, married, and even widowed; as mothers as working girls as single or coupled as coupled in and/or out of marriage union; as mothers young and mothers old; as women as single in traditional and liberated purviews of their rights and decisions; as women yet as girls still looking for answers and workable examples from the women before them - however familial.

It is more that we are not now of a WAR ON WOMEN yet of a new enlightenment supposed as passing from a dark ages about women and to artfully duty called to CELEBRATING  women - celebrating women with specific case detail of an objectivity as prefaced to prudent budge it consecrated.  Men and women alike - especially for the extant Mrs. Clinton @ #Politics - need now to objectify women so we can talk about women without talking about women.

And, it seems we’ld be prudent if to not naively to waiting for Mrs. Clinton to offer her vessel to facilitate a float for the intellectual objectifying for a reasoned robust critical establishment — seems we’ld be prudent to not wait for Mrs. Clinton to offer a leading - to surrender herself objectively to be made a fully deconstructed example of of her “woman.”

How I have pinned a relativity to my past of feminisms yet in a masculine progressive and suggested such was fundamental and instrumental to much for women, and so with recent essay HAIL MARY! - FEMINISMS? @, we are here yet to also budge an objective case from such that is rightly discussable better if removed of specific subjectives and to a case study of the situational and issuant extant so to objectify women so we can talk enabled about feminism as about women without it about women.

I propose we can quickly dispense with Senator Elizabeth Warren in such talk of women as progressing.  I propose Senator Elizabeth Warren to a too puzzling and of entangled economics nonsense for these purposed of getting to a bottoms up review and deconstruction of modern women. Any discussion of Sen. Warren here would be too much like speaking to a consideration that an imprisoned guilty of a crime is the most electable for the best expert in their area of criminality ‘economics’ but for being so publicly known seemingly in a contradictory.  For she is a good Harvard fellow, like, of an expertise in bankruptcy inequities some it is to confused to proffer a discourse regarding how the reality is that she is of the Democrat Group Think economics that did more to create more work for her speciality as them most responsible for causing the economic & housing crashes specifically.

Yet before we rush at an objectify bottoms up deconstruction of Mrs. Clintons as woman we should sparingly account for some women under woman Clinton as post FLOAR Mrs. Clinton but so beautifully in the richness of controversy of Mrs. Clinton of FLOTUS equality era.  A introduction of Senator Warren would too confuse a case study of woman of Mrs. Clinton for it political too that Warren hasn’t yet ratted on the Clintons for many economics causal to say this “jobless recovery”!  To budge an expedient comprehension of the flaws of feminism we better isolate the woman of Mrs. Clinton since firstly FLOTUS;  to budge such we need to objectify women as unique from Mrs. Clinton but yet of an enabling as if prototypes not off the line in a uniformity to such accountability in a causality too taggable as of Mrs. Clinton’s woman.

It is beautiful the bounty of the vessel Clinton as woman for if to objectivisms by objectifying the problematic still the quantity of her effectings provide a vast and much left wing richness in contrariness to fill out any case study of the feminisms and women of the Union constituted by the People’s Order & it’s amendments at least of the Bill of Rights.  It is beautiful in an objective scientific how full a tree of Clintons’ of women can be even when separated from specific truths and unique guilt otherwise embedded inconveniently if too of a too subjective deconstruction.

So to follow on from the queued up of “HAIL MARY! - FEMINISMS?” at and with this as “HOW TO BUDGE IT?” we should gird ourselves to not war on women but to posture to celebrate and yet in a richness objective accounting of women and the feminisms of the past twenty plus years.  To proceed about a deconstruction and review of women, and objectively, we can intellectualize towards a readiness to discuss women not as the women of specific faults but as women of situationals of a thought progress in a workable progressive while yet inventive and as if women so were more as prototypes than of the line of a uniformity already well figured and measured.

How to budge it - though?  How do we deconstruct the vessel woman of the vessel Clinton at least to affect an objective parity between women and women, and women and men?  How do we account for the culpability of women, as of a flawed from association with Mrs. Clinton, and so if and when of a naivete, and ignorance, yet of the real culpability of Mrs.Clinton, however?

I know I can separate the professional woman of my sister as a woman of these feminisms and objectify her and her story as a case of feminism of the issues and experiments of the times, and, know that I nor thee need to make an example of a specific woman yet as it be prudent to take the lead with the known and unknown culpability of Mrs. Clinton, and specifically fully as of the woman and feminisms since William Jefferson Clinton first brought her to that co-holding of the office of the President as the holding by one of them does by the election of one of them bring the other by election so to a also holding of the office.

I for my years of feminisms in a masculine do have enough water under me to discourse here on feminism and of women of my sister’s professional working girl “woman” to nudge and budge this so far and considerately to the said beautiful possible in an attempt scientific to talk about women now without talking about women, specifically - at least about women in a subjective.

What is already broached - of a breached - is some that I can historically relate a albeit late accounting of my own years effective in a voluntary feminism in my masculine as of years of pro-active and reactive affirmative action not limited to sex - to the sexes.  I can further this issuance if we met out a case study objectivity by comparative analogous renditions of years I can relate to as having been in positive efforts so, and too then as if of a control variable for contrast of a proofing from the negative as of negatives of women - but not just women - when the positive is considerable for the negative effective - as so it establishable as considerable much for an invisible past hand can be seen if years are compared as like since when Mrs. Clinton keyed HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT and my striking since. 

To budge it:  What is already into the breached, of the culpability realm, of woman, of Clinton, is how years of effective affirmative action can be proven, and established as of an extant, as through the years, with due principled striking of the negative yet apparent in an opposite of when such was positive now yet is no longer active, and of those times whence some/one was pro-actively so engirthed as some/one at saving Democrats from Democrats and Democrats from themselves and at least the Clintons from the Clintons.  Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is a flawed woman just in her feminisms - it, yes, can be objectified as a beautiful if filled out as a tree’d case study of learned, however, established in a reasoning about women without talking about women.

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Rendered now a stallin’ - rendering of higher education set asunder - low - base - heated - too heated.

The stoked considerate of the Marxist parlance so heated accrues its dividends of Hades shored.  The Styx so cross’d - OH! It may take “Tiny Tim” to bring us lately to a frank Christmas.

Lew BOND too RED - red Voodoo ember’d.  PRESSURE!  Noel Joel’d noted to conjoined afloat by ferry - - - MO’ DEVILISH than Harper’s or Jubal Early?  They’ll all descend together WILL’D & HILL’D pilloried but LOUIS CYPHER’D?

Yes Virginia, however your ANGEL HEART, there is a Clinton penitence due.  From Norfolk to Arlington ghosts a stirring fo’ Justice haunting and yet fo’ all some lately to Justice rendering.  The TERRIBLE haunting of the Clintons’ 90s - no TRICK nor TREAT — the banding skirting of the Clintons served and dished an economic diabetes.

The bones, economic, of the skeletons’ marrow of the Clintons’ closet of them of seizing the days by not seizing the MOMENTS for Posterity & Tranquility.  I ghost these out with TREATS of past Virginian TRICKS of ollies and curb hops from about a few VA ASYLUMS — The old and gone likely still spiriting ASYLUM - WAKE, SKATE, SNOW board shops I did original contracting performance there abouts and specifically within.  I can tell the devilish tales about the Clintons to the crash as from their machinations that set asunder a better economic and to a nation beset with phat of a too fattened economic as if diabetes.

The e.g. like i.e. for Virginia to specific diagnosis and forensics of the Clintons’ economic culpability are of my hands whence about the metropolitan DC area and secured in the economics of Potomac steel, at least.  I bore witness in the Virginia economics of old especially how the GREEN ENERGY campaigning by Democrats did spike the price of gas and decimate housing economics whence such commenced and persisted.  The price of gas did trigger the diabetic crash of the housing crisis;  I witnessed the politicized too subjective market influence on the price of gas as with and by GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM while still in and around The Commonwealth of Virginia.

I was of much welding for the original Virginia ASYLUM - for the first store design & build out I bought a basic ark welder & taught the carpenter builder me myself to its accomplished original fabrications.  For the second store and further design developments for display apparatus I was to upgrading to a basic mig welder.  Potomac Steel is where I bought most, it seems, of the raw material for the skate board stores that I did design and build outs for or just accessorize later.  I, by myself, was too busy to be the contractor for all the additional stores for the old ASYLUM chain.

I have done my penance for having towards 1992 been to making the Clintons more electable than I meant to even though to top Democrats I had said I would be to making them electable if they were to learning how to sound like me.  I had to fix much of what they got wrong while of much you all liked as right that wasn’t of their fattening of the general Welfare synthesized politics of my integrated marketing conceptualized;  I did help President Bush fix, for years, so much of the bad inheritance he had fall about his Presidency as from the devilishness of the Clintons’ selfish spousal politics.

The first trigger to the housing collapse can be said to be so near to the launch of HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT that it may be most fair and just to tag HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT as the GROUND ZERO of the housing collapse.  It is though more political, though, that it may firstly have been the INCONVENIENT TRUTH alarmism of the Clintons’ Vice President.  It is though more speciously apropos that alone the alarmism of Al Gore couldn’t have triggered the housing collapse by triggering a too subjective market pricing for supplies of fuel and gas;  It is more seriously considerate that HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT could have triggered such diabetic seizure alone without any INCONVENIENT TRUTH, and, that Al Gore didn’t light the Clintons’ candle - - - It is essential of CLINTONOMICS that it was of a political economics as at burning the candle from both ends at once.

From the witnessed onset of the Clintons’ Housing Bubble Crash forward the mathy econometrics start with the price of gas.  As I was of Virginia commerce and communing from DC Capitol Hill basis I as a welder of steel purchasing saw quickly how drastically a change in the price of gas could change the price of material and supplies.  I saw quickly that my material costs were to exceed the market price for work to be affordable in the retailing ASYLUM skateboarding commerce.  I could easily lean on my Villanova University BA in Economics learnedness & years of associated extra-curriculars and discern a concern for those pimped by the Clintons into such as their diabetic hyper-consumerism not limited to the risky loan housing bubble.  It was simple math then, and still, how the Clintons set up and triggered the devastation of the housing collapse.  As a contractor self employed and about such material use of the raw products as retailed by Potomac Steel in Virginia I saw quickly that the price of gas could near over-night double the price of material.

The Clintons are no longer like the ANGEL HEART Louis Cypher and hidden from even the ghosts of their originally covert setting asunder of ADAM SMITH more conservative and working economics.

This is not a 2013 limited edition TRICK OR TREAT retrospective.  It is that I advised President Bush to not try to fix the economy and housing mortgage market whence he felt progress in Iraq via OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM afforded him time to focus on attempting to then safely repair economics of his day.  It was that I warned him that then about 2006 he should limit himself to postponing a collapse as it seemed the economy was set to crash if he attempted to fix it.  The politics some were that as well if he attempted to fix the economy and not just postpone a collapse as long as he could he would be politically attacked by the Clintons’ political machinery and to serious blows to progress in Iraq.  It was so, YES, that I saw the collapse coming and with no way for President Bush to fix it as long as at least Speaker Pelosi stayed so obstinately at defending the spending cuts of that unnecessary extra trillion cut of their popularity chase.

It is nonsense to speak of the Bush TAX CUTS as causal to the housing collapse.  As you are now being told by Democrats, indirectly, such debt isn’t such a bad thing - at least if it is theirs.  The Clintons’ SURPLUSES of that extra trillion cut did, though not justified nor wise, sufficiently and politically justify the Bush TAX CUTS.  It wasn’t until the Clinton inheritance became more clear on 9/11 that it began to seem that the Bush TAX CUTS were irresponsible.  Until the reaping was about of the sowing of underfunding to unpreparedness set deep with the PEACE DIVIDENDS and more cutting of necessary and prudent budgeted programs it was that really the CLINTONS’ SURPLUSES fully justified the BUSH TAX CUTS - though, again, such vast extra cuts for stimulus political popularity were not justified.

The devilish camouflage that rendered the Clintons’ spousal selfish politics as covert have been at least partly shed and decoded.  It is now quite overtly upon them like feathers justified for them as tar and feathers whence would have been standard and effected justly.

The Devil is in the details.  The price of gas spiked because of the politics of the Democrats’ campaigns including Al Gore as Mr. Weather with global alarmism.  As a purchaser of steel in Virginia I did quickly see that the price of fuel/gas first increased the production costs about the acquisition of the ores and then increased its valuations through the energy costs of the smelting and rolling or pressing before yet spiking its eventual wholesale and retail values by ways of transportation costs maximization as for accounting for fuel use by mileage related to shipping weights.  Hillary Clinton promised to seize all the profits of all the oil companies - that was too much devilishness - the details are forensic and archived that the blood of the oil as the suffering of the displaced is her’s even more than her spouse’s, and yet, still maybe less that Al Gore’s as Mr. Science alarmist.

The diabetes the Clintons worked into an otherwise stable and growing sound economics was of phat pimpin’ in a hyper-consumerism not limited to the risky loaning for a housing bubble.  President William Jefferson Clinton is guilty of selling PEACE for a People phat-ness that too rendered a fattening of the individual people;  It has been reported that The United States of America experienced such an increase in average body weight under the leadership of the First Couple Clinton that the nation could be to spending a trillion dollars less in healthcare costs if the People could get back down to their pre-Clinton averaged from individual people’s body weights.  Economically Bill Clinton was loved for being less of Hillary Clinton cooking and more as if of two super-sized BIG MAC meals a day - or per seating.

The devil in the details of the Clintons’ Presidency is that nearly no PEACE DIVIDENDS should have been justified - - - that PEACE was being challenged by obviously long simmering caldrons about the Middle East and post Cold War politics.

When the phat of the Clintons economics met with the seizure dangers of Hillary Clinton rising it was firstly most evident likely in the steel markets as such is so carbon and carbon fuel dependent/heavy.  But the Clintons had addicted too many to a lazy devilish sloth and envy while discipline and religious education were needed for the not peace boiling up.  The CLINTONOMICS was of hyper-consumerism much for people of Democrat Party blind faith and long of life and American DREAMING but while mortgaged and fueled on fixed incomes.  When the price of gas started to climb there was a time uncertain of believing it wouldn’t stay around because OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM had finally brought sufficient stability back to international oil markets.  It was reasonable to discern a political understanding that there was while of President Bush not real expectation that Republicans would let gas prices keep climbing towards the 2008 elections, if they could help it.  The last thing any Republican wanted or cared to abide was high gas prices at the time of the 2008 political deciding.  The Democrats on the other hand had means, motive and opportunity to\ and for higher gas prices to effect such days of deciding — the shorting though is still to covered/covert about how even so the Democrats’ high gas prices were feared then to not be to enough economic CRISIS to assure a 2008 Republican beat down.

The Democrats did reign too much as if Hades were their lot - - - the River Styx should have been more clearly accounted and twained.

For those of CLINTONOMICS loyalty it is all TRICK AND NO TREAT.  For those on fixed incomes of the buy-ins about Clintons’ hyper-consumerism it wasn’t long after the price of gas climbed that it was too late for them after having budgeted firstly, and of doubts as if it could be now so high and yet to stay and climb higher.  The econometrics is still mostly unfigured and unaccounted per the culpability of the Clintons and at least the ghosting repercussions of their gross under-funding.  Whence the price of gas stayed so high and heated by campaign rhetoric in such a too great a too subjective it became primarily that homes budgeted on fixed incomes had to choose between paying for gas to get to work or to pay their mortgage, and before it all metastasized more as if an economic cancer though however started as an economic phat’d diabetes from the reckless stewardship of the Clintons with their fattenings. 

The ghosts of the Clintons’ TREATS AND TRICKING are much ghosting Virginia from Norfolk to Arlington.  It is a decoded once covert shenanigans no longer disguised by any cypher.  They are quite for Posterity as if two together each as an officer of Louis Cypher transgressions.  The Clintons have largely been guilty of bringing President Obama low as by cover-ups — that they have together been apparently covered merrily is now as if a clear skeleton of the bones of the collapse has been pulled from their closets.  It is that the Clintons have a public record that undermines the Obama covers for them as tricked out to suggest it was all Bush’s fault — the very mass and size about their cover-up shenanigans suggest that they feared themselves belonging in Hell, or jail, as politically it remains ridiculous that such a politics to cover-up should have been dramatized if there wasn’t a whole lot of personal culpability to disguise.

Eventually, though, yes, and as now is kinda late, the curtain of the calamity of what once was theirs more covert and coded in disguise has become plain and exposed from however once thought safe “cloak and dagger” political economics.  The Clintons have no where to hide - they have no where to hide now.

In Virginia, yes Virginia, it did become quickly calculable that a crash was coming;  I am still proud of my advise to President Bush to warn him to just a postponing of it, and to avoiding any attempts at a fix.  Eventually the price of transportation for all retail items climbed too, and with such the due matching higher retails that then made saving mortgages impossible for so many that bought into the Clintons’ reckless hyper-consumerism.

Rendered now a stallin’ explained - a rendering of higher education set asunder - - - low - base - heated - too heated?  Really!


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We are here today to raise Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania, not to praise him.

There are few others more responsible for confusions that led to Senator Richard Santorum having lost his last Senate race.

Top of such list is the confusion that spread while spewed by Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and as well Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania.  The Pope for having said something instead of more or nothing may actually so as per Senate seats caused loss for Santorum as to be tops.

Working from memory now this morning I think I will be hitting the issues near enough in proper order and so with fair relating to how it can be, though only maybe because of the Pope, that Senator Richard Santorum did get “Murthanized.”

This is a day I am maybe due a search pane primary keyword probing even just with “Kerry.”  I should have a lot already said towards much of these matters, somewhere, that speak to how Senator Kerry dumbed down all of Middle East politics while specifically then of efforts long and tiring to make Iraq seem of Operation Iraqi Freedom for a singular simplicity too elementary and parochial.  We can all use a refresher now that it is more obvious that Iraq and Operation Iraqi Freedom were never as simple and reducible as made out to be by Senator John Kerry.

Senator Hillary Clinton is basically, intellectually, a non issue as per Operation Iraqi Freedom - she flip flopped so many times and after an early acknowledgement of lack of due diligence specific of having voted without having read the intelligence estimates.

Recently I recalled and re-posted comments specific to my understanding of content of the Pope’s remarks prepared and delivered for American Catholic audiences and others.  Recently I wrote again, as I was regular to while Senator Santorum and many others were being “Murthanized” in chorus with monotonous and elementary beat of Senator Kerry of Massachusetts.  Just recently I pointed out just one of many ways this Senator from Massachusetts was wrong in dumbing down Operation Iraqi Freedom and most of Middle East geo-politics.  I recently included now old thoughts that the Pope’s message about Catholics not having a duty to support war in Iraq or “Operation Iraqi Freedom” as Catholics was in part needed so that President Bush wouldn’t seem to be engaged in Holy War but as well just an otherwise parochial instruction to American Catholics that as Catholics they had no special duty calling them to go into a sovereign Muslim country to help bring justice to a Muslim majority from a Muslim minority.

It is considerable and suggestible that some or more from Massachusetts should have been objecting to their Senator’s very partisan and excessive politicization of United States of America efforts as regards Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Senator Kerry did more to dumb down the issues and complexity and while willful in a political battle may joined no more greatly than by Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania.  Today Senator Kerry’s efforts could be illuminated best in retrospect by suggesting he was as smart as a little boy proudly announcing to his mom and neighbors that he had invented a better wheel and while walking around with a square “wheel” in a too public “show n tell”.

But for the Pope’s instructions that failed to get the thought due, but maybe specifically due to champions in a dumbing such as Senator Kerry and Representative Murtha, we have that Senator Santorum got “Murthanized” more than “mislead” by the Pope.  The Pope did confuse matters by not offering to American Catholics that otherwise than as Catholics they might have a duty to Country as Americans and its legacies and reliance on jurisprudence and precedence.  But, if not for the massive efforts of just Kerry and Murtha in their partisan and polarizing political dumbing down the Pope’s opinions might have been better considered and more thoroughly thought through in public arena and electoral contests.

It is ridiculous now still to embrace “Bush lied - soldiers died” as if it were the be all and end all that was all we were needing to know and yet, and yet that is much the key to the beat that saw not just Senator Santorum get “Murthanized.”  Senator Kerry and a big Marine in his song and dance - he had Representative John Murtha, “Marine” - “War Expert.”

I guess most of my blogging on this when it was all new and most dangerous and concerning is archived with and  I was a regular strong commentator on threads then with efforts to keep it real - I was never one to like Senator Kerry of Massachusetts since Operation Iraqi Freedom started, at least, at least nearly, for he acted crassly like a turn coat and too political after the commitment to be in Iraq started.  When you look back he doesn’t look so heroic - a look back has him too seemingly of sufficient briefing before vote to have addressed all issues before we had committed troops and yet of a waiting until after President Bush was committed to be of the proverbial pulling of a rug from under such.

It did seem Senator Kerry did more to undermine Operation Iraqi Freedom and the expected and needed confidence of at least a majority of Iraq than any other than say Representative Murtha.  We have that Massachusetts’ Senator seemed to want an anti-war revival more than a well run Operation Iraqi Freedom and that his efforts suggestive of a cut and run did end up making our agreed on efforts for Iraq take longer and cost us dearly much more.

It just seems ridiculous to still consider that Senator Kerry’s perspective and summations “educated” or “intelligent” - though that they seem of a pining and romance want for a new anti-war era to recall his earlier post-war anti-war past - as that though that we have learned Iraq was as complicated and as much a tinder box as per Iran and nuclear power and sectarian strife with the history of Saddam Hussein actually of having years sent his Shiite subjects off into Iran to kill their Shiite brethren, and be killed by them.

Senator Rick Santorum lost his last Senate seat mostly because he was “Murthanized” and while Catholics were still not provided fair media coverage to discuss that the Pope’s message wasn’t conclusive to their “American” duties.  It is complicated for President Bush could be said to have had a duty to comment on the Pope’s directives as per Iraq and for even Pennsylvania Catholics - but not necessarily easily without there then too great a risk that Operation Iraqi Freedom could seem as if a crusade or Holy War.

At least now more know that both Senator Kerry and Representative Murtha were not at the top of their game, and shouldn’t have been playing political games so with our brave of our Armed Forces - and as that they had time to have objected before we became committed and didn’t have to start undermining the efforts just days after it commenced, for real of actual realities. 

But as per Santorum’s Pennsylvania we should ask them now if it was the Pope’s message to American Catholics as equal and the same as all Catholics or more the “Murthanization” of a Marine turned anti-war activist and yet still a “war expert” too complicit with dumbing down by Senator from Massachusetts John Kerry.

2006 & 2007 were busy years for blogging to counter some of the above ridiculousness - real quite so, so much so it may explain best why there was a mirror on cover of TIME magazine the year before President Putin so adorned “Person of the Year” issues.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:30 pm

[This piece is original to  6/03/2012]

The important equity figure is near 6 Trillion.  When President Obama took office there was a reported 6 Trillion available but sitting idle in private holdings.  When President Obama took office he may still have not realized how unfair it would be that some made it look far easier for Clintons to be First Couple in administering executively during their 8 than it actually was for those years.

Though there was a reported 6 Trillion of private equity available at the time President Obama took office there was little he could do with it as a new Democrat now to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND & THEN TAX for after the first round of new Dem spending private equity was smart enough to see their mattresses as offering better “return” on investment even if only offering zero return.

Besides it is quite unreasonable and not preposterous or of an injustice to note that the Clintons were made to be better than they were for of a time others were making it be too easy, relatively speaking of the challenges of those years, and seem easier to be a successful President than the work of the Clintons can explain, still.  No it may not be fair to Obama that it was made to look far easier to be President those years than the actual workings for America now will attest.

President Obama did come into office and move from old Dems “TAX AND SPEND” to a more progressive and irresponsible “SPEND, SPEND, SPEND & TAX” loose affiliation with limiting principles and financial prudence.  He did come into office with a reported 6 Trillion in private equity available for investment if a profit could be reasonably and justly expected.  He did come into office where that 6 Trillion was beyond he reach and reasoning as of private wealth.  He is still in an office limited to spending mostly on a basis for revenues from profits or income or capital gains.

Yes, GREAT WALLS can make good neighbors.  Yes fences have also been to expressions that they too make better communities. Yes, President Obama had mattresses offering at zero predicted return more reasonable return than “investing” in an Obama economy - and so while he without “wealth” or “property” taxing that in America is kept to the preserves of much more local governance revenue long arms of collections.  Our federalist system with its different revenue collection methods does act like a fence or wall to defend our confederated republic and enumerated and protected freedoms and rights - and as well a general Welfare in common sense.

Yes, it is reasonable to have at least considered that President elect Obama would have known of Nixon and the lesson most are if in politics supposed to take away about it being the cover-up that should ruin.  But President elect Obama did commence to President Obama with clear efforts that can only best be described as of an attempt to cover-up for the Clintons.

Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet? 

I don’t remember when the BIG DIG finished in Massachusetts nor when its vast sums of other states people’s money stopped flowing in excessive sums into such state, and, nor do I recall when the DOT COM BUST happened and how it directly effected the tech corridor about Boston and Massachusetts’ economy in general.  These both seem to be big factors of a relevant chronology precedent to Massachusetts having Mitt Romney as a Republican Governor.  For his state to have been at 51st place for job growth I am guessing that I am correct in remembering such preceded his governance.

2012 really is seeming to be a year where people will be wondering again about the Clintons and their 8 years and finally maybe to realizing that they still don’t know how they were successful with many of their sold “successes” and be to relating with such as it seems clearer now that they have failed in attempts to help Dems with President Obama effect a repeat.

Yes, it may be unfair still to President Obama that the Clintons were made to look better than they were and that those difficult years were made to look as if of an easy street of easy governance for our Executive leadership.  Yes, it may be unfair that so many let it be thought that it could be that easy to be President.

Our income and profit based federal revenue system may be all that saved us from this over-reaching initiated by the Clintons and carried further and too far by the Executive governance of Obama.  Our states and localities have the authority to mend and/or maintain their “communities” and “civility” with “wealth” and “property” taxation - the new Dems proceeded with policies that needed “wealth” or “property” taxing power to “redistribution” - the new Dems by trying to do such still with a profits or income or capital gains limited authority did self construct a wall or fence between their ideals and their workability.

It may go down in our future history books that President Obama’s biggest mistake was his work so polarizing and partisan in a political with a capital “P” to attempts to effect a cover-up for the Clintons.

Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?

His efforts at job killing have been far stronger than his efforts to job creation and his “save” of GM may have been more about trying to effect a political remaking of such company than a “financial save” of such.

We still have that before he commenced with his GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM platform to green energy we had as precedence that a similar green energy political push in Spain had cost at least two old economy jobs for each one new “green” job created.  We have that there was precedence to expect that Obama meant to cut more jobs than he planned to create and multiples so for his aggressive politicizing was mixed with an austerity message with a call to a great new conservationism such that Americans should honestly have been warned by President Obama to expect that his furtherance of Dem ideology was set to actually kill off at least three to four jobs for each of the new politically correct green jobs.

We can thank our founders and later geniuses who limited our federal government spending to revenues bases so on profits or income or capital gains.  This doesn’t help President Obama with Dem ideology or actually help  further the attempts to cover-up for the Clintons but it did allow people free economic expression and even a shift if of investment equity to otherwise shift plans to long term development where losses would be planned for next 4 - 8 years but with enough profit to be expected there after if it then seemed safe and/or profitable to be at least so endeaverous within American borders.

But have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?

Have you also yet considered that a national or federal effort to a new growth economy may do now more harm than good and that Americans now have to find ways closer to home and for a while more with any “redistribution” debate kept to where “wealth” or “property” taxation the revenue basis for community maintenance and civility bolstering?

Yes I do believe the reports that there was near 6 Trillion in private equity sitting available and hungry for rational investing to reasonable returns for risk.  I do believe that Dems some how missed that their ideology and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND & TAX new ways forewarned capitalists to days where their mattresses likely would be a better “investment” and for a while.

They were the good guys and gals and yet well it was that private equity capitalists were supposed to be the bad guys and gals.

I still have no idea how the Dems did expect their “economic” ideas to actually work - it still seems clear that their aggressiveness was meant to cause this very economic condition and its austerity/conservationism.

I still have no idea how the Dems while attempting a cover-up for Clintons did expect any Republican to naively partake in a bi-partisan self destructive politics.

They tried the claiming to themselves as being the HEROES and the job creators of private sector as the VILLAINS.

Our Internal Revenue Service was supposed to get the funding for new massive armies of tax collectors - and yet since our federal revenues are not of a basis from “wealth” or “property” such was as self defeating as so much else of Dems’ ideology.

I still have no idea how Dems did think it would have worked if it could have worked - especially since it seems to be working exactly as it should have worked with so much “political” and “socialistic” injected preposterously and unjustly into and about our economy.

I don’t know about MARX as per “KILL LISTS” his - I did learn a new phrase this morning from Andrew Sullivan seemingly quoting Cardinal Dolan - I did realize this new term and its usage suggest a call to consideration to due process and as of an innocence until a guilt proven.  When you hear “preposterous and unjust” phrase do you first assume guilt or do you suspect a denial of due process or prejudice of a prejudgement maybe as unfair as that which its usage proffered regarding?

As per the Dems misplaced ideology and practice these past few years we have that Dems as a class of subjects can be said to have caused the economic down turn while as an individual suspect President Obama more insulated and isolated though clearly of a willful association. 

A SIT REP now beyond the cover-up problem President Obama has with the rival class in his cabinet inclusive of at least a party to “two-fer” in person of Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is that which is of his foreign policies of so much denial of due process and soft money redistributing.  But this is punctuated in ways due clear emphasis.

A SIT REP now beyond the cover-up problem President Obama has with the rival class in his cabinet inclusive of at least a party to “two-fer” in person of Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is as well is an election year oddity especially for the Clintons that had half their supposed Hollywood friends rat them out as “BIG LIARS” and now as with fatality reports regularly still flowing as evidence as failures in a Diplomacy we have a messaging somehow still allowed near:  Hillary lied and lies and soldiers are dying - Wow, what a great job Hillary is doing.

A SIT REP now towards 2012 deciding now must encourage a less Marxist BLIND FAITH in Obama Diplomacy and get around to asking if we were once recently of Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts of regular disloyal assertions to his anti-war revival efforts of an earlier Communist scare so with “Bush lied soldiers died” how long can we now still tolerate the indiscriminate political “diplomacy” so partisan of Madam Secretary of State but as also to a “Hillary lies - more soldiers are dying.”?

How did the Clinton economic team embraced by Obama White House as if it were the expected inevitable return of the Clintons fail?  It can be said that their economic policies should have brought us all just here but that isn’t how they are telling their own stories.  We have that if they could have back in 1993 they would have commenced earlier to this mess - it seem that they by not learning by those easy times that they yet still can hardly well explain do now seem still to fail to understand what was the “successes” of those years.  The Clintons and their “experts” have for years shown an ignorance about their own said successes, oddly.

We have that we could have had this fine mess in their first term if they had managed to have their way then - and so quite so much because our federal revenues are not based on “wealth” or “property” but are responsive to motivations of the People and their willingness to associate and cooperate economically.  We have that the People likely would have gone on strike as well against such Dem “management” back as early as Clintons’ first term if they had managed to have had their way whence then.

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[This piece original to  9/14/2013]

First order of business now is healthcare.  Recently there have been reports quite contrary as “new” with the reports of old as per the fundamental thinking and politics of President Obama.  To that President Putin is now at times heckled for punk’in President Obama this may all just be a presser for a coming schooling on how Obamacare, by Putin’s “American”, is actually Un-Constitutional by the First Amendment.

Before we get to where such President can go next - can next punk President Obama per his Socialism - it is most pressing and critical that the first reports from the White House Press Room were not bolstered with a notation that President Obama did just for precautions political have a full mental health examination.  It is that there is a new Obama now fundamentally and elementarily contrary to the old Obama - it seems he may have just changed his mind - not lost it.

To what Stalin may have to do with this:  It seems Stalin did actually tear down a Moscow Cathedral and towards a permanent enshrining of himself with so a less “sanctuary” quality.  As President Vladimir Putin is now fashioned politically fittingly for his times more religiously traditionally it seems it has been he more than President Barack H. Obama that has been lifting and raising up “church” while it President Obama quite to putting them out of business with Obamacare.

The First Amendment of the Constitution that unites the states in a loose federalism workable around the world for most reasonably sized States does stand apart though exceptionally as it for Americans is of a freedom of religion that is not at all a freedom from religion as originally reasoned.  Obamacare fundamentally decimates the First Amendment.

It seems President Obama has been as by ACA coughing up of a rushed most desired tool for a new nationalism has proven himself more as if a Stalinite than as of a Christian “messianic.”  There is existential jurisprudence in the First Amendment that for now is still not yet of the Supreme Court challenges to “Obamacare.”  Essentially the Supreme Court hasn’t yet been asked to rule past “it’s a tax” of a bully power of the Executive and Congress in case of a need to like wage war on health and to rule if such were to be institutionalized as if a permanent new federal Power it then would be essentially and elementarily in real and critical conflict with the First Amendment as an essential structural node of what is Constitutional and “American.”

President Obama cannot have his (Stalinistic) American new New Deal foundation with “Obamacare” as permanent without such being in violation of the pragmatic and essential of the Constitution as affirmed by the Bill of Rights and especially just the First Amendment.  It is a civil procedure jurisdictional conundrum of the enduring affirmed paradigm of freedom from one’s Creator that renders Obamacare a souffle sunken and ruinous — Our national federal government by our Freedom of Religion - not from religions - cannot be to a permanent institutionalization of healthcare (covering) without being violate of the People’s rights and states’ autonomy about “faith” and even the moral pressures subscribed about the seven deadly sins and their important civic imports.  Obamacare is a civil procedures wreck about the US loose federalism foundation for and in morality by the People.  The First Amendment secures to the People a greater right than for Congress in much if not all of an “interpretation” of God’s will.  It is too atheistic how Obamacare seems actually on a road to be “permanent” as if the Congress otherwise is of the authority to interpret and rule over the People and their spirited communities as to what is an establishment of religion - as to the seven deadly sins and their moral imports and all tenets of religion a ministering is to Power of for at least effective local community based unity with peer pressure.

Our exceptional American establishments are still Constitutionally secured as by the recent DOMA and Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court rulings - our Constitution did with these decisions scroll out a deeper understanding of a lacking of standing for Obamacare if as to a permanent new “institutional” as it is that such has with such shown a fundamental and elemental contrariness of the enduring Right being of the states as to the jurisdiction of the seven deadly sins as writ large to be a or the bulwark of communities, not a nationalism.

American exceptionalism may be of a political jeopardy these days as embraced by editorializing by President Vladimir Putin to be illuminative of President Barack Hussein Obama as maybe too Stalinistic or too of a state secular atheism.  Putin may beat Obama to the elementary and fundamental new messianic of the global trends about a new federalism, however American in historical origin, and so too be again able to punk @BarackObama on the world stage about the American First Amendment limitations as bars for the United States of America from Socialism and Stalinism.

Obamacare by way of the politics of President Obama has been to be a threat to religion and the existential and metaphysical community and social securing for communities as by a structured around religious nodes for sanctuary.

As Thomas Paine grew up a “doubting Thomas” necessarily he somehow came to feel destined or too Jobian of a fate to write large and generally about common sense and effectively fundamentally as seated firstly inescapably from a sensical about pain and a danger from ignoring or doubting pain.  President Obama has been quite too idealistic in a escapist high-falutin as he has steamed up and down our rivers of politics.  There are Siren calls for the ship of Obamacare and unlashed Captain President Obama - he is not allowed to permanently institutionalize a federal power to have people of the Peoples’ secured communities of rights from their Creator where a citizen (now “subject” so (reconstituted) but) can visit a doctor - a National system doctor say for a Prozac to over-ride or trump the peer and ministered moral righteous “pressure” of his community and its civic foundations.

Our economics are secured only when fashioned or permitted to still be of the religious sanctuaries as essential and critical nodes of the constituted and consecrated long as enduring and exceptional as “American.”

Obamacare must fall if set now past a taxing right to bully a better way for all forward to a permanent federal institutionalization.  Obamacare is Un-Constitutional for it is violate of the necessary sanctuary for sanctuaries religious by the First Amendment bar of Congress from making any Law that would give it more authority than the People or the states at interpreting the tenets of religion - any establishment of the founders Christian God - any moral community pressure around “sin” and repercussions due of from just peer pressure by way of a “community” enduring constituted under God and the seven deadly sins. 

The Federal Government by the American Constitution doesn’t have the right to trump the states as per the health of those that have decided to call such their home state.  President Obama by the already existent Supreme Court challenges to the unaffordable Affordable Care Act has only a short term power to bully the states for not having like already competed with Massachusett’s and to a state based more moral covering of all their residents as at least by a Romneycare.

It is troubling that Candidate Governor Mitt Romney too missed the essential importance of sanctuaries religious as critical and fundamental nodes for a workable economic for America - it is remembered that Candidate for President Governor Mitt Romney was too to much too of a seeming desire to Un-Consitutionally bully the exceptional American People people.  Mitt Romney deserved to not win the Presidency as soon as he was to promising that he would repeal Obamacare and replace it with Romneycare. 

Romneycare is not a national workable solution either - it is only Constitutionally workable as a state solution. 

And, yes I am still of my reasoned opinion and a faith in it that economically speaking our sanctuaries are fashioned as critical nodes even around healthcare for all morality - that essentially the only just, right & nationally Constitutional “affordable” reformation is to be protestant and regular in practice to an urban and suburban new “community” figuring so as if a Count not a Czar the apropos to a new economics of a COUNTY-WIDE not COUNTRY-WIDE revolutions for healthcare (covering).

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[This piece original to 12/20/2011]


For sake of the season let us not this morning parse words - Holiday words too much - let us not get lost about LITTLE PRINCE or “born king.”

We should ease our way this dawn smoothly with due transitions to new and better ways - we should think still about princes, and even a modern Machiavelli - Machiavellian.  Tis the season - ’tis the season again where we have too much charity.

Please, in light of all such charity about, and so many Princes want to bees, or wanna to be King, we do live in a small world - a world where our 99% maybe be like a 1% itself to peoples deep in China or areas near enough - east - northeast - west - and north.  Where is Machiavelli to explain now how to redistribute the “havings” of our 99% as equally to those that fairly, if they only knew - if they only knew enough - that can call themselves of a 99%?

To understand this problema and political diaspora mostly Christian, though, we maybe should look at one not a King too charitable and too willfully of a persistent meddling - one that has involved himself as if only charitable and yet with a very complicate past that touches much on New York State and Arkansas as well.  No I am not talking about compromises of Cuomo, well not specifically here yet - I am not even much talking about a former New York State Senator, a recent carpetbagger who essentially started running for a different and higher office near as soon as swore first to New Yorkers.

We have a puzzle this holiday to frame so many family histories and surround so much yule time conversation, we have a few puzzles all in some way or another pixelating personally with flash cards just for President Clinton.  For the sake of this column we can picture him as a one man North Korean human “computer” “graphic” pixelation with cue cards too “charitable” this season and generally for ours or any “growth economy.”  Sort of like the wonderment from last Olympics opening ceremonies but a one man show - wrong especially for our modern economy and times, here at least.

We could look to a new book that invades New York politics with a  discussion of compromises of Cuomo coverage but yet we are left wondering on just one man, a past President, now too charitable globally, without enough history in Arkansas, Washington, or New York to see that just all local citizen peoples could get a less dependent entitlement about the mostly local commerce good that is healthcare provisioning.

Where is the Prince - where isn’t President Clinton now with his excessive charity - his continued possession of an old power and speciality of our Executive Powers that he should have shed or dropped like an already used cue card - where isn’t President Clinton now with a call to loyalty and continued “relevance” wants for just himself with too much call to charity so and such that he is effectively undermining a “growth economy”?

So we have that Governor Andrew Cuomo gets mentioned in President Clinton’s new book - and yet hardly enough for being a former disciple and devotee that now for New York State is busy, busy, busy, trying to unlearn all his past “Clinton” “expertise.”  So we have that Governor Andrew Cuomo gets mentioned now for being to a different solution and caring for people that President Clinton has had decades and decades his to have already tried to help, especially in Arkansas, and yet, and yet?

Sure “Hillary” may be in the picture some here and maybe more culpable specifically at least as per New York State citizen people whom she earlier could have fought for with a C.C.C.P. of her own - a Compromised Clinton Care Plan - her own, and just for at least six or so separate regions of her new state.

We have that our 99% can be a 1% to others more a 99% compared to them - and yet we have President Clinton still of an extra trillion cut for political popularity to surpluses thought impossible - impossible for being so long thought as maybe too irresponsible - and yet we have a former President personally responsible with just his current attempts to hold as much absolute power as absolutely as possible now more inappropriately to excessive appearances of and committed distributions of his dangerous “charitable” globalized extra-Constitutional initiatives and conceptions.

Is it wrong as well that President Clinton did publish these thoughts constructed into a book?  Has he no real legacy to now be writing of Governor Cuomo now with a c.c.c.p. of his own - a Cuomo compromised coverage plan?  Has he no good place to be as per Governor Cuomo essentially now needing to run the other way from past “expertise” of his past as a “Clinton expert”?

It doesn’t help that with President Clinton trying now to play King and Prince and “unpolitical” spouse to a secretary while so well endowed by tax payers with post office relocation and sustenance accounts that he can self rationalize that he has like been promoted out of and above our Constitutional office of the President - quite while he can daily consider that such must be the “official” line since he got for life basically a rent near 4X his past annual salary.

The C.C.C.P. today that could have earlier been a Clinton caring for those she was a “carpetbagger” pretender with, so willing to walk over her subjects with a temporary grant of power as Senator purposefully in a spousal “two-fer” more selfishly to a brief “place card” - place holder - place to stand with Presidential mitre/lever still effectively too removed from our Constitutional office of our President - and seemingly re-labeled “private charity” of Clintons’ “commitments. 

We could already have been of stories of the Clintons caring just enough for all citizen people of Arkansas with a more local and democratic CLINTON COMPROMISED CARE PLAN - a “C.C.C.P.” their own.

We are now oddly to President Clinton as a one man show too “charitable” for us to see a return to growth economics for he so heavy handed and extra-Constitutional and meddling to throw all our gears and wheels from balance.  We have him speaking of what is a C.C.C.P. like as now finally for citizen people of New York - a CUOMO COMPROMISED COVERAGE PLAN - and so as of one once a “Clinton expert” now running away from his past “Clinton expertise” and too a more humane and less nationally political or less of a new nationalism better for all localism with supposedly six separate new “regions.”

So if President Clinton only now needed more people to help him pixelate his too “charitable” and extra-Constitutional attempts to be “Machiavellian” with as little surrendering of “presidential Power” we might see North Korean styled morning and evening calisthenics.  Of course he only now may be without since he should have long been recusing himself of any and all global initiatives to avoid conflicts of interests of the mash about “Hillary” being not “President” as it may have been - but worse than a “Machiavellian” so for her his spouse as being just Secretary of State for one of his wantings to be more a “prince” or “underling.”  These are days trying to Clintons schemes as back ups to back ups to back ups - as compromised of compromised Clintons.  Bill Clinton is more a pixalation of one than that of the cultural coordination of the humans worked Olympic opening graphic ceremonies.

We have a history about the Clintons where when they could have they did not - where when with state powers they deferred and stayed with their place cards and place holding bias to move as soon as possible to more effecting to practical holding, even though extra-Constitutional, of as much “Presidential” or “executive” power as they could consummate for their duo.  We have that neither Arkansas nor New York, and as prior to Governor Cuomo, was near of a C.C.C.P. - was to their own as if even a Cuomo Compromised Coverage Plan — we have a history of Clintons trying to do at least for their state what a Republican Governor once of Massachusetts did do for his.

If our 99% associate too much with “charity” of the CGI - the Clintons’ global initiatives - of either State or their private more selfish fiefdom of “commitments” near too much like “loyalty oath” maintenance, political - then our 99% run the risk of being an identifiable 1% to another 99% not quite wired up to knowing such - knowing such about just themselves. 

We do have this “economic” conundrum where the persistence by President Clinton of wanting to still be “President” while also “Prince” or “King” is now too so much extra-Constitutional “charity” and initiatives once a perk and pleasure held to realm of actual present holders of our office of the President and so that his “activity” while also suspect for conflicts he should have recused himself from for his spouse - we have this married mess of a political spousal “two-fer” that still persists with merriment inappropriate for our standard American ways and traditions.

We have that the greatest Holidays “economic” news could be that President Clinton has finally recused himself and agreed to finally just fade away.  We have that his continued attempts to hold as much absolute power as he can manage and so now necessarily with a facade so of “charitable” needs to go away before a “growth” economy can reboot. 

I have that though President Clinton may mention Governor Cuomo and six or so new regions and an inventiveness to help him move past his history and it so of a failed “Clinton EXPERTISE” - and now such that I can say that New York with a C.C.C.P. now that could have been a Senator Clinton sponsored self-help citizen effort as a CLINTON COMPROMISE CARE PLAN — that it is that Governor Cuomo is now more nearly using what I saw Clintons in 90s lift some from me and my writing and but now yet some near two decades afterwards and now only finally nearer to the ways I was actually at meaning. 

I am now to feeling for Governor Cuomo stuck with President Clinton trying with a new book to seem relevant and useful though quite an antagonist of my tales, and some decades on now.  I do wish New York well - I do wish New Yorkers well and as I look to joining them myself especially now that their C.C.C.P. like efforts are more American than any yet fronted by either Clinton - either of Clintons’ “two-fer” duo.

It is bad enough that while appearing to still have power President Clinton with his new book is off his rocker with conception for underwater mortgages so as reported with a suggestion that banks take a “ownership” on paper and not just because his “global” initiatives now long to damaging a balance for a foundation to a new “growth economy” as “too charitable”! 

We have that it looks like another miraculous solution from PBC and yet while he more than most should know and consider that most such applicable banking situations per assets like personal homes are now largely specifically due to his own culpability to a future where mortgage duration is set to be shorter than our revaluation duration and such that “full value” not available now for “banking practices” discussions - that homes even with a “bank” taking a convenient “ownership” on paper cannot be since such as reported is to a return to “full market value” within terms of standard mortgages.

We, this Christmas season of “Happy Holidays” for all, now wise to “King” or “Prince” Clinton and so that it is now fashionable to discuss 1996 as if a Christmas Carol where whence an “if then” could have us all better now and in the future of “if then” a if only Clintons hadn’t been re-elected.  We seem safe from President Clinton at least as from mandatory morning and evening “human computer” like mass calisthenics with placards/place cards for pixelation - we seem safe from grand march grounds full of citizens following President Clinton in any calisthenics, and now maybe as well in his tired and too selfish politics and its current coverage as “charitable” - quite at least “Machiavellian.”

Happy Holidays this Christmas season!  Please be “charitable” how you can and might - please though question “authority” of yours, others, and supposedly of Clintons especially as per their power holding and global initiatives “too charitable” is seems quite for a restored nation again of foundations once anewly for “GROWTH.”

As you roll out however you roll out this season and in the new year:  There is hardly now a place you can go, even if just in your state of a “new region” more a “county” about where you cannot be “on tour” of a “Clinton Tour” to see just dilapidated schools and roads - and wonder too on their unnecessary trillion in cuts at surplus popularity quite devoid of any “charity.” 

If only the Clintons hadn’t cut an extra trillion in their second term from budgeted spending of then available and allocated funds that were to save and create jobs and as well so that it could have been at least re-budgeted towards repairing or
replacing schools, and at least some as in time for levies and/or bridges. 

There is near no place you can travel now without seeing areas in distress not appropriate to a political: 

“If only the Clintons hadn’t had a second term…”  If only the Clintons - either Clinton whether for Arkansas, New York or the USA had been whence of a C.C.C.P. their own and not to so many left so compromised by their comprising “Machiavellian” politik.

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[This piece original to  1/4/2011]

The Big Stream sets up a new body politic - twain!

A watershed has again been stirred with currents tumultuous for some more than others - welcome to America - some up river west of the Mississippi have marked a new year - some soon as well up a river of a Connecticut now next may captain a new steerage.

America is remarkable for what can be called its Rhine politics - its river effluence considerateness democratic.   We Americans of the loo of Lewis and Louisiana have Thomas Jefferson to doubt as well about our river politics.  We are now anew past a first flush of caucus participation less of being like up a stream without a pole or paddle device.

Is it unique to be of a “Municipal” consideration as Mr. Binks was so by Rudyard Kipling where our national elections are marked partly respective of particular gravity and polite and impolite currents.  Is America unique for commencement of new political democratic checking and buttressing to begin up river and then to more Rorschachian and Freudian southern in a female and then male clarity?  Is it our right and tradition since west of the Mississippi formed and constituted as American river states to be so of Kipling political lesson about Mr. Binks and his knowing that if they just kept their sewers clear…?

But for stream keepers and river keepers would Iowans be with New Hampshire in a contrariness to now?

We have natural architecture to discuss and as well inappropriate Presidential architecture of too much sass, we are not talking about an ark - though Freudians may wax Rorschachian with water so near such “Presidential” that “vessels” in play.

We can twain a “remarkable” about the phallic of the Clinton Presidential Library design by Polshek and construction per Clintons as some as if a big southern grey Naval gun - and with “universal” waters flowing constantly near.  All politics is still about river keeping even and especially now as we all move at home further from the bias that Republicans were environment and waterway destructors - as the evil job creating industrialists.

Because President Clinton’s presidential library is in a state south of Iowa and not as well carpetbagged to New York State and so then maybe there near Erie or Hudson flowage it is appropriate to discuss and inappropriateness of his Library architectural message of design, and location.  We could criticize such as simply inappropriate for of a lower state river or stream politics but then maybe properly expressive for an Iowan or Minnesotan. 

A boat or ark as a better paired vessel seems natural to the Natural State of Arkansas, yes?

Effluence is of our national reset again with Iowa then New Hampshire, South Carolina, and then Florida.  Freud and Rorschach and Machiavelli are all at least unconsciously present anew nationally with each new current considerations of events or non events.  Have you read Rudyard Kipling’s “Municipal”?  — Have you seen “Star Wars” and then considered it dramatic and equally telling that “Ja Ja Binks” can be said to be quite a “Gunga Din”?

Our rivers are all much cleaner these days - it really couldn’t have only have been Republican “Industrialists” to blame.

Oh, South Carolina - Freud too, should see you as so feminine - as most feminine, to at least Rorschach.

Mr. Florida first we all must consider some that the Connecticut cuts the Connecticut as well as up river - up stream effluence political reconsideration, democratic.

Thomas Jefferson did buy a big loo!  He did pick up cheap quite a few old American loos with his Louisiana Purchase.  How we came to head waters about a minni us or them as of Minnesota and a booted Louisiana pair with Mississippi’s leaves one to query the currents of debt again this year - an I or they owen - near Iowans.  That west of our big stream that is our Mississippi in all its marks and twaining seems more of a political statesmanship man wrought geographically in prose and poetry, how so so more like squared away.

Really the President Clinton Library either for seeming a big grey gun an international naval weapon, phallic and Freudian while also seeming inappropriate and classless for a southern river heritage - a gravity for a lower river state.

Really the President Clinton Library seems rude and crass “bridging” now as an effrontery to neighbor state Mississippi.  And, it seems alarming as erected for the south, the institution of the Presidency, and the whole world as taggable as skinned in a Confederate Gray.

And, now all off to New Hampshire and a consideration for effluence political more of the Connecticut.  Fewer hams may now be in this political contest - may soon be of full and proper currents events relativity, political - as per leadership.  Fewer are to ham - to so walk - the shires than traversed the fields of Iowa and the Mississippi flowage, too.

How have our rivers gotten cleaner.  Really it couldn’t have just been the fault of Republican “Industrialists”?
Really haven’t we still to be concerned of the grays of the Clintons’ - the gray waters even of their Whitewater and erected so old southern Presidential Library - it so originally meant for “Hillary’s” “Bill” to be tipped out and proud over a thought poetic universal feminine flowings?  Isn’t there a here lew in the loos of the Clintons set Columbian districted as of a plantation addressed and piped of Whitehaven pride?

If we are to have an Arkansas and Louisiana not now seceded bodies then we have a poetry in our election orderings with Iowa ahead of New Hampshire.  We have a poetry unless we were to lean on too small a microcosm politics with say the State of Connecticut to a sufferage after South Carolina and Florida if New Hampshire were to precede Iowans of Mississippi and Missouri.

Have you looked at least at to see that stream effluence is as well a local issue for Iowans?

And, so to be brief:  While we consider each new political issue and leadership quality we can appreciate Connecticut and yet move some to architectural Americana that could with “Bill’s” Library “gun” phallicism so Freudian and Rorschachian consider that if Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley were to become President and well endowed to a Presidential Library of her own she could and should maybe have it designed and built as a giant egg.

Our rivers and streams set up a new body politic - a necessary municipal!  —   Mark!  Twain!  Comprehend!

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It is coincidental that a treatment of forgiveness by Martin Luther is now apropos to a new celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.;  It would honor Martin Luther King Jr. if the Ten Commandments were on public display more generally across The United States of America, at least.  It seems there is to be yet discerned a differentiation between “forgiveness” in the rule of Germans of the known Holocaust as per Christian Aryans and a now updated “forgiveness” official to Iranians as Aryans but as at least of Islam as Shia.

Martin Luther King Jr. lived of a times to well know his struggles did pale in comparison suffering of those of the Jewish about Europe, at least, during World War II.  Yet it is for Christians that Martin Luther preached, however, to be like “bold in your sins.”

Iran of today as mostly non-Christian Aryans of Persia and its poetic seem historically maybe not be be as feared as Christian Aryans of the theaters of World War II.  A nation so now of such a large populace as so youthified in a considerable majority and of legends and traditions in culture and literacy should today be nearest yet to being of good socio-economic relations with The United States of America.  Though Saddam Hussein can be said to have war to nearly exterminate his and Irani Shia people the young now of such massive majority in Irani demographics have it as known that the USA did liberate Iran and its majority of Shia people from Saddam Hussein, without being to occupying a Middle Eastern neighbor. 

Whom are now at risk most of repeating history for not sharing a knowing of it?  Are people of the world more at risk for not knowing a real history of the too little discussed problems of the Clintons while administering during the Clintons’ years?  Are people of the world more at risk somehow, otherwise, if Iran can be said to even have a majority ignorant or in denial of there having really been World War II and the Holocaust?  The demographics of modern Iran, to the People of The United States, seem able to be hosted hospitably in ways as not possible in the history of the world prior to the Bush administration.

Though it must be more abhorrent that the Holocaust did occur and so as it did so much as it seems by Christian Aryans we have that the eight years of the Clintons’ administration are still dangerous and as well to be abhorred for them of an “official” State speak that was religiously based and with a special bias of a bigotry against the Shia - at least of Iraq.

The current and unusual demographics of the modern Iran have yet to be explained geo-politically for general news consumption and political understanding by most of the People of The United States of America.  Iran should be a wonder as a new and even emerging growth market for export and import cored to appreciating cultural specificities now with so many of its people all so young in such a market demo of a demos still mostly under or near the age of 35.  And, while considerable as nearer of an opposite to its neighbor Afghanistan of an economy near unique to 80% supplies of world’s opium needs and so yet of a realm with near 75% of its inhabitants said illiterate in even their own tribal tongue(s).

I do not know nor can I even proffer an amateur opine as to specifics for caution or grace as per “forgiveness” in the culture of Aryans of Persia as Irani non-Christians.  As an citizen of The United States of America I like staying to my career inclination to be one whom finds markets of peoples whom might and would choose to partake by a elected purchase and not be told or mandated towards a subscription of opinion and/or poetry - especially if just of mine.  Modern Irani by a majority should now be nearer to a special cultural import and export based relating than maybe ever before - at least in recent history.  I don’t know if such can be surmised as wise or realistic though between all Irani and that of the Russian Federation.

I do still believe, and as since the first days so of thinking such as it was news, that President Bill Clinton started off wrong in the Middle East and especially as per Iran and Iraq and then just made relations more impossible.  It is that I still consider him un-American and un-Constitutional to being an American an infidel to it so Constituted specifically by the First Amendment as to his official Iraqi diplomatic speak of near ‘(Iraqi) Shia are not capable of governing themselves.’

I do still believe, we are more at risk of a danger of repeating the mistakes of the Clintons than now it seems to seeing other Aryans make the mistakes of the Hitler boldness in sins of Aryans about the Holocaust of World War II.  As I have asserted I have disagreed with the diplomacy of the Clinton administration since near their first days in Power I should now inform my readers that I did fax to the Bush administration many post 9/11 posits of advice - so many it may have been near 700 so sent yet with just a few or a couple specific to suggestions on balance and nuance for speak related to Iran and its quest for nuclear energy and maybe yet a seeking towards nuclear weapons.  For now I can be brief and say proudly that I seemed to have gotten it right then and since for such haven’t had to much revise or even reconsider then shared opinions.

Right, I look at the current demographics of the modern Iran and it for a history of culture and poetry and think for me at least they are a rich target consumer base.  Again, I am not a typical politician or a politician at all is stating such as stereotypically politicians are preoccupied at finding ways to mandate not sell consumer choice and participation.  But as per a risk of repeating history and seeing set backs to progress I still strongly believe our greater risk is from a return to a governance by the Clintons due to their specific past and quite official bias and bigotry against Shia people.

Since the first days of the Bush administration, or at least in the post 9/11 days, Iran has been becoming better in a demographics of informed and cultured youth majority for good relations with people of The United States of America.  But yet we need foreign and domestic experts at least for consumer and market demographics to establish such as a economically viable guidance.  It is to better for experts to explain a dynamic for such a state of such a young and vast majority as now more inclined to favor the USA over at least the Russian Federation. 

To be yet to discussing critical “forgiveness” politics it seems we have to ask why one nation now has so young and so vast a majority in a populace, historically speaking. 

If it is because Saddam Hussein killed off a near million of the fathers of Iran than now thanks to the Bush administration albeit late prosecution of Iraq’s President these now should be in a majority thankful towards the USA  in ways they still otherwise should be bitter if Bush had just repeated like the recent history himself of the Clintons. 

If yet it is more because of a concern that the USA wasn’t going to be able to stop the U.S.S.R. in Afghanistan during the Cold War years of Soviet Socialism so expansive and on the march then yet it is too that the young of modern Iran should be favoring the people of The United States of America and some coalition countries at least more than any of the Russian Federation and former Soviet block countries.

Modern Iran seems set up culturally quite poetically too now to be to a new and improved socio-economic and even diplomatic future with the west - with the people of The United States of America.  But where are the experts - those not Clinton apologists to biased to hiding the dangers of their past official bigotry as a bias against Shia that was so un-American it was of them of State speak as if true so as nearly like specifically ‘The Shia are incapable of governing themselves.’

Does the whole world or maybe just the people of The United States not specifically compromised as Clinton Democrats or loyalists have a good and workable socio-economic cultural and poetic future now set up with Iran due to its unusual demographics of so many so young?  Due at least to the advent of social media I have to believe such educated and cultured of the modern Iran know that those more Christian Aryans really were quite bold in their sins and of World War II and the Holocaust. 

I do not though know whom they may prefer intellectually between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr.

It just seems thanks to the administration of George W. Bush as cannot be proffered for the administration of William J. Clinton we should have a better future with the modern however nuclear Iran of it so of it youthified demographics.

Whether it is so young now exclusively, and not yet at war largely while so young, because the USA and coalition did finally liberate Iraq and get to that quite late prosecution of Saddam Hussein and/or because it thought it prudent to grow and grow young future warriors while Saddam Hussein killed so many of Iran’s fathers but in a fear that The United States of America was going to fail at stopping the Soviet expansionist socialist march in Afghanistan it does now seem that Iran can be a friendly nation more with the USA and specifically because so many so young there are in a real knowing relating to a general peace in their regions much because of at least the diplomacy of the Bush based Freedom Agenda.

I must be to deferring to experts and theologists for a determination as to whether The United States of America without the Ten Commandments ever could have or would have been neutrally positioned to so have yet saved so many of the modern Iran from wars like the Clintons still were stoking of wars of the centuries or at least decades of Soviet expansionism.

I must offer that it seems if of nuclear weapons these modern Irani people seem likely to be to any justification for targeting of those however once Soviet long before seeing cause to sight otherwise at people of The United States of America.

                                        *      *      *

[Note:  For posterity now as DUTY memoir by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is out - as per #CitRB per me you all now have his works to historically reference and compare to mine and with my blogging and treatments as well of opinions dating back to original conceptions quite about the Persian Gulf War and what was or might not be wise or politically prudent as military or political strategies - and quite as it became as more an exit figuring more as a delay from moving on Baghdad, not an planned as worked by Clintons abandonment.]

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:08 am

It is yet not too early to discern a MODERN DEMOCRAT from the net economic example specific to the history of guidance and performance of President Barack Obama.

There are a variety of truths about these past five years that should be self evident even to the lay.

To start at “leadership” it behoove us to look at an obvious silence and inaction by the President at key moments in calendars of commerce habits that have recently passed.  Most recently we have that the Hollywood spectacle of The Golden Globes came and passed without a reset in guidance by the President to effect a change away from his priorities set in austerity in political severity towards he being a hero that saves the planet from his long posited doom akin to echoed “an end of the world as we know it” dogma.  Also to such discerning we have that the President let the fall shopping season start off flat with the fall TV schedule commenced with he also of a commercial silence and inaction that left his default alarmism as the dominant political instructive.

It was to an experienced economic growth lay pride quite predictable that the Holiday season should be flat to dull when it was that the President let the newness and energy of the fall TV season pass unutilized but as if by his silence and inaction guidance as a political message that his austerity was still to be the prioritized for his general Welfare Posterity.  It seems to late for lay or scientific about economics to assuage a net reputation for the President but as taggable as of an austerity politics.

Whom among us now can attest to the President as not firstly being at an economics for austerity? 

Whom among us now can wax a related discourse pertinent to a Posterity in austerity now, as it seems timely that such is now self evident, but for a shyness, and coyness political, respectively of the President, as it seems we are at a critical point about unemployment compensation extensions that due to such economics and guidance now are of an Obama prudence about a new normal which may need change?  Whom now can explain that any extension of benefits from the Federal Government as per Federal Programs is likely to be counter productive due to a “new normal” in austerity towards saving the planet firstly and better to be delegated or surrendered to states and their communities and/or faith based good will organized?

After five years it shouldn’t just be self evident that President Obama is an austerity President - it seems established as his dogma and of his dogged dogmatic economics.  His austerity is as well a New Deal austerity while of a dichotomy with a greater severity of his climate change politics of priorities at being a hero president who saves the entire planet from the postured “end of the world as we know it” brave leadership.

What austerity any may want to blame on Republicans or the President immediately prior to President Obama should be checked - checked and re-checked.  President Obama after five years is evidently at austerity priorities as his guidance for a legacy at being to a general Welfare more perfect Union.  President Bush was forced into austerity - if it fair to say so - by the politics of Speaker Nancy Pelosi so defensively of a pride in the Clintons’ surpluses that President Bush was prohibited from reversing the spending cuts of the trillion in cuts to surplus by the Clintons’ “economics” and so evidently himself prohibited from spending on the items he would have needed to rebudget if to be other than as if at austerity himself.

A discerning to a MODERN DEMOCRAT now by way of a dissection of the past five years need though a control balance check and as well a considerable rating against an earlier politics and economic guidance by earlier Democrat leadership.  President Obama has remained silent and of economic inaction at critical times in the calendar of commerce habits so as to have his default alarmism remain suggestively dominant.  When he let the opportunity of the fall TV season start without moderating a climate condition status update he so rendered onto his legacy a priority still of the original alarmism of a feared end of the world.

A lay perspective, however quite experienced and proud, is though that President Obama as now obviously and simply so evidently pro austerity is yet to be considered as better than President Clinton.  Clintonomics have cost too many arms and legs.  The Clintons’ reign rained instability and irrational commerce.  What has hit the fan to justify President Obama in a general Welfare to a more perfect Union economics by austerity is much how it is a prima facia Clinton autopsy factoid that any economic dissection shows a macro/raw/gross pathology to the governance and example of the earlier Democrat Presidency of the Clintons.

It seems self evident that President Obama has embraced austerity for his legacy.  He yet still seems shy and coy about such publicly but then he by his silence and inaction has let critical dates of the calendar of commerce pass unutilized otherwise.

In defense of President Obama as of a politics at a New Deal Austerity and as well a separate economics for a more perfect Union general Welfare in healthcare and home economics change in austerity we have that the OLD DEMOCRAT as per the Clintons’ example haunts by trillions.

It seems the USG has essentially needed to reverse all or most of the cuts the Clintons wrought to have a trillion cut in surplus and that it is likely that a simple economics as per regular government accounting has it that the People are facing math of such budgeting to return such once set spending now at costs easily twice the original allotments for the same or yet less in reality.

It seems teh USG in a more complex and socio-accounting for the Clintons’ trillion cut for surplus politics has to then account for how really expensive their unnecessary trillion in cuts have in time proven to be.  Beyond that to put spending back in for items long ago removed as if unnecessary but later found to have been necessary and yet cut has maybe been twice as expensive by simple accounting we have that there are complex costs to be figured now and in a defense of President Obama as a MODERN DEMOCRAT — what are the real costs from the inaction and avoidance in the foreign policies of the Clintons that removed funding needed to maybe provide the stitches in time for Afghanistan and Iraq - firstly?

It seems in defense of President Obama as a MODERN DEMOCRAT and to justify at least the above two of his austerity platforms we have a simple comparative math that can show the Clintons cost the People three trillion dollars in costs that were not necessary nor prudent.

1. It has been suggested years ago by one claiming to be a doctor friend of the Clintons that due to the increase in personal body weight across the nation since they became the guiding first couple the People could have saved a trillion in healthcare costs nationally if only the personal body weight average had stayed what it was before them.

2. It is now posited more specifically for a discerning about the austerity guidance of President Obama that there likely has been a cost of likely a trillion dollars to return what was near a trillion in irresponsible cuts by the Clintons surpluses so that it has likely been simply accountable that the Clintons’ trillion in surpluses have cost easily two trillion to correct. 

3. It is that President Obama has to by an accordance in DUTY by his Secretary of Defense Bob Gates, it seems, be already to a conclusion that his remarks in his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech that slapped at the legacy of the Clintons with derision about dangers from their years of inaction and avoidance (per Iraq & Afghanistan?) have amounted to a general economic reality that the trillion dollar in costs for President Bush’s Operation Iraqi Freedom are yet complex costs of a trillion necessary due to the OLD DEMOCRATS Clintons’ surpluses prioritizing naivete.

Perchance President Obama is ready to escape his shyness and coyness as per the real pathology of the now out of wack USG budgeting.  A real dissection after his fifth can be as lay and simple as the above broached math - President Obama is actually of a budget now at least of three trillion in costs that shouldn’t or needn’t have ever been - President Obama has to be more scientific now though while it seems generally self evident and publicly accountable that there is a bad OLD DEMOCRAT to he at a justifiable MODERN DEMOCRAT.

For now we seem to be able to conclude, albeit in a lay positing, that President Obama is of an austerity economic guidance he thinks he can justify and maybe to for it seems to be even to improving family values - at least multi-generational tolerance and co-habitation.  President Obama now seems fit a new MODERN DEMOCRAT tag for he has toed up austerity at least with two different political priorities of his platform.  Whether the Clintons as OLD DEMOCRATS cost the USG and People 3-7 trillion dollars unnecessarily from their surpluses and tagged inaction and avoidance now is something for the pride of President Barack Obama.

Iraq and Afghanistan are still haunting with his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance remarks so targeting the Clintons of an “inaction” and “avoidance” in foreign policies and smartly for his spoken of “dangers” from such seem now to be costing more and more in more and more trying ways.

Well, President Obama is now with the US People of his default alarmism still of his original prioritizing in concern for the planet firstly — we are all now to behoove his prudence that austerity is justified and that his original admonishing that the People were eating too much and spending too much and as well at not saving enough per their home economics is his MODERN DEMOCRAT dogma for 2014.

We still it seems need a GREEN MINIMALISM metric establishment by our President for us to be otherwise.  We need to hear more than a state of the state for the budget of The United States of America - we need to hear a status report of details to his progress at being the hero who is saving the entire planet with his global warming, as well justified austerity. 

After five years this seems simply so and expectantly self evident.  It all really may be so simple that the above brevity is yet sufficient for a clear Democrat tagging in pathology.

[*Note:  For an earlier treatment to costs of Iraq as per Democrats see OBAMA’S RETREAT at]

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 2:43 pm

[The following is original to  7/30/12]

Developing now:   We have ourselves within a hundred days to discern and judge as citizens still or now as more just “subjects” the dangers of the hot air emitted since the 2008 races commenced and with Speaker Pelosi hot for SURPLUSES.

The simplest way to preface, in a more scientific way, the post 2009 “I inherited this …” is to maybe look at what happened to the price of gasoline due to Al Gore as Mr. Alarming Science of GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM.  We should look carefully at such subjective politicking not so much with a debate about the “warming” so much as we should reconsider and look at how many other options were actually available then, economically speaking, to address or fix such if so.

It would be too simple to be stupid, quite, though to speak of this now as all Al Gore’s fault with he responsible most for a over-simplified dramatization devoid of objectivism that was far too alarming to our economics and markets - even to the very fabric of our sociologicals.  We shouldn’t look at this forced austerity of us so nearly of a new depression as just the fault of Al Gore. 

We have it as well to be measured reasonably that when Senator Hillary Clinton announced “Hillary for President” she did tear asunder much about our national sense - its historic prudence and modesty.  For now it is more important though just to focus on how besides the subjective alarmism of GLOBAL WARMING over dramatization we have quite that “Hillary for President” and her revolutionary pronouncement to be to seizing all oil company profits after elected still as a quite evident causal factor too.

These are the hundred days, give or take, that try our souls anew.  There may be no Holy Trinity in candidate Mitt Romney’s understanding of the original sins that brought us necessarily to this forced New Deal Austerity.  It may be some a putting of the chicken before the egg now to have already punctuated this analysis as a “forced New Deal Austerity.”

There is mystery about the politics of our time - yet less about how there were more ways to address an actual GLOBAL WARMING or CLIMATE CHANGE than the few partisan and quite political offerings yet embraced by Democrats.

There is a mystery, sure, about how Candidate Mitt Romney may not be to seeing a Holy Trinity in this, but then really how mysterious is it that it seems to have been a conspiracy or just mess of four - of the four we know of as Al Gore, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Former candidate of “Hillary for President”, and, as well candidate and now President Barack Hussein Obama?

For the sake of simplicity it might be more dramatic and yet easier to fathom as per these trying days of our O’s zone to consider the about four as of a collusion and conspiracy as if an un-Holy trinity meant to be kept mysterious if only by always allowing a deniability for one of its primary bad actors.

We didn’t have to embrace the over dramatized subjective alarmism of GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM as the end all be all of political solutions to scientific problems.  We have engineers - we had other ways to build a solution already available and quite well funded.  We didn’t need the socialistic pronouncement of “Hillary for President” by candidate Senator Clinton to hawkish bend orated to us of a time where Americans should have their Government seize “all oil company profits.”

As to this “un-Holy trinity” we can see the workings of their hands towards a crisis upon a crisis to a much higher price for gasoline so that their idealism could have a chance to have political feet if only for a brief early atmosphere of acquiescence while stuck in a fog of the partisan polarizing storm fronts - we can see a simple mashable “taggable” for them as of a responsibility specifically for the spike in gas prices that then set off the collapse of the housing bubble once the hyper-consumerism that Speaker Pelosi long defended, with her hard to explain belief in the Clintons’ SURPLUSES, as it did have people not able to also afford their mortgages if they did afford the new gas prices needed to get to the very job that they had only because the “hyper-consumerism” of Clintonomics wasn’t yet quite of people actually of spending too much more than they actually had an ability to afford.  It became simply and quickly a decision for many to either pay for gas to get to work or to pay their mortgage.

Thanks to Senator Clinton, Senator Obama, Speaker Pelosi and their alarmist idealist Al Gore and his preaching of at least bad and limited political solutions amidst his questionable “science” and moral priorities, for his people, where so many seemed meant to see themselves as less important than the terra firma about them, we now have them much more clearly as culpable for politics as of an un-Holy trinity that did cause the price of gas to spike and therefore were mostly those of the original political sins that caused the economy to go belly up once the funds needed for gas had become the same funds only available for mortgage payments or maintenance of the risky hyper-consumerism ushered in knowingly by President Bill Clinton.

We certainly had numerous other ways for a new doctrine political for climate concerns.  We didn’t need to blindly rush to a unfounded faith in the over-dramatized preaching by Al Gore and while it so devoid of objectivism.  We had ways to add new industries as for a prudent mobilization maybe still too nationalistic that wouldn’t have been so as under a faith in this un-Holy trinity to the same mistakes (?) so to a mass austerity as was already undisputed evident truth in Spain with it known not unknown that such if spread to America so would as well cost two regular jobs for each new “green” politically figured job.

We may all now be so globally of a New Deal Austerity specifically because of this “O” zone or bad science and polarizing idealistic partisan politics where we were told to accept the few offered Democrat Party solutions and not at all stray to consider so many other options that were then also available and even so that we could have been to addressing “CLIMATE CHANGE” by adding jobs in new industries without killing off existing jobs. 

What we know now is that we actually had time to consider other options and to better arrange a new believable economic path forward.  We see now there are many holes in the very thinking of the Democrat Party un-Holy trinity however amassed and yet too few are yet to the very simple causal fact based awakening that could even be enlightening since it seems straight talk sharable that the Democrats caused the spike in gas prices that set off the otherwise forced NEW DEAL AUSTERITY.

It seems an “Ah!” or “O - Oh!” “MOMENT” now with us all within a hundred days to save our nation. 

Please consider this alarmism - and fully.  Please reconsider all recent “CRISIS” based “alarmism” and especially as well the indefensible faith Speaker Pelosi kept and keeps, it seems, in the Clintons’ SURPLUSES and especially towards a personal enlightenment from a new way of thinking economically and not too subjectively that acknowledges at least three so of a un-Holy trinity, politically speaking, too long, now, for sure, where too many were asked to accept blindly that if she said the extra trillion of cuts by the Clinton First Couple “two-fer” political machinations were good then they must be good.

I don’t know what with all the “devil in the details” about all this politics whom of this Democrat Party trinity to deniability we might or should redraw and toss from quarters first in at least our thoughts.  It seems they let it be written and let it be so that we now all be so much to a forced NEW DEAL AUSTERITY even though we can all fairly still question how sinful such may be for it seemingly long of a designed machination and effort worked while such were thinking they could just blame someone or more else.

Yes, we know how to make ice - for starters.  Yes, some entrepreneurs were quickly innovative upon the above alarmism however unfounded to inventions of collectors that could be made cheaply and located discretely at congestion points to capture and store the bad carbon based exhausts. 

It seems we had ways to pace our nation without such politics about a CLIMATE CHANGE forward without killing off old carbon based jobs so aggressively.  It seems we had others with whom we could have kept faith, and sounder economics.

The Democrats, by chasing too much ideologically too many ideologicals all at once, may have been to creating, accidentally, this economic down times.  The Dems with their excessive rash embrace of ideologicals may have caused us to lose a real and recent chance to have had a new ROMANTIC AGE economic growth boom era.  This said now, and about all the changes to fairness due, and possible around taxation, in this century, Republicans might at least be able to restore GROWTH and around A NEW RENAISSANCE even though Democrats seem to have over-written all chances we had to actually have a new ROMANTIC ERA in at least The United States of America - in The USA.
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 12:34 pm

[The following is original to  2/19/2013]

We have that “capitalism” and “socialism” were top keywords for 2012, and, now with 2013 we are due a grand diligence about “cost consciousness” - at least.

We can conclude later that President Obama has corned himself politically with a gridlock of and from his own absolutes.

To be brief, and yet poignant, while a hashable audience is e-assembled, for social media networking, and physically organized gathered as a #smw ecosystem:

We have that these days of President Obama as re-elected with a mandate for austerity and gridlock have us stuck much because of some of these works of the Administration of the Clintons:

If he were to trying to actually sell and effect a new growth economy wouldn’t he necessarily be about a different politics?

It figures that President Obama now owns the down economy and that enough may now be realizing that the Democrats actually did far more to cause the economic downturn than even President Bush’s tax cuts.

Many can easily fathom how to twain a marking of blame upon the Clintons for their eight years after they get over the first condemned bridge about the Clintons’ SURPLUSES as of a trillion in cuts that neither our Government nor our economy needed.

It is hard to avoid speaking of dangers from political ABSOLUTES now for there is so much that relates almost solely economically and politically just to the workings of the Administration of the Clintons.  Obama has cornered himself with his ABSOLUTE “It is all Bush’s fault!”  Or, the Clintons trapped newly elected President Obama with an insistence that he should go again with “WE’RE RIGHT - THEY’RE WRONG” absolutism.

President William Jefferson Clinton knew enough to be aware that he shouldn’t have proceeded with a SURPLUS while he pursued his risky loan housing bubble economic plans as an unfunded Federal social program.  Those two political items should not ever be able to work together or well co-exist.

The Clintons messed up our economics by rigging succession schemes for Hillary to be set up to be asap elected to return them to our Executive seat of “holding of office” of our Office of the President.  There are historical moments to consider as our economy is stuck with a jobless recovery much still that precisely rest about the workings of the Administration of the Clintons.

The Clintons’ SURPLUSES could go down as the greatest economic and/or political blunder of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA of at least the past century.  We had no economic or governmental need for that cutting of an additional trillion in cuts past the trillion the GOP found to cut (too quickly) to balance our Federal budget.

The SURPLUSES linger in these down economic times of us much still in the “ditch” yet hardly as critically as they should.  To understand the SURPLUSES it helps to consider the scheming to successionary Power by the Clintons to as much as possible set Hillary up to asap return them to such seat of Powers for the both of them again.  It is critical that you do not accept or believe the innocent portrayal of Hillary Clinton as in the book or movie GAME CHANGE for she and Bill were of dating compatibility while at Yale Law School because they both wanted to be elected President.  She did not only after becoming “Senator Hillary Clinton” get to thinking she might want to be President herself and as from people having suggested the idea firstly to her.
The Clintons’s SURPLUSES now sit in a lacking safety about a media and politics too hesitant to consider them as contrary and conflicting to the very New Deal spending ideology of President Obama.  It seems as if there are two absolutes that do not and cannot fit together now still to propped up and marketed as if somehow they are actually compatible.  The Clintons stood up an unnecessary cutting of an additional trillion while there was no economic need for a surplus, and, President Obama stands up suggesting so much they said we didn’t need to spend even a trillion on is now actually necessary spending.

There are many condemned levies and roads and bridges and even schools that the Clintons took away available Federal dollars from.  In the case of Katrina and the failure of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MR GO) their surpluses fit with the court’s finding of “gross negligence” upon our Federal Government to a date back to 1983 most negligently morally speaking on the legacy of the Administration of the Clintons for them of cutting money by a trillion for a political popularity from a SURPLUS thought most impossible and while it was not necessary economically nor for governance purposes.

We have it nearly as a truth self evident after past the first condemned bridge left to collapse by the Clintons’ SURPLUSES that it cannot have been as ABSOLUTE as President Obama decried with “IT IS ALL BUSH’S FAULT!”

The greatest economic threat if not just the most dangerous moral threat is that the Clintons’ SURPLUSES were only “necessary” politically to save a queen like plotted and schemed succession workings towards a President Hillary Clinton.  The Clintons needed to politically save themselves and their vast plotting too near to a reach at global autocratic power after the GOP proved that they could find a trillion in cuts to safely balance our Federal budget.  The Clintons would not have been able to sell anyone on more years for either of them then for their second term if they couldn’t prove that they too could find a thought impossible trillion to also cut.

Hillary Clinton much deserves the rapped tag as the “TRILLION DOLLA’ SURPLUS’D QUEEN” in poem/rap FUZZY MATH available at and where originally streamed and published via

President Clinton and Senate Banking chieftain Dodd are oddly remembered for having asked a small gaggle of banking heads to find a way to “gamble away” the known and/or expected risks inherent in Bill Clinton’s desire to be most popular by coyly burning our economic candle from both ends at once.  You can call it “a ditch” or that “it burned out” as expected - seemingly.

It is absolutely not now funny that President Obama’s Obamacare ACA was fronted as not meant to cover illegal immigrants while now of he of an immigration proposal that would have them all by their conservative estimate of 12 million to be fully covered it seems as citizens by about the time his Obamacare however costed otherwise is to then be in effect on the promises and predictions about it as affordable without these 12 million covered as well.

Only the Clintons needed the Clintons’ SURPLUSES of them also to a finding of a thought impossible trillion in cuts.  Without matching the GOP efforts of the balancing of our budget their scheming and effecting to line Hillary up would have been bust.  These are the same Clintons who cut a trillion in liew of spending on immigration reforms as well.

The Clintons’ SURPLUSES did take away the pipeline of Federal Government spending that needed the 4-7 year headstart to have kept enough employment in our economy for the risky lending housing bubble as run yet as their unfunded Federal social program.  The timing of such is nearly enough self evident now though hardly the political absolute it should rank with while incidentally chronological to a set up for economic collapse about 2006 or 2007.  It is that to have seen the housing not collapse the “shovel ready” jobs had to not have been cut by the Clintons’s SURPLUSES during their second term so that they would have been already processed and in the works with all necessary permitting for the “economics” then needed after the Clintonomics of stirring a hyper-consumerism ran the length of its short wick.

It is that President Obama is the President now maybe most trapped by ABSOLUTES of his own orations.  But that said it is absolutely a real concern that the Clintons were offered political protection like of a “WE’RE RIGHT - THEY’RE WRONG” polarizing political partisanship then quite only able to lead to gridlock.  But with these shared it is important to really consider how absolutely correct I am in sharing that the Clintons were the only ones that needed the SURPLUSES and politically to save a succession scheming to line Hillary up for an inevitable anointing more as if a “queen.”

We have all long been paying too high a price for the SUPLUSES of the Clintons.  And it is absolutely contradictory that the Clintons can be economically right for so much cutting, and that President Obama can yet be so right for wanting to spend so much once cut as unnecessary as if it is still necessary.

The Clintons’ SURPLUSES do deserve to go down in history as one of our greatest national economic blunders of the past century.  President Clinton did know enough to know he shouldn’t have pursued surpluses and his risky lending programs with his Clintonomics of a pimped out hyper-consumerism — but resisting temptations (political) is historically of record a characteristic not as of a “strong suit.”

A while ago while being a partisan political operator against his promises to operate his CGI as non-partisan and non-political he in an interview with Maria Bartiromo proffered an “expertise” about economies needing time to recover science that by his own words and phraseology if actually an “expert”, and if such affirms he was an expert while President, did condemn himself as knowingly having been of doing what he knew he economically shouldn’t have done while President.

Beyond this we are of a 2013 as much needing a pop trending for key word relevance about “capitalism” and “socialism” still.  We though need to find a way to break down the ABSOLUTES of and by President Obama to get to the realistic realm of “cost consciousness” - this is needed as we also need to really discuss tax reforms, and still immigration.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:23 am

[The following is original to 1/5/2013]

We have heard a lot about “fair share” these past weeks, and, we gladly haven’t heard too much about coal.

We have hardly heard from Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, and nor have we yet had the fair discussion of how much “coal” this “lady” deserved/deserves.

What is right?  What is wrong?  What was and is “Playing Politics”?  What needs to be done?

We have a leading woman character too written of a presumption of innocence not fitting the amount of baggage she carries around, and, we have that she meddled in similar affairs earlier that are of records stored somewhere.

It is wrong to forget THE BENGHAZI FOUR, and, it is wrong to ignore that “Hillary” used to be FLOTUS Clinton.

President Barack Hussein Obama may be avoiding jousting at Libya as if just a windmill, and, VP Biden may be loyal and subservient with such hoofing and pedestrian tripping.

It is wrong to let go or ignore that Senator Clinton did reportedly vote for OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, and, that she voted for a war like “operation” without having read the related intelligence reports.

Records of the Administration of the Clintons that are related just for her travels and foreign meddling are much of protections of political privacy wanting of that which remains of their maybe thirty years of “secrecy.”

President Obama and his trusty borrow also mounted sidekick VP Biden are right not to joust at Libya and Benghazi as just “windmills” — they are wrong - so wrong as Secretary of State Clinton - much now more so for having “Played Politics” with “terrorism” while such considerable as actually an “act of war” expecting a serious response.

Simply the foreign policies for the vast and varied regions from Tripoli to the Afghanistan and Pakistan border are considerably different between this administration and its predecessor administration and the co-administration of the Clintons then before such. 

We do not have a common thread that needs us to think this administration has to be treated with kid gloves to avoid incriminating the previous administration of the other party.

Sorry to say our Congress has a hard lot served as their trails to ride and walk about this to an “honorable” and “respectable” or “chivalrous” soldiering.  Hillary Clinton, as failed and failing still Secretary of State, is a can of worms politically speaking. 

We have that these matters do relate as per the injustice and unprofessional lack of foresight and preparedness by “leadership” of Madam Secretary Mrs. Clinton to a presumption of innocence for her despite her past flip flopping as per Operation Iraqi Freedom and such as stumbling after she had been to “voting” without having reportedly read the related “intelligence reports.”

With anticipation building for a great Political Congressional “SMACK DOWN” of a seemingly grossly negligent female Cabinet Officer of the Administration of Barack Hussein Obama:

We have that these matters do relate at least in a sense of “what did she know - when did she know it” queriousness to her inciting and crusading days as FLOTUS Clinton and so to official records of the Administration of the Clintons. 

We have that she being this wrong now suggests she has been quite wrong officially for a while and so much so that we may think it our civic duty to suggest or insist that Congress unseal most of the foreign policy records of the Administration of the Clintons otherwise tucked away for that remaining of secured “privacy” allowances nearly thirty years set.

She is a can of worms that seems already too much OPEN to now not see if President Obama’s “jousting” or not has he and his trusty side kick VP Biden is also of having stepped all in it - all that among it on the sordid trails from the hoofing of the crusading Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton.

Benghazi represents more than a lurking threat of a windmill possessed.  As an “ACT OF WAR” of an ongoing known war it is that President Obama is taggable as of “Playing Politics” and muckraking with his Madam Secretary Clinton as if it could be at most “terrorism.”

{We can leave it to conspiracy theorists to discuss alternative machinations these events could have wrought if Governor Mitt Romney hadn’t quickly stepped in and stemmed a flood of misinformation that probably or just possibly was building.} 

{We can leave it for others to wonder if Bill Clinton with Al Qaeda like “funding” methods now his with his CGI isn’t himself incidentally or accidentally of a “material support of terrorism” if Benghazi rates as “terrorism.”}

The Administration of Barack Hussein Obama seems to have let now - and still seems to be letting still - an “act of war” go unanswered, and, the administration with Madam Secretary Mrs. Clinton seems beset with a now long over due queriousness as per “what did she know - and how long did she know it?”

Earlier during the co-Administration of the Clintons we did let acts of war, like, on embassies go largely un-responded to as of a category of a fog of conflicts of a “terrorism” gray, and, earlier the Clintons could call it “terrorism” for they were avoiding acknowledging their “PEACE” time as actually “WAR” time.

It is wrong for President Obama now to call the events that show, now, as of a gross negligence, by a female Cabinet Officer, and as of her attempts to let them go as if at most “terrorism” and while of further political cover for failures of the co-Administration of the Clintons, as anything now short of still very concerning.

The attacks that killed four under the care and keep charge upon Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton and while of such as one of her “babies” of BOLD “mothering” are best to be called “ACTS OF WAR IN A KNOWN AND ONGOING WAR.”

What did she know?

When did she know it?

Is she just being loyal to spousal plotting and of the “secured” papers of the co-Administration of the Clintons now and of “political” judgements in keeping with a “behavior” of avoiding “intelligence reports” or new counsel of “intelligence”?

Is Hillary Clinton the most POLITICAL Secretary of State our nation has ever had?  How is it that the Administration of Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t “Playing Politics” with events of such as the negligence about Hillary’s BENGHAZI?

Isn’t it that the co-administration of the Clintons essentially seemed to leave President George W. Bush two started games of JENGA?  And, haven’t the Clintons seemed in
unison of like a coy “best wishes” while it seems that they did leave President Bush two towers standing yet each a tower of their own “playing” where he had but only one move left to “play” before two towers would just fall down?

{We can leave it to conspiracy theorists to discuss how annoyed and even paranoid once new President Clinton was when then of a simple self awareness that he had oddly become President without having earned such mantle, and, we can leave it to them that he did express annoyance that his predecessor had “left him a war.” It is better for such to look at how President Clinton may have been petty again and to thinking he (they?) should leave their successor at least one war.}

We have that by the time our Congress may get to giving Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton a due “third degree” or a “whole nine yards” of review for her of a perp walk or cat walk “political” as while the events of 9/11 II have passed too long as considerable and as maybe an unanswered ACT OF WAR.

What is a fair share of blame now for President Barack Hussein Obama?

What is the fair share of blame for Madam Secretary Mrs. Clinton, and, how long its years of incriminations?

What is or is not just a “windmill” to Vice President Joseph Biden?

This is not about Christmas “coal” for a born yesterday “Hillary”!

With the elections now passed we can look back and consider that these of the Administration of Barack Hussein Obama did seemingly get all busy with “Playing Politics” over events in Libya, and, with these elections once so critically set to turn against them if such was allowed out honestly as not “terrorism” - as but acts of war in a warring known and ongoing - but/yet there to fore of having been being politically sold as “GOING WELL” and them of “WINNING.”

Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton has her fair share of documents of their co-Administration of the Clintons’ earlier “official” days, and, Madam Secretary now gives cause to have such reviewed much at least as they that are just of her fair share of secured papers and such likely related to her “politics” about such. 

She did crusade and incite as FLOTUS “Hillary” - and stomp and rant much as if an imperialistic queen irrespective of whose “turf” she was upending.  She has now been of such a BOLD intelligence failure that she seems too institutionalized about such failure as of a consistent and/or persistent other realmness.

These may be just “windmills” to President Barack Hussein Obama and his otherly orderly side kick Vice President Joseph Biden, and, these may be days where they are due a political separation and differentiation from “Hillary” - from Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, however.

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[This piece original to 7/19/2011]

In memory of Jimmy Stewart, who died that day in 1997, that July 2, 1997 I was near Washington DC on second day of my road trip in my new used 1988 Dodge B 250 Cargo van thinking towards Los Angeles, and Robert Mitchum who had died just the day before:

And, also in memory of all those that died on 9/11/01 as a result of the attacks on the United States of America:

There is no tippy toeing around some basic facts about the history of The United States of America just of the past twenty plus years.  There is much we have been discouraged from considering since 9/11/01 and so much that wasn’t simply of wisdoms of President George W. Bush’s efforts to help our nation heal and stay together.

President Al Gore would not have just been able to “lasso the moon” after 9/11/01 attacks on America - he would have likely gone massively to war against all of Afghanistan and likely accidentally some against Pakistan as well.  He would have been at home with war photographs and likely found the Afghan Conflicts quite picturesque what with his time as a Vietnam Conflict war zone photojournalist, so it seems.

We  have President Obama of the Democrats defensiveness that they would have run the response to 9/11 very differently and heavy from the start in Afghanistan.  We therefore have that President Al Gore would have soon been in Afghanistan with major presence and commitment maybe larger than what President Bush dedicated to Iraq - to Iraq as still of roots about Al Qaeda motivations.

We have some actual political history since 9/11 that shows quite that as politicians go it was Senator Hillary Clinton who benefited more than any other of America’s politicians, politically speaking, due to crisis of GROUND ZERO being her GROUND ZERO and to the (needed?) extreme make-over of former First Lady Hillary Clinton into an untouchable international sympathetic figure with near super power to defy our most established seniority system - our Senate’s seniority system.

Really there is no way to soft shoe around so much that has been left undiscussed for so long while a blaming all about directed at those maybe more innocent.  This still may be a stretch, some, but may be spot on and not just cynical - the Clintons did after 9/11 stop claiming “smartest in the room” status and instead lead with more a: we just did what the American people told us to do - so it is Americans’ fault, not ours, like.  It was near idiotic with a regular “blue states said do this…” and “red states said do that…” grandiose over simplifying by Clintons, with a gross abuse of Bush’s generosity in the interests to see America heal as quickly as possible.

Did President Obama just execute long delayed Democrat Party strategies that would have been President Al Gore’s soon after 9/11 and such that it would be a logical conclusion that President Gore would have also accidently widened the area of conflict also to being at war, some to much with Pakistan?

Much less talked about is how President Bush found that he and his parties dissatisfaction about Saddam Hussein not yet having been fully prosecuted had suddenly and unexpectedly become far more complicated because of attacks on America on 9/11.  President Bush may not have been as dissatisfied with The United States for not having yet brought Saddam Hussein to adequate justice for his invasion of Kuwait, at least, as Osama bin Laden likely was - and was since his founding of Al Qaeda specifically with designs to see that Saddam Hussein was treated accordingly for his invasion of a sovereign neighbor.

Again it is still quite remarkable that for all these years it has been little discussed that Senator Hillary Clinton did politically benefit the most from 9/11 as American Politicians go.  She not only got out from nearly all oppression a junior Senator was expected to be subject to under our famed seniority system there, but she also got the complete and international make-over as suddenly as a sympathetic figure ready to be President, as a political untouchable of sorts.

I didn’t make it to Los Angeles as expected with such road trip to be first step to moving to Hollywood - I turned around after a couple weeks in New Orleans due to delays from needing a rebuilt engine installation.  I did decide then about that moving nearer to all fifty states would be better and so was to my move to Washington DC in early 1998.

But, you know, today is a day to talk about responsible budgeting, right?  Today therefore is a day to talk about how dangerous the Clintons’ surplus of their removing spending commitments about near a trillion of available revenue actually was.  President Al Gore would have just as soon found out such too though with most of unpaid wars and reversals of Clintons’ surpluses being for him only about Pakistan and Afghanistan as a new Vietnam - an “it is Vietnam all over again” even.

That he would have been providing the pictures and the wars as a former war photographer and photo journalist may have quickly become a concern, but that is hard to say for sure.  President Gore would have been again a Gore covering war gore, though unavoidably.  Senator Hillary Clinton might then only have taken second to President Gore as Politician that gained the most politically speaking due to crisis of 9/11/01 attacks on America that Clintons’ surpluses may have facilitated with their gross and rash unfunding/underfunding to a surplus, excessive without a doubt, near a trillion.

What we can say with confidence now seeing how the Democrats meant to likely have managed Al Qaeda from day one seems to be that Afghanistan and Pakistan would have been near as expensive today as Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Pakistan have been.  We at least would have had all the same stories about a President having to go to war without our armed forces having sufficient vehicle armor and body armor, and much more maybe as a political discussion about “irresponsible” and “dangerous” Clintons’ surpluses.

Now the Clintons did move quickly and broadly to stop asserting they were like the “smartest in the room” and did so move to a full blaming of 9/11 on the American people - on people who they had simply let spread their ignorance about global affairs, unlearned about such, with acceptance by Clintons as their “executive” decisions - of a simple lie that they had just done what the American people had told them to do and so without using any of their smarts bragged about earlier as “qualifications” for such offices.

Gosh, we missed all this just because Al Gore wasn’t actually elected President, well maybe not all of it.  The Clintons’ surplus likely would have been a real political problem for a President Gore too, and more so with he a former war photo journalist now trying to provide the pictures and the “conflicts.”  We likely wouldn’t be now suggesting Bush had no real reason to suddenly and decisively contradict the Clintons’ recent intelligence issued to justify PEACE DIVIDENDS before their time, and so much else of their irresponsible unfunding and underfunding with their removal of liberal spending, near a full trillion, while funds were readily available and not necessarily of times with justifications for deficit spending.

And so now how about “Mr. Gore Goes To Afghanistan” as a treatment of what currently ails our general budgeting?  How about Saddam Hussein and the real Arab Spring that must have been of intelligence quieted to de-emphasized by Clintons’ White House just to justify their PEACE DIVIDENDS? 

Did the Clintons together use the CIA to lie about PEACE in their times?

And, what the heck would President Al Gore have done about problems still festering with Saddam Hussein not adequately prosecuted for so many known and maybe unknown, as yet, war crimes and crimes against his people and their humanity?  And what about the origins of Al Qaeda as described as first organized to offer a way to bring Saddam Hussein to sufficient justice?

Oh, yeh and what about Iran today if we hadn’t gotten around to prosecuting Saddam Hussein? “Justice for Saddam Hussein” was quite the rally cry that most raised the insurgency we now call Al Qaeda, right?  Oh, yeh:  Wouldn’t Iraq now be in a nuclear power and arms race with Iran if President George Bush hadn’t moved to the albeit late prosecution of Saddam Hussien?

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However type cast or type set you consider yourself to be these days are days to hope you can be towards a better self - right?

It is a broached new year of the Year of the Founder’s Lord two thousand Ten & four and aren’t we all to wonder if yet still we can hope? The future belongs to the children — the future is of our duty to try to be prepared, however, and yet common in a goal to attempt to leave things better than we generally found them.  To not be too utopian or philosophically esoteric in a caved parlance maybe we should picture President Clinton with a shovel, and President Obama also with a shovel.

We are imprisoned in a proffered ignorance long shafted by the Democrat party in a playing of politics self defensive for its elites by scooping and heaving.  It is a mind bending paradigm to be battled - battled past the too long and too entrenched trenchant much of the political shovels at CYA VIP prioritized ranked lines.  There is hardly a possible peace in the ranks of the Democrat party as the rivalry upends anew between the Houses Clinton & Obama.

What do President Clinton and President Obama have in common - in common besides the Ladie’d Secretary’d Mrs. Clinton?  Is the general discord and undermined Welfare of just the past two decades now considerable as for what the houses Clinton & Obama had in common or more for how they rivaled?  Literally speaking is it that for however they “shoveled” a ideologic, particularly, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been now in black and white read all over much neither as a Helen nor a Penelope?

President Obama is self described in his early memoirs as having been keen to punk rock poets.  It so then seems odd how punk’d at times he has seemed to have become by that as rivaling Clintons.  Somehow it is that President Obama has stoked a fog over times now two to four decades otherwise historical.  However incensed or stoked his pre and post toking and smoking patchworks he is like too many stuck under a rough quilting kaleidoscoped of the House of Clinton “housekeeping” of Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

President Obama may nearly have punk’d himself when of his early memoir and likewise nearly to professing himself as a “pro-communist” by associated nearly of punk rock poets and storied about those with the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.  This though today is tuned to be more of a hope for President Obama and not a burying of him by his own punking of himself, however whence.  He though seems to have established himself at “shovel ready” for digging the “hole” deeper, and deeper.

An admitted historical of Barack Hussein Obama is that he was like born a Soviet Studies LOVE CHILD of a pepper and salt - ebony and ivory - foreign and domestic.  It is an educational tale, his, how he was born in a shared commitment to get the communist thought and understanding correct per its proffering.  There may be, if permitted some lay psycho-babble, no heaven or unburdened existential for our President as it seems that for he to get to his “happy place” he has to think and work to a world yet similar to that which united in studies his parents.

In a scary lay psycho-babble it is concerning that we have missed more than what seems promised as revelations by DUTY by former Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates - it is scary that for President Barack Hussein Obama it may have been Oedipal and quite complex that as Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton could fill a jonesing Oedipal for a elderly white mother figure penchant his. 

Again, yet however type cast or type set you consider yourself in this now the Year of the Founder’s Lord two thousand Ten and four we need be concerned of/for a stoked fog generally of the Body Democrat and specifically as particular to the Houses Clinton & Obama.

It seems they have been offering token fixes and yet it seems more historical that they have been imprisoning too many by the CYA VIP elite scooping and heaving and as “shovel ready” much only of President Clinton & President Obama at rivaling in digging deeper and deeper despite general hopes for a Welfare of a Posterity and Tranquility for the children at least secured from the blessings of Liberty more tunedly perfect forward heaved and ho’ed.

President Clinton and President Obama have stoked a fog generally of an impossible economics and as a too political economics.  There is little separating Socialism ideologic from their positing as ideologues.  Their Mount Olympus nectar yet like a Cool Aid concoction for autocracy more than democracy - albeit too not dissimilar as mashed Socialism elitism.

However type cast or type set you consider yourself to be these days are days to hope you can be towards a better self - right?

So now about the economics and politics yet possible for a better general Welfare existentialism forward - at least yet as out of and away from the Houses Clinton & Obama heaving and ho’ing deeper and deeper:  Has the economy been doomed ever since the first shovel fulls of Clinton Diplomacy so circa 1993?  Have we been doomed these two decades for decisions that are now more historically rendered as having been “too political” and specifically of and by the House of Clinton?

We can now all get stoked to a cutting of the fog long wafting from token liberalism and too effected Socialism at least in an anticipatory by a distance like as of a fantasy league.  It is not babble to posit that had Senator John Sidney McCain III and Governor Sarah Heath Palin been elected in 2008 the economies would have been securable from these current depths.  No really!!!  McCain/Palin offered a more realistic way/path/tao whence that would have liberated a kinetic economic statist not Statist tunage that would have meshed with the vicissitudes incident to life as postulated by President George Washington in his first inaugural.  [It is socially intriguing that the First President of The United States of America did seem to allude to prophylactic use as for a healthy economy of ups and downs incident to live as secured Constitutionally.  It is intriguing that Washington waxed a like ‘wash/rinse/reuse’ washing metaphor for his People in his first inaugural for what was then the cutting edge condoms of his day.]

However now you want to skin either the House of Clinton or Obama or either of generally as Democrat Party established or Republican Party NEW HOPES it is that the economies have been doomed by a General welfare improper interpretation of preambled keyed “general Welfare” basis.  As President George Washington promised the Jewish of the Newport, Rhode Island concerned regulars tolerance we have to figure that despite his vicissitudes prefacing he too meant for his People to be tolerant also of Catholics.

You can think yourself to how you have been imprisoned by the Liberal “economics” and now are of them of hoping to be yet loved even though much of a culpability for imprisoning you and most, economically.  It is like, now, that you could be seriously at risk of an incurable Stockholm Syndrome as by then hands long of the shafting by the heaving and ho’ing both of the Houses of Clinton & Obama.

There can be little or no hope for a restoration to a pathology to a more perfect Union as long as we naively keep liking these Democrats while they essentially prove themselves still too shovel ready at digging deeper and deeper.  We need to be guarded and prudent to inoculate ourselves from more politics at a teasing of income equality that forthwith primarily is figured as an expedited politics for a refreshment of nectar serving stores for a VIP Party elite at attempts to secure themselves a Mount Olympus, albeit however yet seemingly more as too a Socialist political protectorate.

We need to inoculate ourselves from this that seems a willful attempt to render unto the People an effective trapping as if of a Stockholm Syndrome loving of those that did engirth them too much in a Socialist phat promise all the while their too political economics moved more just lower and lower.

Knowledge is power! - it has been said so.  Is their heaven your hell?  Is their banking reform your inequality?  Is your best path now yet to avoid the Cool Aid and promises teased of their “income inequality” new path?

However type cast or type set you consider yourself to be these days are days to hope you can be towards a better self - right?

A tune you can carry and march forwards now, yet - yet despite how it may seem politically of a counter cultural, seems to be that had McCain/Palin triumphed for American arching per Washington bolstering in furtherence Constitutional of federalism prudence however yet moderated to a Jeffersonian democratic republican we could have seen the economic depths be countered by statism in ways the Obama New Nationalism Statism as otherwise just lowered and lowered so many as by a falling tides at lowering all boats.

A tune you can carry and march forwards now is that by the Houses of Clinton & Obama the USG has been too primarily at politics at a politicized economics of establishments to telling people what they should or should not buy.

Had McCain/Palin had a victory march such would have just started a restorative beat to release a stored economic energy for new growth in a economic primed towards the contrary economic condition of actual hope - a hope that is of a free market that stays established for people being free to buy what they want to buy, and secured in a moral capitalism basis towards betterment from work — from working at being better and to new and higher greater detail and detailed habits. 

                                             *     *     *

[I speak politically and economically here knowing of what I could have continued at that then became like “disloyal” and “revolting” whence the House of Obama commenced its top down economics of dictates per preferences.  I speak here knowing what I likely could have opened up economically by 2009 that should have meshed with a statist President McCain and for a rapid restorative economic growth energy.]

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For any modern discussion of economics we must in a bi-partisan/non-partisan/cross-partisan be to spinning beyond TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS.  We are stuck now as commenced to a new #MoralCapitalism of a rejoined humanity in #MoralMan historicals much and quite mostly for #UrbanMoralisms.  Thanks to Martin Luther, however of a BE BOLD IN YOUR SINS, some may have taken past liberties in cruelty expectant that the day was then that even so so they could and would be forgiven.

It is that a morality is what has stewed better progress for Secretary Kerry than for Secretary Clinton.  Since Madam Secretary is inseparable from Bill Clinton’s commitment to her, as recalled, that preceded a fidelity in marriage arrangement with their prior necessary condition to marriage of that he would promise that she would get her own Presidency after he got his, there is a forgivable possible and a forgivable not appropriate for a candidate or just historical Hillary Rodham Clinton;  Mrs. Clinton cannot run yet for 2016 as if of a Christian forgiveness granted daily so that each day she can be like just a lawyer with new cases — the Clintons do have a running con - a decades long operable plan for the election of her that as a still kept plan greater than each of her/our days is such of a aura than should not and cannot be overlooked or of a forgiveness sponsoring.  She is white - she is white collar - she may deserved being a white collared even if by an establishment morality separate from a State as a white collared posse.

President Barack Hussein Obama is a conundrum for historicals in economics.  It is hard to say he has a philosophy of governance nor any “economics” his own but that of spend, spend, spend & tax & tax reset of old “tax & spend” that if Mrs. Clinton otherwise had been electable too would have been of a politically necessary to render herself of at too as Senators Obama & Clinton did make nearly all the same campaign promises.  It is here ridiculous to try to relate to any TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS and especially if to be of a political spin doctoring attempt to show them in a possibly more moral light.  It is ridiculous otherwise too now to much discuss TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS just because the marketing and pop culture of these days are not of the era of such economics and are not sustainable or supportive to a harmonics or synthesis currently.  I propose that we now are to a new economics paradigm of at least a soft science discerning that can be responsibly tagged as a SUPPOSITORY & DEPOSITORY ECONOMICS.

A discussion of a SUPPOSITORY ECONOMICS vs. a DEPOSITORY ECONOMICS is seemingly apropos for these current social dynamics of the micro or macro and the local or global.  A discussion and development of a general understanding and furtherance of quantifiable and applicable discourse though may be good for setting us forward back to at least a decade of growth economics yet while it seems that such cannot fare well for President Obama nor other so yet set other leading Democrats.  It seems that we can focus how the Democrats in mass basically have been failing economically much because they have been lacking the understanding that should be generally solidified if and when to a full and detailed expose of that to do justice to it as a better and new economics as of SUPPOSITORY & DEPOSITORY ECONOMICS.

It can be said to be generally acceptable that President Obama did not rightly place the blame for the said “economics” he “inherited.”  It can be said that politically President Obama trapped himself from a better economics by being from day one of a politics of covering up how much of the collapsing of economies was rooted and nurtured essentially of Clintonomics and the general political administering of the co-Presidency of the Clintons.  The entire time since President Obama started off his first term with lies to the economics in play embedded and orated in his First Inaugural he has been of arresting any potential he may have had otherwise than has yet been demonstrable.  The Democrats in mass have been of an immorality in their governance by ways of lies about the causals most significant to the problemas.  They have only succeeded in pushing a “morality” agenda by a politics immoral as of them of falsely accusing and wrongly tagging the actual historical politics and economics.

Whom of white collars can be a posse?  We if again to a growth economics need be not of a said old and tired SUPPLY SIDE and/or TRICKLE DOWN now.  To be anew to a #MoralCapitalism we need to recognize we are not limited to the old Cold War Era prudent obedience to a TOP down guidance of/with assurities by Government that one’s commerce wouldn’t be accidentally treasonous.  The world is decidedly more flat now.  The politics of a charge of liberatings in new federalism have become a global normative.  We of America are of establishments that do quite require that an establishment morality exists separate from the State just so that the State can have a chance at operating morally.

It of us to a new economics as by ways of discerning as SUPPOSITORY & DEPOSITORY ECONOMICS is also necessarily of a historical setting to an affecting that Democrats have not understood the socio - nor economics of their days so charged in its administering.  The world is decidedly more flat now.  The politics of a new economics need not be of SUPPLY SIDE nor TRICKLE DOWN old Cold War era prudence that did much synch with the marketing and advertising harmonics whence.  A new establishment economics can be of how the Democrats missed there were two economics to govern about while proffering their irresponsible climate and economic sciences —we have long been of a complex economics that is said of people playing games in the economies, however justified as if a hobby in doing God’s work, as by supposing things as possible and potential, and, we have long been to while so of such in our economics of the core of the “moral”in the “humanity” of commerce and governance of the more permanent socio-economic of people living only by what they did deposit as of the economics of subsistence more nearly.

A ripe fruit as a conundrum a problema as a prolegomena for prima facia for SUPPOSITORY vs. DEPOSITORY ECONOMICS is the unforgivable socio per the Clintons of the commitment keeping by Bill Clinton of his promise that Mrs. Clinton if she agreed to become his bride would have his fidelity at least to keeping his promise that she would get her own Presidency after he got his.  [This is of a historical of my own experience and knowledge of the Clintons which dates to the early 1970s.]  The plans and plots of the Clinton “two-fer” is mostly a running con that asks that they be of a Christian forgiveness fresh start each day from so many without any consideration that such is dominant and unforgivable.  It is bad enough for any economics that the Clintons are both lawyered/esquired (still?) and of a politics of playing at governance as if even in the charges they are the lawyers and of the adage “the client goes to jail” not the lawyer, and as they are each other’s lawyer firstly and protected spousally from incriminating the other and all the while they like to ask the People to let them forget their own hands/culpability each day as if by being lawyers each day is just a new case and a blank slate in “professional” plausible deniability for them.

But this needn’t be so personal while the historical record still needs to be settled more correctly for the Clintons and President Obama’s year of administering as self arrested from a greater HOPE and POTENTIAL by his handcuffing of his presidency so with his most affecting cover-up cons for the Clintons on a presumption that their party needed the same protection for an associated guilt with the much unknown seeming husbandry of a most selfish and spousally set Clinton political machinations.  The economics of these years of administering by the Obama administration are and have been corrupted.  It is more considerable for any now beholden towards a morality reset for a renewed #MoralCapitalism though that the economics of the Clintons and Obama administration have missed the complexity of the real world economics as of a gaming and subsistence - a supposing and deposits limited - a SUPPOSITORY vs. DEPOSITORY.

For now I have broached a discourse on a better and new economics science tagging — I will apply now some empathy receptors towards a further consideration and to an end that a SUPPOSITORY & DEPOSITORY ECONOMICS can now mesh with the Laffer Curve logistics and yet be a different from and more time and place responsive adjusted socio-economic lingua.

In future elaborations we can discuss the old vs. new as the Cold War and current geo-politics respective of the Russian Federation and Iran.  There is a necessary consideration to be worked through of President Putin as a Russian Orthodox Christian and of his engagements now in Syria and Iran affairs.  Russia has rebuilt the grand Cathedral that Stalin tore asunder to make a permanent like monument to himself for the ages and his “governance.”  Iran has cause to, however long of alliances with Russian powers, be firstly if to nuclear weapons to be of a morality that is considerate that “Russians” are due a targeting firstly and much before Americans or whomever otherwise of past opposing coalitions.

For any tagging of SUPPOSITORY & DEPOSITORY ECONOMICS to hold up and as if learned such much must be applicable to a considerate historical at least as per Afghanistan and too how if the United States had not helped defeat the moves of expansionist communism/socialism by the old U.S.S.R. whence today Iran could too be just a satellite Soviet subject region.

                                             *     *     *

{I wasn’t going to be expansive or historical to the early 90s recession recovery considerations but then today in 11:30 to Noon slot on The History Channel a short on Nelson Mandela confirmed an upside down of the politics and economics of the early 90s I had been considering but not meaning to also diss.  Of that of my economic thought and efforts of said pre-Clinton Clinton 90s recovery architecture is much that I was essentially to musing and synching a counter culture marking that was of an empathy for the more real economics as upside down as it was that the people at the thought bottom were then more relaxed and having more fun than the said “rich” of the top.  As per the Mandela documentary short they aired how he saw that the whites could be saved from themselves as a ticket forward his/theirs.  There is though I was annoyed by the Nobel Prize for Economics circa near 1992 and then later also annoyed that my architecture that was meant to be played with a complexity of at least a first part and then a needed second moderated differently second part had those like of he of the Nobel prize whence also apprised from earlier of my “marketing” for “economics” then stuck and ignorant of the second part and so that I was never able to also influence such via the remainder of my considerations in economics and positive change politics.} 

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